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Any Gary Cooper Fans?


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He appeared shirtless in 12 movies. I?ve made up the list and have pics from each one but I don?t have time to post them all now. Check back later this afternoon and I?ll have them up. *The Fountainhead* isn?t one of them but during the quarry and bedroom scenes you can see his arms and quite a bit of his chest :P.

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> {quote:title=coopsgirl wrote:}{quote}

> *The Fountainhead* isnt one of them but during the quarry and bedroom scenes you can see his arms and quite a bit of his chest :P.


Funny, how sometimes my memory plays tricks on me! :P


Looking forward to those pics, when you get a chance to post, coopsgirl! Thanks. :)

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Those are great pics! You're cracking me up about Gary trying to get some more sun in that *Vera Cruz* pic :). I especially love the one from *Task Force* :P.


Here are the shirtless pics. It's actually 14 films he appeared shirtless in, not 12 like I thought earlier. Get the drool buckets ready :).


*Wolf Song* - 1929 (most of film is lost)




*The Spoilers* - 1930







*A Farewell to Arms* - 1932






*Now and Forever* - 1934




*Lives of a Bengal Lancer* - 1935






*Peter Ibbetson* - 1935




*The General Died at Dawn* - 1936








*Souls at Sea* - 1937




*Bluebeard's Eighth Wife* - 1938




*The Story of Dr. Wassell* - 1944






*Along Came Jones* - 1945




*Return to Paradise* - 1953




*Friendly Persuasion* - 1956




*Love in the Afternoon* - 1957



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Gary, Clark and Carey are all good - in their own right. What's not fair, I think, is to pit them against one another. After all the years we (collectively) have watched and re-watched Gone with the Wind, can you honestly see another actor delivering the "... don't give a damn" speech (as well as Clark)? When you see Carey in your favorite scene in your favorite Carey movie, do you think it would be as "effective" with another actor - whether the replacement was your favorite or not? There is a short, speechless scene that Gary has in "Meet John Doe" that I think is just priceless. There are other actors out there, just as good-looking, just as talented, but no one could put the spin on that scene the way Gary did. And after all this time, I wouldn't want anyone else, past or present, to try.

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Yes the good looking Cooper had a style all his own, much from Grant and Gable. I think having worked with the great Frank Capra the *Coop* was able to bring out his genuine natural acting style in his films along with his other wonderful films, such as *The Fountainhead*, *High Noon* and one of his early greats *A Farewell to Arms.* As for Gable there will never be another *Rhett* who could handle Scarlett the way he did, and Grant, he has so much talent with his many different unique styles of acting, he could be serious or comedic. To me there will never be another *Nickie Ferrante* from an *Affair to Remember*. Yes I am a Cooper fan and I love the 30's and 40's films. I love Norma Shearer, what do you think of her?



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Good news! The Warner Archives program has just added six of Gary?s films to the site and you can buy them individually (for $20 each) or as a set (for $60). They include *Saratoga Trunk*, *Bright Leaf*, *Task Force*, *One Sunday Afternoon*, *Today We Live*, and *Operator 13*. The link for the set isn?t working so you?ll either have to order by phone or just keep checking until the link is fixed. I believe that only leaves his silent *Lilac Time* with Colleen Moore and one of his last films (and one of my faves) *The Hanging Tree* to be released from WB if I?m not mistaken. I have heard that *Lilac Time* was restored years ago but *The Hanging Tree* still needs some work.




For those of you not familiar with this program these films are made on demand. So when you order one it is burned onto a dvd-r and shipped to you. These are not commercially pressed dvd?s but they are manufactured at a higher quality that what you and I can burn at home. Also at this point they are only shipping in the U.S. as they are still trying to work out international shipping options.

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Great news on the new WAC titles starring Gary Cooper - hope they'll get around to releasing the other two movies at some point. As for the set, 6 movies for $60 seems like a pretty good deal to me.


P.S. Just a reminder that TCMWebAdmin has asked that we please keep any photos posted to a maximum size of 600x600 pixels. :)

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> {quote:title=brandoalways4ever wrote:}{quote}

> When does it come on?


11:48 a.m. EST (it shows the broadcast time on the upper right of the linked page).

It's about 10 minutes long according to the database. I never even heard of it before

and I'm tremendously excited to see it since Will, Harry Carey and Gary are all

huge favorites of mine.

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