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Any Gary Cooper Fans?


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> {quote:title=brandoalways4ever wrote:}{quote}

> Alright. It's been bugging me. I'm trying to figure out what was all included in it.

> I just remember one of his silent movies were.


Actually, I believe they're all talkies.


The one silent film that has been mentioned is Lilac Time, but that one has not yet been released.



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Here are a couple more pics :).


The first one is from *High Noon* am I'm wondering if this was a wardrobe test pic or something like that b/c the tie he's wearing has larger white spots then the one in the movie. Will Kane is my fave of his characters so I was drooling all over the place when I found this one :P.






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Thanks, coopsgirl! This thread has been a highlight for me for years! You have a great eye for detail. I will take the liberty of wishing that we had a video of Ben Johnson (oh oh - off topic!) like the ones you made for Gary. Maybe we could commission one (only half joking!).

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Here's my latest video. I started it a while back and just didn't have time to finish it but I finally got back to it today. I think the song fits the kind of characters he played perfectly :).



Sometimes I can be the most unobservant person in the world but when it comes to Gary, I usually notice stuff ;). For instance, right after I posted those pics earlier I noticed that in the second one you can see the pull tab thing that's part of his zipper sticking out of his pants. How did they not catch that when they were taking it? I guess it was a man taking the pic and he just didn't look at that part of Gary ;).

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