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Any Gary Cooper Fans?


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Here are three pics from *A Man From Wyoming* that I found on ebay last night.


The caption for this one said Gary was having fun with the siren used on the set to let people know they were about to begin filming a scene and that everyone was supposed to be quiet.




This one is another candid pic of June Collyer sneaking up behind Gary and lighting a firecracker to scare him.




I love this one of Gary and June and you can see chest hair :P.



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Oh, gosh in the first one he looks just like a little boy pulling a prank.......


and both the first and the second one - have you ever seen as long legs as he has? Those boots really show them off. He reminds me of a colt.....all gangly legs.


Did I tell you yet, how much I enjoyed your "Stand" video? It was fantastic. Again, your timing is simply the best I have seen, and the choice of song was wonderful. Very clear film clips too. That celebration of bravery, exemplified by Gary was so moving. Taking a stand is hard, and I loved that you included scenes of duress before the final stands of those movies..... this is so appropriate right now.

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He did have some seriously long and gorgeous legs. He had disproportionately long arms too. You?re arm span from fingertip to fingertip should be the same as your height, but his was several inches longer (read that in one of my scrapbook articles). I?m the same way; my arm span is 5?7? but my height is 5?4?. It?s pretty sweet in that I can reach things that other people my height can?t. There are quite a few baseball players with the same quirk and that can be a real plus there b/c they can reach balls further away from them with their longer swings.


The shot of June trying to scare him with a firecracker was probably a set up but it?s still cute and I can see him being able to take a joke like that if it was for real. If I could go back and work with anybody in a movie it would be Gary. I know, you?re real surprised huh? Seriously though the obvious reasons aside :x, he was so talented, had virtually no ego and treated everyone on the set with respect. Being a woman, that last part has special significance since women in the film industry were sometimes mistreated by both studio execs and their fellow actors. He was also willing to help less experienced actors if they needed/wanted help with a scene and things like that. He just seems like the ideal co-worker.


I?m glad you liked the video :). I was at a restaurant a while back and that song came on and even though I?d heard it many times before, it finally clicked that it would make a perfect Gary video. The world can always use examples of heroes and how to stand up for what you believe is right. Not to get too political, but we are in some crazy times and I?m afraid we?re going down the wrong road. Watching old movies, Gary?s especially, are comforting and a nice escape from people who seem to have lost sight of what is the best to do for the country instead of for the political party (and that includes both parties).

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That is very interesting about the arms and legs.... No wonder he looked right playing Lou Gehrig, or in Meet John Doe during the baseball scene!


He must have been great to work with. If I were an actress back then I don't know how I could've resisted him..... were there any that did? :)

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At the lecture I went to last summer, Maria said about the only thing he never experienced was being turned down by a woman so there?s your answer ;). He did turn down plenty of women though. I guess there just wasn?t enough Gary to go around :P.


He?s the one man I don?t think I could turn down. Helen Hayes and Fay Wray said later they regretted not having a fling with him and they were both married at the time they worked with him; he was still single. He never initiated anything and I guess they were too shy to do it themselves. In Fay?s defense, she had a sicko hubby then (John Monk Saunders) who she eventually divorced after living apart for years.

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