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Favorite Movie Character


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I forgot one & man, it's a heavyweight too? The character that *"The King: Clark Gable"-(1901-60) played in his & Marilyn's final film: "The Misfits" (1961-released for him anyway, posthumously & In my opinion I think "The King of Hollwoods Golden Age"-voted that crown officially in 1938! Stretched as an actor like never before. He, unlike his pal & he had a bit of jealousy about his talent as well>"The Great: Spencer Tracy"-(1900-67) *Gable was a limited actor. Ever see 1937's "Parnell?" (*1/2) As was *John Wayne. But when the role/character fit, like in his final, as an aging cowboy in *John Huston's very sad & heavy drama. The role fit like a glove. He deserved at least a 4th ACADEMY AWARD nomination for-it? Some say that it was that he had to drop quite a bit of wgt. very-quickly for the character & that helped his early death of a sudden heart attack? He also did some of his own stunts. Seemingly trying to fight back at aging & some also say it was MM's fault, for taking so long, being late,etc She alledgedly thought she in essence killed him!? & ever since she was a little girl, she not only had a crush on *Gable, but pretended he was her real father! & people from that set, Eli Wallach is 88 now! Say that he showed a rare patience with her, that he usually would not with other(s) He was also elated about having a son. Of which he did'nt live to see "Alive" anyway!? But his character-(although the horse jazz, not cool!) but otherwise, one of the last of the rugged individualist! His name was Gaylord...

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Some of my favorite movie characters:

1.Bill Holden Gloria Swanson and Erich Von Stroheim as Joe Gillis, Norma Desmond and Max in SUNSET BOULEVARD

2.Judy Holliday as Billie Dawn,Bill Holden as Paul Verrall and Broderick Crawford in BORN YESTERDAY.

3.Bill Holden as Sgt. Sefton in STALAG 17

4.Bill Holden as Bernie Dodd Grace Kelly as Georgie Elgin and Bing Crosby as Frank Elgin in THE CoUNTRY GIRL

5.Bill Holden as David Larrabee Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild in SABRINA

6.Bill Holden as Shears,Alec Guinness as Col Nicholson in BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI

7.Bill Holden as Harry Brubaker in THE BRIDGES OF TOKO-RI

8.Bill Holden as Joe bonaparte, Barbara Stanwyck as Lorna Moon in GOLDEN BOY

9.Bill Holden as Max Schumacher in NETWORK

10.Bill Holden as Pete Peterson and nancy Olson in FORCE OF ARMS.

11.James Stewart as George Bailey in IT`s A WonDERFUl LIFE

12.Anthony Hopkins as C.S.Lewis in SHADOWLANDS

13.Humphrey Bogart as Rick Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa and Claude Rains as the police inspector in CASABLANCA

14.Dana Andrews as Fred Derry, Teresa Wright as Peggy Harold Russell and Cathy O`Donnell and Fredric March and Myrna Loy in THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES.

15.Gary Cooper as Longfellow Deeds in MR.DEEDS GOES TO TOWN

16.Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright in PRIDE oF THE YANKEES

17.Spencer tracy in Captains Courageous, BOYS TOWN,WRITTEN ON THE WIND and GUESS WHO`s COMING TO DINNER

and many more.....


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