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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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Believe it or not, we do find new pics of him quite a bit, usually on ebay. I can't imagine how many pics of him must have been taken in his lifetime.


I love me some buckskin Gary - yum! That one is from *Unconquered*. The moustache one is from *Peter Ibbetson*. For some reason, in 1935 he decided to grow a soup strainer. I've gotten used to it but at first, it was very odd.

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I recorded, and just watched the Coop documentary from 1991. Did you notice that In it there was a brief Clip from LILAC TIME in pristine condition! I wonder where that print is at now?

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Did you notice the beautiful painting of Colleen Moore on the Wall in the LILAC TIME clip? It was very sharp and clear. I posted a link several months ago that showed that LILAC TIME was screened at a Festival in New York back in 2003, with it's original scoring track fully reinstated. So there must be a nicely restored print of the movie stashed away somewhere.

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That is a pretty painting of Colleen in the film. Hopefully we'll get good copy of *Lilac Time* one of these days since all evidence suggests it may be in pretty good shape.


Here's a pic of Gary and Ingrid Bergman.



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I hadn't seen those April, they were great!!


Here are some more good pics I found on ebay today.


*Gary and Jean Arthur on The Plainsman set*




*Gary and daughter Maria on High Noon set*




*Gary on High Noon set*




*A Farewell to Arms*








*Here's one that I added some effects to from Doomsday*




*Gary and the cute little girl from The Hanging Tree on the set - this is so cute*



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On top of being gorgeous and uber talented, he was also so dang humble. I found this clip this morning and it's Gary on the old game show "What's My Line". He's the mystery guest and it's so cute.




Well I finally broke down and bought Photoshop this weekend after years of wanting it. I've actually been able to figure out how to use it too and here's a wallpaper I just got finished with. Sure, it took a couple hours but hopefully it'll get easier ;).



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Don't forget Gary Cooper will be with us twice over the Memorial Day Weekend!


_May 23_

*Task Force* (1949) 12:45pm ET

A naval officer devotes his life to the development of the aircraft carrier.

Cast: Gary Cooper, Jane Wyatt, Wayne Morris, Walter Brennan Dir: Delmer Daves C-117 mins, TV-PG


_May 25_

*Sergeant York* (1941) 8pm ET

True story of the farm boy who made the transition from religious pacifist to World War I hero.

Cast: Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Joan Leslie, George Tobias Dir: Howard Hawks BW-134 mins, TV-G

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Hey Kim!


I'm so sorry I haven't talked to you in a while but you've been out when I've called and then I get busy and don't get a chance to call you back. I've had a lot of PC problems lately too and that's taken a lot of time to work out. I'm gonna try to call you tomorrow maybe late afternoon.

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Beautiful! Love that section with the part about "when I comb my hair" - that was PERFECT!


I also loved the ending - it still shocks me to see anyone kiss while sitting on a bed.....I guess I am still not used to precodes, because it always looks so suggestive to me, LOL.

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Thanks! That scene you pointed out about combing her hair is the reason I made that one. I knew that scene would fit perfectly so I had to use it :). That end scene on the bed is from *Doomsday*, my fave of his silents, it's the last scene of the film. It's really very sweet but taken out of context it looks a little risque ;).

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