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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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(If you like, it might be better for you to "Private Message" me here---that way you don't have to post your personal email address.) :)


I don't remember if this scene occurs in the movie, so it might be one of those publicity stills. However, it's the only one of its kind I've seen, where he's holding up a drawing with "Not Built" written on it.


I really appreciate your help!


Miss G

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Only have a few minutes before my laptop battery dies in my hotel room in Brussels...but I wanted to stop in and say hello to you guys....and ask you to pray that my DVD recorder works tonight back in Atlanta! *lol*


Love all the photos I see in this thread now! I can't wait to follow the links...but that will have to be another time, I'm afraid... Maybe if I have a few mintues in the office sometime this week - they have me on a docking station there! Woohoo!


Anyway, enjoy the films tonight, girls!

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Hiya pally!



Wow, Brussells?



Coop fans reach abroad, and no surprise, this man's beauty catches on ;)



I hate posting links, I would post all the photos here but there are over 500 and I just don't have that kind of time! lol.



And Miss, I'm so sorry I haven't given you that photo yet.



My laptop's password is locked and I have no way to get in; the computer here doesn't read DVDs so I'll have to get it to you on either Sunday or Saturday.



And again, I'm still not even sure if it's from the movie, I'll have to watch it to-night.



I'm praying that your DVDR works to-night, pk, I'm sure it will.



But just in case anyone forgot the times, here they are...





Gary Cooper



Happy Gary Cooper day, everyone!



Here's to-night's line-up in chronological order:



Sergeant York - 7:00PM



The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell - 9:30PM



The Story of Dr. Wassell - 11:15PM



Pride of the Yankees - 1:45AM



One Sunday Afternoon - 4:00AM



The Wedding Night (Friday morning) - 5:45AM






The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (Saturday) - 6:30AM




Pull up a chair, break out the popcorn and get out your drool bucket...to-night that screen'll be blazing ;)




*All dates shown here are in central standard time.

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Oh, no problem!

I hope no one misses it...



I know my schedule starts at 11:15pm. I already have the others on DVD, but I just love the little information given before and after each film....That's enough to be scheduled by itself!



Anyways, I'm really glad you're in no rush with the photo, though I do know it's a drag to wait and wait on some slow-poke...



I'll definately get it to you by this weekend (I'll be going to my sisters and she has a working computer there.)



Hope everyone enjoys their night! ...Kinda hard not to ;)

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Thanks again, and don't worry if for any reason you can't find that image. :)


TCM pooped out on me again---just for the Gary Cooper movies I wanted in the wee hours. And miraculously cleared up the second "The End" came up on The Wedding Night.


Very nice.


Miss G

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My favorites: Morocco, Desire, Saratoga Trunk, Man of the West, The General Died at Dawn, Garden of Evil, Vera Cruz, The Cowboy and The Lady, The Real Glory, High Noon, The Story of Doctor Wassell and to a lesser extent, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Miss G

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1. ACK! That is too bad.


If I get 'em on my DVD recorder, I can get 'em to you. Maybe you might even have something I need and we can trade.


But it will be January 9th before I know, I'm afraid.


2. What is this photo you guys keep talking about? Have I missed something?

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My favorites (this week):


Ball of Fire

Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

Sergeant York

The Cowboy and the Lady

High Noon

Meet John Doe

Peter Ibbetson


But I also LOVE

The Real Glory

The Pride of the Yankees

Love in the Afternoon

Lives of a Bengal Lancer

The Westerner



And really...I haven't seen any Gary Cooper movies I *disliked*.

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1. I unfortunately am still in the stone age with a VCR, no dvd recorder (only a player). :( But I'll live---and thank you for the offer!).


What happens on January 9th?


2. My boss saw my background picture on my PC, which at the moment is a still of Gary from The Fountainhead---he's in profile, holding up a drawing of a skyscraper that has "Not Built" scrawled across it. Since we are a builder/developer, my boss thinks it would look great as print hanging in his office. I can't remember where I found the picture originally, and have had no success finding it again on the internet.


Miss G

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Here is the original caption for this picture: Billy Wilder, Bing Crosby and Gary Cooper: Bing Crosby and director Bill Wilder huff and puff as they strain to match lanky Gary Cooper's height when the latter visited them on the set of their latest picture recently.


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I figure I'll jump in here, better late than never I guess ;)


Coop was really one beautiful creature, especially in his early pictures. They played The Lives of a Bengal Lancer this morning, I'm sure many of you Coop fans have seen it. I hadn't before and really found myself entranced with it, especially Franchot Tone. Now he is really starting to grow on me! It sort of reminded me of Gunga Din, but I really liked it better.


As for Coop, wow! *insert wolf whistle here* The first film I saw Cooper in was Pride of the Yankees, but my favorites are the usual suspects... Ball of Fire, Saratoga Trunk, and I really love The Westerner.

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