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Any Gary Cooper Fans?

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This is also in the "Upcoming Releases" thread of the DVD forum, but for anyone who doesn't read it regularly, here it is again:


Warner Bros. also continues to work actively on *The Hanging Tree* (1959, with Gary Cooper). There is much more work to do on the photochemical restoration for the original elements, but the results should be worth the wait. A pressed DVD release is currently planned, but no release timing has yet been set.


Hopefully, it might be ready in 2010! :D


And in other Coop-related news, the Fox Movie Channel has scheduled *Ten North Frederick* (1958) for _Saturday, Oct. 17th_ at 6am Eastern.

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Thanks for the reminder about *Ten North Frederick*. I'll record it just in the hopes that it actually is the widescreen version and not the pan and scan one they have shown in the past.








Here's one I colorized. Not sure if I posted it here or not.




Sgt. York oscar



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> {quote:title=coopsgirl wrote:}{quote}

> Thanks for the reminder about *Ten North Frederick*. I'll record it just in the hopes that it actually is the widescreen version and not the pan and scan one they have shown in the past.



Well, on the DirecTV schedule, the movie is definitely marked "letterbox".


(FMC seems to have been getting better, gradually, about showing movies in the correct aspect ratio.) :)

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Thanks! That song is a few years old and I usually listen to my mp3 player in the car but it's been on the fritz so I've been listening to some old cd's and that song came up and I had forgotten about it and it instantly made me think of Gary. It's like she's singing from the fan perspective and I thought it would make a good video. I tried to use some clips I haven't used before and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It makes me tear up a little too.

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It is raining here, a sad autumn day, with the wind swirling the leaves around, and the rain softly pattering on the window. It was a perfect day to watch *Love in the Afternoon* .....




and so I was teary eyed, with the song Fascination rolling around in my head. I came here to write down my melancholy feelings, and I find your video.


I guess I'm susceptible.....


because now I am flat out crying. That was so beautiful, coopsgirl.


I wish I had one tenth of your talent.




Edited by: JackFavell on Oct 18, 2009 4:00 PM

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It's a beautiful day here and I am worn out from doing some yard work. I hardly ever even go outside but I was putting out Halloween decorations and just started pulling up some weeds and soon my mom and I were knee deep in yard work :). It looks nice though.


I had a feeling this video would get to people b/c the song is so sadly beautiful. I don't want to make people cry ;), but I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the wonderful compliment. I have a beautiful version with words of Fascination from a cd Theresa gave me and I'm gonna make a video to that one too. It's an even more beautiful song with words.

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We talked about "HIGH NOON" a coupla pages back, and I've just finished watching a commer-

cial on TCM, where in tribute to Grace Kelly heralding her turn as "Star of the Month" the voice-over was done by her son, Prince Albert. It was such a lovely and touching tribute by a son of his mother:


"It was difficult in the years after my mother's passing, to watch her

wonderful films...not just because I missed her, but because when

she introduced them to me she was seated right next to me, often ex-

plaining what the scenes were all about or how she had felt while

making them. So when I revisit her films, I don't only see the moving

image of my mother, but I welcome the memory of her affectionate

presence, her loving words spoken softly to me a rapt audience of one."


As I watched the clips they showed, I see that Grace Kelly worked with the creme de la creme of Hollywood's leading men in the fifties. And I kind of gasped when I saw all these men in one fell swoop. I thought to myself, "Dang this girl was the luckiest girl in Hollywood. They just handed her leading men on a silver platter. She had 'em all!"


But then I thought and I thought and I searched in the crevices of my movie-lovin' mind, and I realized that there was only one other actress who came to close to matching Grace Kelly in that gorgeous hunk o' leading man sweepstakes. Now Audrey Hepburn worked with only two: Gary and Cary. Ingrid Bergman only worked with two: Cary and Gary. And Barbara Stanwyck worked with three of them: Gary, Gable and Bill Holden. But d'ya know who matched Grace Kelly almost step-for-step in working with these giants? One of my absolute favorite actresses: DEBORAH KERR (who died two years ago this month). See the tale of the tape, first with Grace Kelly, then with Deborah Kerr. I think the only leading man Grace didn't get was Gregory Peck and Deborah did and conversely Grace got to work with Jimmy Stewart...and Deborah did not:


GARY COOPER: "High Noon" "The Naked Edge"

CLARK GABLE: "Mogambo" "The Hucksters"

CARY GRANT: "To Catch a Thief" "An Affair to Remember"

STEWART GRANGER: "Green Fire" "King Solomon's Mines"

WILLIAM HOLDEN: "The Country Girl" "The Proud and the Profane"

FRANK SINATRA: "High Society" "From Here to Eternity"

JAMES STEWART: "Rear Window" "-------"

GREGORY PECK: "--------" "Beloved Infidel"


Imagine kissing all those gorgeous men. Nice work if you can get it.

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That is interesting that those two worked with so many major stars. With Deborah I can understand b/c she could actually act but I'll just never get it with Grace. I'm sure she was a lovely person and as a regular person/princess, I have a somewhat favorable opinion of her, but not as an actress ;).


*Imagine kissing all those gorgeous men. Nice work if you can get it.*


In Grace's case, it often went beyond kissing!

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> {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote}

> That's a reason right there to upgrade to HD.....


lol! YES....TCM...Are you listening...for future advertising of your new HD channel...GARY COOPER in High Noon!!


Honestly, the movie just looked stunning, maybe even better than my DVD.

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Hi all. I'm back. I was working sometimes close to 80 hours a week but quit my old job last week and now I'm only doing 40 again. I am right on any Gary Cooper movie that get's released on Blu-ray. High Noon will probably be the first although if WB is spending a bunch of money to restore The Hanging Tree, I think it would be smart for them to release that one on DVD and Blu-ray. High Noon looked incredable on the last DVD that was released. It will only look better on Blu-ray. I thought It's a Wonderful life was fantastic looking on the last dvd release but I'm already on pre-order for the Blu-ray for that one that get's released next week with North by Northwest. I think the better a movie looks on regular dvd the better it will look on Blu-ray. I hope they start releasing Gary Cooper

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More great news on the Gary dvd front. It was rumored back in the early summer that another major studio was going to go the burn on demand route like Warner's and it was just announced by TCM that they are partnering up with Universal for a similar venture. I was hoping it would be them and I'm so excited I'm about to bust!!!!!!!! One of their first releases with be a Cary Grant boxset (titles will also be availabe individually) and one of them is The Devil and The Deep starring Gary and Tallulah Bankhead. The copy circulating around is pretty bad and I can't wait until January to get it!! It looks like they are the same price as WB's at $20 a pop. That's pricey for one dvd but I'm willing to pay it for films I really want. I'm kinda surprised though that their prices aren't lower than WB to give them ever more competition.



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That is really exciting, Angie! Finally, the rarer titles are getting the treatment. And I see that these DVDs will have supplemental materials...that may be why they are at the same price point---the WB on-demand DVDs usually only have a trailer.

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