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Shadow was released in 1941, so may not have had that much patriotic influence.  I always thought that Nicky Jr. was in uniform because he was supposedly at a military school.  This would give the writers plenty of opportunity in the future to not have him around.

As for the drinking, Nick switched to cider simply because his father thought he drank too much.  Therefore, he was going to tone it down for the visit.  Why would WW II audiences no longer accept Nick's drinking?  As I recall, he drank a pretty good bit in the final movie.


Actually, according to at least two "behind the scenes" sources about The Thin Man Series, while Nick's father's disapproval of drinking was the excuse used in the film as to why Nick was chugging apple cider, the real reason we were treated to Nick's sudden burst of temperance was because studio bosses thought that "excessive drinking" would not play well with WWII audiences.  It was felt that it was "inappropriate conduct" (even for Nick Charles!) in 1945.  The final film was released in 1947  -- two years after the end of WWII  --  so Nick was once again "allowed" to drink. 

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I truly enjoyed my evening of THE THIN MAN and the added joy of seeing them in the order in which they were made and shown.  No need to argue over which one is the best, pros and cons of Nick Jr. etc.   My goodness it is the New Year....just sit down and enjoy.


Happy New Year


I agree. If you're going to watch classic film, you have to take into account the times they were filmed. We all know many parts of life were toned down during WWII. And that news reels often accompanied the films. On one hand it was still escapism but, on the other you couldn't totally forget what was going on.


And practically every film post WWII had some family aspect to it. Bachelors getting married or couples having children. We know this. It had nothing to do with guts if its what people wanted to see. Movies have to change with the times. You can't make the same exact movie over and over or it wears out rather quickly.


I watch them for how they progress. I enjoy them all. I'd rather sit back and laugh rather than to pick each detail apart with 2016 eyes, which is quite easy to do with any film.

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