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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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Baseball season begins today (okay a couple teams played last night but everybody plays today) and I?m so excited I might bust!!!! The non-baseball winter months drag by slower and slower every year but finally America?s pastime begins again today. Hopefully Frank and I won?t get into too many arguments during the season since our teams (Astros and Pirates) are division rivals. Of course, the Pirates don?t usually put up much of a fight (sorry that?s a low blow!).


Low blow? Just the truth. I don't think the Bucs are anyone's rivals. Don't worry, we'll still get in plenty of arguments this year. They just won't be about baseball. :D








And this is for Poofy Polka Dots











































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I love the whole *Naked Gun* movie, but it's worth it just for that baseball part!! My fave is when Frank is frisking the catcher (oh how I would love to do that to my Sugarbritches!!).


Seriously though, hopefully the Pirates will crawl out of the cellar one day. Some idiots, I mean people, are predicting the Astros will finish 5th just above the Pirates. I know our pitching is weak but man it's not that weak - ha!

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"well honk my ****!" those are just loverly pics, you are such a sweet sweetheart!




N-T. Big difference.


yes that is one big difference! poor Monique got just a little bity confused there didnt she? heehee!


now you got me in the mood to watch Better Off Dead frankie! goodness.

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I loved those too b/c they don?t look airbrushed. I have a beautiful color pic of him in the blue and red suit that I got in one of the clipping packets of his I got off ebay but they did some serious touchups and all the lines are gone and he looks more like a wax figure than a real person.


I won a three album set off ebay yesterday of Gary?s roast in ?61 and I?m so excited, I can?t wait to get it!!!!!!

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I had another dream about Gary last night and we were stranded on an island together (boy that stinks ? ha!). We were in a dinghy or something and we drug it up on the beach but it was in bad shape and somehow in all the commotion he lost his shirt (oops!). He was around late 30s/early 40s and looked mighty good. So I was sitting on the beach and he had gone off to look for water and he came back holding a couple of magnolia flowers (I guess I got that from my fave bath and body works scent and I have a ton of it!). Anyway they had water in them but I remember looking at it and it was dirty and I didn?t want to drink it but he told me I had to so I did. It was funny b/c we both just took a little sip from each flower and then was gonna give the rest to other one. Well I insisted that he drink the rest of his and mine b/c he was bigger and needed more. Also I was thinking if anything happened to him I?d be in a whole heap of trouble b/c I wouldn?t know what to do. That was all of that one though.

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It's a recording of his roast on three albums. Since I have a record player I can listen to it. It looks like it does have some pics on the record cover but they were kinda blurry so I'll take better ones when I get it.

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I have a favor to ask ya'll, if you don't mind. :D


I have a friend who's asking if I want anymore Gary GIFs, like the ones I posted a couple months ago. I really don't have any more ideas so I was wondering if you guys could help me out.


What are a couple scenes you'd like to see put into a GIF?

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Well, can I be exceedingly greedy and say 'both'? I could use the still for photoshop projects and I could use the animated gif for an avatar on another board.


If you can get me an animated gif that was 140x140, that would be awesome! The still can be much larger - as large as you can get it as my objective for it will be inclusion in another desktop.


I really love that scene! It's one of my favorites in that film! :)

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Sure! I can do that for you; but you do know that "paint" is fantastic for capturing images?


If you stick your DVD into your computer, press "print screen" and save it to "paint". Then crop it in photoshop. I'm sure everyone already knows about this, but for those who don't, it's a neat trick that helps immensely.

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