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Trivia -- Week of March 27, 2006


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With this series of "last words," I am stepping down as daily question master in this folder called Trivia. While the search for trivia hasn't lost any of its fun, it has become time-consuming to the point where it shows in my work -- and I don't want to be doing it in my sleep any time soon. So one good thing has to come to an end.


Besides, I have a promise to keep. During the last major renovation of the message boards in December of 2002, our resident trivia maven, Cindy, was missing in action. We floundered around for a couple of weeks, and not knowing what else to do, I volunteered to do daily trivia (our good pal Mongo had started doing weekend trivia a few months before) until Cindy returned. I even ended my questions with "Good luck!" as she did. I thought I would last only a few months at best, but to my surprise, I'm still here more than three years later.


Well, Cindy finally came back and is now doing quite well on her own thread, so I felt that I should keep my promise as well. Cindy deserves a lot of credit for starting a Trivia thread in the General Discussions folder, and it became so popular the TCM web staff decided to open a separate Trivia folder on the home page. Much of what I've done here is a tribute to her efforts.


But I'm not leaving the Trivia folder completely. Very soon, I'll be starting "Coffeedan's Trivia Extra," an occasional feature that will be anecdotal in nature. If you've read the Hollywood vignettes that have sometimes opened the Trivia threads, you'll know what to expect. And as always, your participation is welcomed and encouraged.


Again, my thanks to Cindy for starting it all, to Mongo for all his contributions and e-mails over the years (his stamina is amazing!), and to all of you for participating. I'm glad to call many of you my friends, too.


And watch for "Coffeedan's Trivia Extra," coming soon!

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