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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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Pktrekgirl 'splained it pretty good for me---but you brought up another point: copying from vhs to dvd. Is there really a machine that will do everything I want it to do? And then will it get up and make me a very dry martini?? ;)


Miss G

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LOL Well, they aren't the maid on the Jetsons, but you get the idea... :D I went out and bought a dvd/vhs combo for my mother, keep kicking myself for not getting a dvd recorder/vhs.


Mr. McCrary... I love the idea of being able to cut out commercials! Thanks for that post, very helpful. I might get my bro to install a dvd drive on my computer...

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I have not hooked my my VHS player to my DVD recorder, but I believe it is possible to copy your VHS tapes onto the hard disk of a DVD recorder and then burn them to disk.


The process, actually, is very similar to the one I'll be using to get "Make Me a Star" from my TiVo to my DVD recorder.


The DVD recorder doesn't care what sort of device is at the other end. It just records what gets sent to it.


But keep in mine, you will need a set of cables for this operation. You can find the sort of cables you need at Best Buy or whatever. They are the same sort of cables that currently connect your DVD player to your TV. Three connections on each end.

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It's all starting to make sense now. I recently installed "Road Runner" high-speed cable-internet service myself, so I am really getting my feet wet in the newer technology!


Now if they can only invent an attractive way to hide all those ugly cables!


Miss G

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Yeah, once you get into it and figure it all out, it really does make sense. And the cables you buy are color-coded to match the imputs on your TV (red, yellow, white), so you really can't screw it up too bad.


If you get to the point where you understand what is happening, all the cables make alot more sense.


And if you think this sounds like alot of cables, wait until you get into cable splitters - you need those when you want several different machines to have the ability to record a show. One cable comes out of your cable box...but you want to be able to receive it on your TV, your DVD recorder, and two separate TiVos. So...you get a cable splitter and a bunch more cables to accomplish that (not to mention the video cables between all these devices and your TV)...and pretty soon, you have black spaghetti behind your TV.


I don't go back there now unless I have to. It's a very scary place. *lol*

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>> I think the thing I love so much about the pre-code

> Gary Cooper was how light his eyes were and how dark

> his hair was. I think it makes him look very exotic.

> Though men with eye shadow can be considered by some

> a little creepy, I like it in the early pictures...

> Makes those eyes pop!


You mean like this?


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