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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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Anyone else watch Today We Live.!?


In the one and only film Gary Cooper and Joan Crawford made together, unless you count their joint cameo in It's A Great Feeling, it's one very old fashioned wartime soap opera set in the United Kingdom during World War I and then in France. The script is a strange affair.

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After a great deal of wheeling and dealing over the phone with WB, I was finally able to get Bright Leaf ordered. Yet it was at regular price without free shipping as I made an order earlier in the day for some Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable movies with the code for 25 percent off with free shipping after I gave up hope on Bright Leaf. Still it was very much worth it to me.


*Update: I got a call from WB today and they said they were canceling my order as Bright Leaf will not be available until June.*


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As a final update to the Bright Leaf WB dvd as I stated below customer service called me today stating they had cancelled my order for Bright Leaf. However, when I logged into my account it showed it that it had shipped.




So I called up Customer Service and the gentleman looked up my account. He stated that the movie was about to ship and it could not be shipped because of contractoral problems with WB and the movie. So that was an awefully hard pill to swollow today. It has not been a very good ending to what started out to be a very exciting week on my end.

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Even if the legal troubles surrounding Ten North Frederick with Fox are resolved, it might be that this film never sees the light of day on DVD as Fox have severely cut back on releasing their catalog titles on DVD due to poor sales. I did read somewhere (but can't remember where) that this studio may only release one classic film a year on DVD and it's quite possible that there are several more well known films with a priority release before "Frederick".

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Here's something "different".


If you guys are intereseted in hearing Gary Cooper in *Pride Of The Yankees*, go here -




In 1943, Gary Coooper appeared in a Lux Radio Theater presentation of *Pride Of The Yankees* and that performance is included in this week's edition of "The Big Broadcast" from D.C.'s public radio station. It will be available for online listening through this Sunday. You can listen via RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or use the audio player embedded in the webpage.


"The Big Broadcast" is a weekly four-hour radio program consisting of Old-Time Radio programs. The complete line-up for the program that includes the Lux *Pride Of The Yankees* is -


*Johnny Dollar*

(05/14-15/56) "Matter of the Medium Well Done" Pts. 1-2 (****.)(CBS)(26:48)



(09/01/53) #211 "Big Bop" (NBC)(26:40)



(04/12/59) #366 "Chester's Mistake" (CBS)(23:44)


*Calling All Detectives*

#371 "Tire Marks on a Dress" (Synd.)(7:26)


*Abbott & Costello*

(04/17/47) "Who's On First" (NBC)(24:04)


*Lux Radio Theater*

(10/04/43) "Pride of the Yankees" (Lux)(CBS)(59:49)


*Biography in Sound*

(08/16/55) "Babe Ruth" (****.)(NBC)(53:16)


Have Fun!


Kyle In Hollywood

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Angie thanks for the link.


Just to let everyone know that Universial is showing some signs of life again with their paramount library titles. First they release the pre-code set, which I have on pre-order and now they just announced four more titles. One of the titles is a Gary Cooper movie that has already been released in Beau Geste but this may be good signs that another Gary Cooper box set could be released eventually if these sell well.




July 7th release:


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944)

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936)

Lonely Are the Brave (1962)

Beau Geste (1939)

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Just wanted to remind everyone that *Starlift* is going to be on this Sunday and Gary has a real cute scene in it where he plays a Texas Ranger in a musical bit.


I'm glad to see Universal is putting out more films in the near future and I hope they'll put out some new to DVD stuff for Gary. I haven't seen yet but I wonder if there will be any bonus features on the new *Beau Geste* dvd.

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> {quote:title=CoopfanDan wrote:}{quote}

> Yes this is the first time in the US as the only other time was when it was released in the Universial Gary Cooper collection along with four other movies.


i might want to look that one up, too! thnak you! :)

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I already have *Beau Geste* with one of Gary's boxsets but if it has some nice extras I'll double dip on that one. I haven't heard anything about extras so far though so it may not have any. It would be nice if they could have worked out a deal to release the silent version with it. It would be really cool if they still had *Beau Sabreur* the sequel they made to *BG* in 1928 with Gary and Evelyn Brent. They used a lot of left over footage from *BG* and I have the trailer to it and it looked pretty good. By appearing in *Beau Sabreur* in '28 and then *Beau Geste* in '39, Gary is the only actor to have been in a sequel before being in the original - weird :).

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Hi guys,


Haven't been around any film boards in recent months - been WAY too busy with work for some time to do much with any of my hobbies. 70 hour weeks just doesn't work well with my film obsession I'm afraid.


But I am doing a thread for that scifi board I've modded for over 7 years (the last remaining board I've not given up, and even on that one I've had to cut WAY back), and I need a particular photo. And when I need a particular photo in digital format, I think of you guys. :D


The photo I'm thinking of is photo #8 in the Legends book - the publicity shot where Coop is sitting in an armchair with a cigarette lit in his hand and sort of glancing backward.


Do any of you guys have a digital version of this photo?


If so, could you please post it?


Thanks very much for any assistance! Hope you all are doing well. Wish I could participate on the boards...but these days I'm just glad to have a job, since my company has laid off a bunch of people in recent months.


Once again, thanks for any help! Good to see this thread going strong!

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