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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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I'll look for this version, if I run on it - I shall see.

I agree about modern productions. It is not only in movies but in opera for example. The modern opera directors are awful, they stage beloved masterpieces quite opposite to composers ideas.

But speaking of books the very best example of cooperation between autor and movie producers are The Fountainhead which I love very much (by the way I didn't read the book yet but planning to do it soon).

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I don't see many operas but I did get to see La Traviata at the Metropolitan Opera here in NY

last season. It seemed fairly faithful thank heavens. Sometimes producers forget that what

makes a timeless classic "timeless" needs no tampering with or "jazzing up" for modern

audiences. We don't need to see Shakespeare in leather and tatoos for it to be relevant. ;)

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You're lucky to attened Met - it is one of the best theaters. I saw their productions but only on TV or DVD with James Levine conducting. I just returned from the simphony concert of one of our best conductors Gergiev - as I know he sometimes conducting at Met. Met has more traditional way of producing operas then European theaters.

But I'm afraid we got off topic.

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Meeee! I'm a Cooper fan!


My favorites are:


Ball of Fire

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

The Westerner

Along Came Jones


The Cowboy and the Lady

Casanova Brown

High Noon

The Fountainhead


Glad to see a long -standing Cooper thread. Coopsgirl, are you posting on Youtube? I love your videos, if so. The Wings clip was a revelation. He was screen-meltingly hawt in his tiny little part.


Anyone seen Wolf Song? It looks so intriguing.

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I haven't seen any of the movies mentioned in the article either (but I have heard of them). *Deep Throat* was a pornographic film and that's why that one especially cracked me up b/c I can't imagine Gary watching one of those and in the article he sure didn't like it :).


Speaking of Victorian novels, my faves are *Wuthering Heights* and *The Woman in White*. I've read them both twice and *TWinW* is very long but it was worth it ;). My fave movie versions are the more recent ones as they were pretty true to the books (the '92 version of *WH* and the '97 version of *TWinW*). Oh, I almost forgot, *Tess of the D'Urvervilles* and I also like the '98 version of that one the best. Justine Waddell played female leads in both *TWinW* and *Tess* and did a very good job in both. I absolutely hated the 90s version of *Romeo and Juliet*. I only watched it b/c my stepsister had rented it. The '68 Zefirelli version is my fave.


When I was in high school band we played some excerpts from *La Traviata* and we enjoyed it. It has some beautiful music.

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Welcome Nipper!


Yeah, I'm the coopsgirl from youtube. I'm glad you like my videos :) . Gary practically stole the show in *Wings* and he is just beautiful there.


There are parts of *Wolf Song* that have survived, but none of us here have seen them. There is a clip of it on youtube and you've probably seen it but here's the link in case you haven't. This is probably as close as we'll to seeing this one.




Here's my fave pic from that movie too :P.



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Jane Eyre is my favorite Bronte novel, followed by The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Villette. I

did enjoy Woman in White---the Victorians had the best spooky stories in my opinion. :)


Those pictures from Nevada are SENSATIONAL!


Welcome to Coop's world, Nipper!

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Oh my goodness Vera!! All those pics are so gorgeous. I'm glad I was at home when I saw them b/c they made me giggle out loud :x. I especially love the ones from *The Texan* and *Fighting Caravans*. I wish I could afford them too.

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I found some more that they must have just added on ebay b/c I didn't see them earlier.


Bluebeard's Eight Wife*




*The Virginian*




*Gary polishing saddle*




*Pride of the Yankees*




*I Take This Woman*




*City Streets*



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Hi Angie, I understand - they are great. And they are not in the whole expencive because they are going in a big lots including many stills, for example FC had about 100 stills in it. But right now I can't find that kind of money. I wish they made some ads at e-bay about upcoming auctions in advance/

My poor collection fades in comparison.

Here is the samples from the lot of Man from Woyming







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Wow ? more great pics!! It's almost more than I can take. :P I love the ones of him from *Seven Days Leave* and *A Man from Wyoming*. I sure wish we could get better copies of his early 30s movies. I guess we should just be happy we have them at all ;). Here are some more I found as part of those live auctions.


*One Sunday Afternoon*






*The Texan* I registered for this one and I?ll have to wait and hear back to see if I?ve been okayed to participate in it.




*Legion of the Condemned*


*This must have been one of the most beautiful movies ever made judging by all the pics I've seen from it.*










*Souls at Sea*


*Man this first one is just great, he?s just so breathtakingly handsome!!!*





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I know. It really looks like a lot of work went into that one. It would be so great if someday copies of his lost movies turn up somewhere. It could happen :). You know they recently discovered a near complete copy of *Metropolis* in Argentina. I think it?s only missing one scene from the original release (before it was edited down by the studio). It?s more likely that silent films can pop up in other countries since without dialogue movies were much more international then.


It?s so funny b/c you think by now we?d be used to what he looked like but I?m just constantly stunned by the beauty of his pictures. I was giggling like a schoolgirl yesterday looking at the ones Vera posted. They also caused me to say ?sweet momma!? quite a lot too ;).


I had another Gary dream last night. I was watching *High Noon* on TCM but it was different. First off it was in color, and while I love that one in b+w and don?t think it would look as good in color, I have to say Gary looks real good in that outfit in color. This makes 5 dreams I?ve had wear he?s wearing that outfit and looked like did in that one and he?s always in color. I?ve dreamed about him as Will Kane, more than any other of his characters. Clearly, it?s one of my faves ;). Also Grace Kelly was nowhere to be found in this version ? yippee!!! In the dream version, he has plenty of help and two of the guys who refused to help him in the real movie (Thomas Mitchell and Harry Morgan) were right there with him. There were also two women (they weren?t in the movie so I guess I just made them up) who had shotguns and they were ready to go too! So they easily take out Frank Miller and his gang and then it ends.


When it went off I was talking to myself (no surprise there) about how that wasn?t how the movie really was and I wondered where they found that version. It was funny b/c I wasn?t upset about it I was just confused and I didn?t think it was very good.

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I can't imagine High Noon in color...it's so effective in stark black and white...even Gary's outfit is black and white!




But I'd be happy to dream about Gary just once in _any_ outfit! :P

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Wow! Wolf Song set my retinas a blaze! Thank you for the pic!


May I put it on my blog as the eye Candy of the Day?




I will credit the heck out of you!


Thank you for the awesome clip (I had seared Youtube, but they didn't use "wolf Song" as a key word.


The Fighting Caravans looks awesome. I see it's available on DVD. Swoon.


I love lily Damita too.



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Thanks for the welcome Miss Goddess. I'm a Bronte fan as well. Did you see the most recent adaptation of Jane Eyre. I really loved it.(Though I'm still true to Orson and Joan, in my heart: "Jane, would it be so wicked to love me?")


I recently read Vilette for the first time and enjoyed it. Widlfell Hall is next on my list.

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New from Ebay. Apologies if this is a repost. I just love the Fountainhead and this is one of my favorite scenes. Now why can't I get a tile guy who looks like that?


Message was edited by: Jennythenipper

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Hi Jenny! I haven't seen the most recent Jane Eyre---is it a theatrical release or a BBC production? Orson and Joan's version will always be my favorite, I expect---it's such a stunningly photographed and emotionally charged movie. Who else can say that line you quoted, or "Jane...Jane....Jane..." like Orson? :)


Well, maybe Johnny Weismuller...lol

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