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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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A couple of Coop films is coming up this _Friday, Feb. 20th_ staring at 3pm ET:


*Friendly Persuasion* (1956)

A peaceful Quaker family's sanctity is tested during the Civil War. Cast: Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire, Marjorie Main, Anthony Perkins Dir: William Wyler BW-138 mins, TV-G


*Sergeant York* (1941)

True story of the farm boy who made the transition from religious pacifist to World War I hero. Cast: Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Joan Leslie, George Tobias Dir: Howard Hawks BW-134 mins, TV-G

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WOW...OK, this is so cool! This is for "BOTH" the Joan Crawford "&" Gary Cooper fans!


Today We Live (1933) is OOP on VHS...It was supposed to come out on DVD in some "Gary Cooper" Box set,..but the plans never materialized for what ever reason.


But thank U TCM for "FINALLY" putting it on...I know it never was shown in 2008! So far 2009 on TCM is turning out to be a good year! I just wish TCM placed the film on later in the day!




_Today We Live_ (1933) will be shown on March 23, 2009 @ 6:30am Eastern Standard Time.


*So check your local schedule for times!*






_Today We Live_ (1933)


*_Stars_:* Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Robert Young, Louise Closser Hale, Rollo Lloyd, and Franchot Tone.

*_Directed by_:* Howard Hawks & Richard Rosson

*_Produced by_:* Howard Hawks

*_Cinematography by_:* Oliver T. Marsh

*_Costumes by_:* Adrian

*_Release date_:* April 14, 1933 (USA)


_Today We Live_ MGM 1933


Joan Crawford stars as "Diana Boyce-Smith," a young, wealthy, playgirl Englishwoman during WWI.


This is Joan's first film with future husband Franchot Tone, whom she would marry in 1935; _her only film with Gary Cooper_; and her first of three films with Robert Young.



The film is based on _Turnabout_ by William Faulkner, who also provided the dialogue for the film. Which BTW didn't include any women, so a few changes had to be made!











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In a few weeks we will know if MGM does their yearly may releases for Gary Cooper. They haven't announced their May dvd releases yet but Universial and WB have and have missed the boat yet again on releasing any of Gary's movies on his anniversary month for when he was born and when he passed away. There are not that many dvd's for MGM to release now but still have hope they will release the few they still own that haven't been released yet. Fox which is part of MGM now does still hold the rights to Ten North Frederick. The two big one's left from MGM to release would be The Naked Edge (Gary's last film) and Return to Paradise. MGM may also own Operator 13 or that one may now be owned by warner brothers. It was originally filmed by MGM.

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These pics from *The Texan* are from the keybook of over 100 promo pics that I was bidding on a few months ago during a big Hollywood memorabilia auction. I lost by a couple hundred bucks and I had a feeling these would show up on ebay eventually. They are going for $450 a piece, far more than what the total for the entire keybook was if you add them all up. They are making some serious profit if they can actually sell any of them (which I doubt at that price).


*The Texan*











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I hate to see things divided up like that. It really bothers me when I see something on ebay that I know was from a book, and these stupid people tore it apart for money when really the book as a whole is more valuable in the long run.


Sorry for griping. It's a pet peeve of mine...... I'll try to control myself...... :)

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I love to collect old movie mags and also I have four big scrapbooks I have put together just with Gary stuff and most of that I have gotten from those clipping packets on ebay. There are a few things I have in the mags that are also in the clipping packets (articles, pics) that I know they took out of a magazine and it bothers me too that they have torn it up and sold it in pieces. I guess it doesn?t bother me enough though b/c I keep buying it. I wish I could find more Clara Bow stuff. I do have a lot of movie mags with her in it (I usually look for Gary or Clara stuff when I buy one of those) but I never see clipping packets for her :(.


Collecting all that stuff is such a fun way to learn about what they were like and how their image was presented to the public and also what the fans and their contemporaries thought of them. I'm really surprised by how frank and honest the articles about the stars usually are. Sure, they sugar coated some things (like glossing over Gary's multiple affairs with his costars) but for the most part they are pretty frank and revealing.



*For Whom the Bell Tolls*




*This is from some kind of Halloween promotion*




*Saratoga Trunk*




*The Virginian*



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> {quote:title=coopsgirl wrote:}{quote}

> That keybook with around 100 photos went for $1300 which works out to $13 a picture. If I had won it I would have kept it together as a set. I particularly was interested in that one since it was one of his films that we havent seen. I was about 99% positive that whoever won it was not doing it as a collector but was just trying to make some easy cash by then selling off each individual photo at a higher price. The prices they are asking for however are beyond ridiculous, especially since the pics arent autographed or anything like that which would increase their value. *The joke is on the seller however since they didnt put watermarks on the pics and if I so desire, I can just print my own dang copy* ;).


tjere is smart gal!! ;)

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I don't mind the magazine clippings or the newspaper clippings really, because those might have been clipped way back when - it's the ones that came out of real, bound books that bother me. When I was growing up, a book was a sacred thing - you didn't write in them, or cut them up. I learned that the hard way, at age three when I "made a book" of my own by cutting up and coloring pages from some of my parents' books. Boy , did I get in trouble for that! :)

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i'm inclined to agree withat that. books should be considered very precious. they should not be defaced, or clipped. of course when we were kids, we had some childrens books that had stickers, and you were supposd to put the stiker in ther right place. those ones were OK to really play with! ;)

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Hi everyone.


Today I got to see "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife" with Gary and the lovely Claudette Colbert. What an odd but fun film. Cooper falls in love with Colbert and asks her to become his wife, No. 8. She finds out that the previous living wives get a very nice handsome lifelong "salary" as part of a divorce settlement. Colbert, always hard up for money, thinks that would be a great way to earn a nice living. She marries Cooper for the sole purpose of divorcing him. He will have none of it. They do their best to con each other into doing the things they don't want to do.


It is at times very funny with what seem to be throw-away lines and some interesting twists on the plot. I found out afterward that Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett wrote the script. They did a fine job. Colbert and Copper are wonderful together and have lots of fun playing off of each other.


Lord knows when it would be on again. I think I caught it about 15 minutes in from a showing last summer and I don't recall seeing it listed since. If you can find it, have fun.

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Hey Chris,

I'm glad you got to see *Bluebeard's Eighth Wife*, I really like that one. It's very clever and funny with Claudette trying to land Gary for good by playing hard to get. Once she proves to him she still wants him even after she gets his money, they live happily ever after ;).


This one didn't too well even though it got good reviews and the consensus seems to be that people didn't like seeing Gary as a man who was so flippant about marriage. The only part that bothers me is when they are trying to take their wedding portrait and Gary is explaining why he marries and divorces so much and he says he can't help falling for these other girls and instead of cheating on his wives he divorces them instead. He goes off on a speech about how cheating is wrong and it's a real shame it took him so long in his own marriage to take that advice.


I love it when he and Claudette are having dinner in their apartment and he's doing everything he can to get her to give in. He fixes them some strong cocktails and then fixes a salty dinner so she'll drink lots of champagne and then when they are dancing he just starts spinning her around. How pathetic is it that you have to get your wife drunk to get a little loving? Ha! Claudette doesn't fall for it though and she takes a big bite of onions right before she kissed him and he just freaks out!! I love it when she tells him "I'll fight you with every vegetable at my disposal!" That is a great line and really the whole movie is very funny. I'm glad you liked it.

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