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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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Well, apparently BEAU GESTE ((1939) is owned by Universal, while BEAU GESTE (1926) is still property of Paramount. Although to be honest I seriously doubt if they even know that they own the film at all? Still it is a very important Paramount Silent, their biggest release of 1926 and one of the studios major hits of the 20's. It's crazy that it is virtually impossible to see in a good 35 millimeter print.

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Hi Jeffrey - yes, I got the parcel. But believe it or not, I've not even opened it up yet. I feel like I owe you some films (please send me a want list of stuff that I might have) and so I don't feel like I have 'earned the right' to open that parcel yet. That might sound odd to you, but things have been so crazy-busy here for the past several months that it's the only way I have of remembering.


I know that I own you some films though - I just need a quick way of finding some that you want and shooting them off to you!

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Hi Coopsgirl - thanks very much for responding.


The photo I'm looking for is from 1932. In addition to being in the Legends book, it is also used as the cover photo on Jeffrey Meyers' Gary Cooper - American Hero book (at least the softcover version I have). He has a cigarette lit and is holding it sort of on his lap with his right hand, and he's propping his chin with his left hand and sort of looking off to the side away from the camera.


Knowing you guys in there, I'm sure you have a digital version of it.


On that scifi board I've been on since, like the beginning of the internet (hehehe) the guys have a 'Babe of the Week' thread and the girls have a 'Hunk of the Week' thread. My turn comes up every so often and I do classic film stars, of course. I've exhibited what I consider to be immense self-control and have done both Clark Gable AND Errol Flynn before doing Coop with my turn. But I can no longer stand it and just HAVE to do him this time. :D


So that's the reason for the photo request.


Also, I know you do those lovely YouTube videos - can you give me a couple of links to your absolute favorite ones? - I'll probably provide a few links in my presentation. Most of these folks are not really classic film fans, and so I like to provide a couple of links so that they can see these guys 'in action'.


I'll also post a link in this thread to the thread on my scifi board so that you guys can see what I've done...and see how the vote turns out.


Thanks gang! One day, I dream of being able to hang out again.....

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Hi Beda! Great to see you here again, stranger---I hope you are doing well in spite

of being crazy busy. If Angie can't find that picture for you, I'll see if I have

it in my collection.


Take care,



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I know which one you're talking about now. It's from the C.S. Bull photo shoot. That whole bunch of pics is just gorgeous!! I don't have it on my PC (not sure why b/c I scanned most of the pics from the Legends book) but I can scan it when I get home this afternoon if no one posts it before then.


I'm glad you like the videos :). I can't access youtube at work but I'll post some links along with the pic later; or you could just look up my channel on youtube and pick out the ones you'd like to link to. My username is coopsgirl07.


I was doing a quick search to see if I could find it and lookie what I found at Corbis. It's from 1940 and I don't mind telling you when I saw it, it made me feel woozy :x. I don't think I've completely recovered yet.



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Hi April! Good to see you! Wow...even coming back for a few posts makes me homesick for the classic film community. :( I really miss you guys. I haven't even been trading films lately, I've been so busy. It's really terrible.


Anyway, another photo I'd like to get ahold of his that one of Gary, Carole Lombard and Shirley Temple walking on the set of Now and Forever. I have a copy of that photo, but I just discovered that it is a bit grainy, and you guys know how I am about photo quality. :D


So if anyone has a good copy of that one, it would be swell too.


I'm aiming to include about 25 photos in this thread I'm planning - some promo shots and several from different films.


Several I got from this thread back in the dark ages. Some from Simply Classics (did they close down, btw? Can't find them now...) and a few from other sources. It is so hard to narrow it down though! There are a few that are REALLY breathtaking that are absolute must-includes. But then there is a whole massive pool of photos that are all fabulous, and I can't decide between them.


But I am always looking to add to my collection and make improvements as if I ever get a chance to do Photoshop projects again, I love to use the best quality photos for that stuff.


Just looked and the last desktop I did of Gary was last June.


Man, I need to get my life back again......

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I think this is one of the ones you are what you're looking for :). It's a large file so I just posted the link. I have the one frm *Now and Forever* but it's grainy and is probably the same quality you have.




Here are the links to some of my fave Gary videos I've made.











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Nice photo, coopsgirl! You really do have all the best Coop photos.


To all Coop fans, someone just IM'd me to urge me to vote for Coop (and his Will Kane character) in today's imdb.com movie poll.


The question is as follows:


*From Entertainment Weekly's list of the "20 All-Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture," whom would you call the coolest?*


Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) from "Alias"

Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) from To Kill a Mockingbird

Batman (Christian Bale) from The Dark Knight

Nancy Drew (not necessarily Emma Roberts from Nancy Drew)

Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) from "24"

Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood)

_*Will Kane (Gary Cooper) from High Noon*_

Foxy Brown (Pam Grier)

Captain James T. Kirk (Will Shatner) from "Star Trek"

Max (Mel Gibson) from Mad Max, etc.

Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire)

Robin Hood (Errol Flynn) from The Adventures of Robin Hood

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Han Solo (Harrison Ford) from the Star Wars saga

John McClane (Bruce Willis) from the Die Hard saga

Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) from the Alien saga

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)

Superman (Christopher Reeve) from the pre-Bryan Singer era

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford)

James Bond (any incarnation)

I have no opinion.


Not that it matters all that much, but I thought perhaps some Coop fans here would get a kick from voting for him. ;)

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Angie! Yippee! That photo is EXACTLY the one I was looking for! And in such great quality! Thanks so much for posting it! That is just perfect!


I will look at the videos now. I looked you up on YouTube and watched a few of your vids this afternoon, in between meetings. I'm thinking I will select two and give them the links to those.


So now I have to narrow down my photos tonight. I should post 'em all here and let you guys pick, cus I can't make up my mind. :D


I mean seriously...how do you ELIMINATE photos of Gary Cooper????? :P It's like an impossible task.

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That is a good one from *Saratoga Trunk*. I just went through Gary's pics on Corbis again and found a couple more color pics.


*Gary and wife Rocky skeet shooting early '40s*




*Love in the Afternoon*



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Okay. Mission accomplished. Angie, I ended up posting links to 3 of your videos:

Tribute to The Westerner - (I LOVE that movie)

What I Like About Gary Cooper

Holding Out for a Hero


Here is a link to the thread I posted tonight on my scifi board (hopefully you guys can see the thread without joining the board):




Thanks for your help, Angie! Much appreciated!


I'll try and come back tomorrow as I think someone asked me a couple of questions. But I'm exhausted and need to go to bed.


Thanks again everyone! :)

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That thread came out beautifully, pk! I never would have guessed that the "trek" in your moniker referred to that classic TV show! :P


It's probably a good time to be a trekker, though, what with the new movie coming out and what not. B-)


Live Long and Prosper! ;)

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Hey, pktrekgirl! You picked some of the best pics of Gary. I love the one from The Plainsman. And the Westerner. Oh, they're all wonderful! And the one you were looking for yesterday (with his head turned and the cigarette) is just gorgeous! Thanks for posting the link.

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*The Spoilers*





*Wreck of the Mary Deare*





*Now and Forever - way too cute*





*On Souls at Sea set with Harold Lloyd and Henry Hathaway*





*C.S. Bull photo shoot 1934*





*The Naked Edge*





*Pride of the Yankees*



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