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TCM should also do a more positive year-end review


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It’s late December and all of the entertainment media outlets are doing their year-end reviews of the Year’s Best/Worst Movies, TV Shows, Songs, Books, etc.  What does TCM do? - “TCM Remembers” - a look back at some of the famous stars and movie-makers that have passed away during the year.

Although this can be very moving and is richly deserved by those who are recognized, at its core it can be depressing.  For a more positive viewpoint, I would like to suggest that TCM could also do a year-end review of some of the highlights of all the great things that TCM has provided over the past year.  Just a quick look at the Now Playing guides for the past year shows the following:

Jan - SOTM Robert Redford, Neil Simon Spotlight
Feb - 31 days of Oscar movies
Mar - SOTM Ann Sothern, Roadshow Musicals Spotlight, TCM Classic Film Festival interviews
Apr - SOTM Anthony Quinn, Robert Osborne 20th anniversary tribute
May - SOTM Sterling Hayden, Orson Welles Spotlight
Jun - Summer of Darkness part 1
Jul - Summer of Darkness part 2, 100th Anniversary of Technicolor, SOTM Shirley Temple
Aug - Summer Under the Stars
Sep - SOTM Susan Hayward, James Dean television appearances
Oct - SOTM David Niven, Trail-Blazing Women Spotlight, Classic Horror films, Disney Archives
Nov - SOTM Norma Shearer, Milestone films, Apu trilogy
Dec - SOTM Frank Sinatra, Classic Holiday films

In addition to the obvious features listed above, TCM could also reference some of the other movies that have premiered on TCM during the past year.

Certainly such a review would cost money to produce, but what could be better to further the TCM brand than to highlight some of the unique, outstanding, hard-earned special content that TCM provides all year long.


What are the events / movies that you enjoyed the most on TCM in 2015?

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I like your outlook! I would have to mention the recent excellent presentation of the Apu trilogy as my highlight of the year. All of the great foreign films they show are very appreciated, as I would have little-to-no passive access to those kinds of films without TCM.

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I think there'd be room for both the "In Memoriam" segment and a "Best of TCM 2015" segment.


My favorite moments of 2015 TCM Programming were:


Hands down, I think the Summer of Darkness was #1.  That was a fantastic series and I'm still trying to watch the films I recorded.  I went a little noir crazy on the DVR.


The Disney Vault series was excellent and I hope they continue it into 2016.  


The addition of Sally Field to "The Essentials" was a welcome change.


I loved the Orson Welles spotlight in May and the tribute to Technicolor in July.


I'd love for TCM to air a "What to look forward to in 2016" as a bit of a teaser for the upcoming year.  While I'm sure TCM doesn't have their entire 2016 mapped out yet, I can imagine that they may have somewhat of an idea if they're planning an involved spotlight series or what not.  

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Thank you all very much for your replies.


- It's always great to see the restorations such as Too Late for Tears and others since you know so much love and care goes into them.

- I also enjoy the foreign film special evenings, such as they did with the Apu trilogy.  The evening they did for Claude Chabrol recently was also my first exposure to this highly-regarded director.

- A look forward to the coming year would be great as well.  They used to occasionally do a 30-minute preview of the upcoming month (was that called "Now Playing"?) but that's probably been eliminated with the budget cuts.

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