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TCM Programming Challenge Voting

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Congratulations (& THANKS!) to all the entrants, let the voting begin!


First, review each valid entry:


jarhfive - http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7787158


lzcutter - http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7785946


filmlover - http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7785902


allieharding - http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7785693


hlywdkjk - http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7784437


MattHelm - http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=7783585


Then, post your vote to this thread (only one vote per pre-Feb 26, 2006 registered user) before Friday, April 7th midnight in your time zone. The usual boilerplate - the decision of the judges is final etc..


You CAN vote for yourself. There will be AT LEAST one grand prize thanks to tcmprogrammer, but there may also be other prizes (e.g. for 2nd, 3rd, etc.) as well. Details to follow ...


Although I'd encourage anyone who votes to share their reasoning, let's try to keep this thread free of the usual banter and/or other non-related "conversations". Thank you.

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TCM's programmers have mentioned the possibility of using ideas from the entries (and may have already, e.g. in June's lineup).


One vote registered for allieharding by nyoka1


BTW, it took 25 pages (for me) to print out all the grids; I inserted a page break after each one though, so it could take "you" fewer (especially if you like small fonts).

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It was a hard choice because there are things in everybody?s listings that I would like to see on TCM. (I have a listing below and I know how hard everyone worked on theirs.) One thing I looked at was how interesting the themes were and what I would like to see. Another was following the guidelines that path40a listed at the beginning of the challenge. I looked at each one several times, and I would like to vote for everyone (including myself, lol), but as I can only vote once, so I will say?Hlywdkjk


P.S. - when you get a chance to look at mine, please know I DO know how to spell Billy Wilder's last name, but my fingers messed up

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filmlover, how wonderfully selfless of you!


Before the voting goes any further, I wanted everyone to know that tcmprogrammer really came through for us by providing six prizes, one for each entrant! They are (in no particular order):


Robert Osborne's book, 70 Years at the Oscars

Lion of Hollywood: The Life and Legend of Louis B. Mayer book

'Tis Herself (biography of Maureen O'Hara) book

TCM sweatshirt

TCM hat

TCM t-shirt


Whoever wins will choose first, the person who receives the second most votes will choose next, and so forth. Thank you tcmprogrammer!!!

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Wow, that was nice of tcmprogrammer to provide prizes. Path, it's funny ... we never see tcmprogrammer and you at the same time. Hmmmm.


It is hard to decide (and even harder not to vote for myself), but I vote for jarhfive because of the serials, the innovative magazine-to-movie theme, and for the Dean Martin movies, which I was thinking of doing myself. Overall a very thoughtful and must-see line up.


(Rusty, just don't take the best prize)

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Path wears glasses and he's been spotted on the TCM set. There's a picture of him there on his site, and while he mentions tcmprogrammer invited him there, there's no tcmprogrammer in the photo with him.


There's also no picture of Robert Osborne (or even Ben Mankiewicz) with me either;-)


Interesting speculation Matt (& filmlover), but false. Perhaps if/when I ever get invited to the set again I can get my picture taken with one or two of the others? In fact, I've been wanting to replace that camera phone photo for some time.

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Wow, great schedules everyone!

I had a hard time picking one, I liked elements from all of them.

So, I just went with the one week that gave me what I would like to see.

My vote goes to jarhfive.


By the way, I love the idea of the Serial Saturday Morning and the Creature Feature- fun stuff.

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It's been hard for me to decide who to vote for, they are all equally good so in the end I am going to let one film sway my judgement:


Alice In Wonderland!!!!!!!!!!! I have always loved the book pulling it out every now and then to re-read enjoying dear Alice and her struggles with things never being as they seem. Alice in Wonderland (1931) and Alice in Wonderland (1933) would be wonderful to see. I have seen Alice in Wonderland (1949) with Carol Marsh because it was on TV in the 60's and would love to see that one again also.


My vote goes to, hlywdkjk

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Great choices! Alice in Wonderland should hit the spot with most movie fans. I too would like to see all 3 versions you mentioned.


What about the weekend host's image of beard and casual dress. I find it out of place for Turner CLASSIC Movies.... Change the beard or the costume.... too much is too much sloppiness, even on the weekend..

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I can't agree with you there. Ben Manckiewicz is a daytme host, and it is the weekend. If I go to a film on the weekend, or pretty much anytime, I am casually dressed. Ben doesn't strike me as a button down, tie-wearing person. Robert Osborne sets the right kind of note for what he does and looks good doing it. But I certainly expect a host who is talking about cartoons or westerns to go casual.

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Before registering my vote, I wanted to say thanks once again to everyone who participated. Each of you did a terrific job with a challenge that was hard enough just to participate in, let alone create such outstanding entries across the board. Perhaps your efforts were so good that they intimidated others from trying as well;-) Besides sharing something personal (e.g. which movies mean something to you) with the rest of us, your entry "spoke" for others in TCM's audience also, in the same way that one person's Nielsen ratings speak for thousands of others. It's my opinion, therefore, that you've done all of us (including TCM's programmers) a favor. Very well done indeed!


allieharding - I loved your directors' showcases by genre and Dirk Bogarde as SOTM is certainly an inspired choice!


jarhfive - Frank Morgan is one of my favorite B movie actors (btw, Happy early Wedding Anniversary); your "magazine to movie" themes are very well done (nice of you to credit coffeedan) too!


MattHelm - the brave one who kicked things off (thanks so much), signaling that the challenge was on; many of my favorites are sprinkled throughout your schedule, some each day, and your Saturday morning idea is tops!


hlywdkjk - so many great ideas crammed into a single week, it's clear you really put forth a lot of effort to produce a schedule chock full of tantalizing themes and the movies which fit them - "A World of Pure Imagination", "Damon Runyon Stories", "Pulp Fiction", & "Saturday Night Fights" among others!


lzcutter - your week's grid is full of themes I'd love to see on TCM's schedule also, even mixing in original programming; I hope to see the other Robin Hoods too; Lucille Ball (one of Osborne's favorites), "He Done Her Wrong" & "She Done Him Just as Bad" (LOL!) - quick, call TCM HQ, perhaps you could replace Molly Haskell!!! Also, "Heel or Friend? Jack Carson" & "Cracking Wise: Eve Arden", wow!


But my vote goes to


filmlover - begins with "Happy Father's Day", honors film's most celebrated composers, swashbucklers followed by Billy Wilder, but I think my favorite day is Friday - an "All Day Look at Unlikely Subjects for Musicals", how original - finished off with the Hollywood Ten. Overall, I'm choosing your schedule because it would probably break (fill up) my Tivo and/or I'd be changing VHS tapes continuously almost every day.

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Wow, path40a, I am flattered by your vote. Coming from the person who organized this means a lot! And I feel humbled when I read again through your e-mail what the others have accomplished in their listings. There are so many great ideas. Even if I don't win the competition (though I know none of us ever thought about a competition at the time we did it, because we were doing it for fun and no contest had even been mentioned), I feel it is a honor to have your vote.


After this is finished, we MUST do another schedule.


Thanks again!

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Only seven votes so far??? We can do better than that for those that took the time to author & share their seven day dream schedule of TCM programming for us, can't we?


The voting ends this Friday at midnight, so be sure to make your voice be heard by registering your vote before the polls close. Please, don't be apathetic.

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Do you KNOW how hard this is path? LOL Of course you do! I have read and re-read these schedules over and over and all have something wonderful to offer - I've even begun posts with my vote and then changed my mind. :-) So - I'm off to read them - again! These people did such a wonderful job. Every one of them - if only one stood heads above the rest, it would be so easy - but they are ALL fantastic. I'd have a wonderful week watching every one of them!

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I can sure appreciate your dilemma scarlett, and I hope that that's the reason that others in our community haven't registered their votes yet either. I mean, it's not like anyone is shy with their opinions around her, we're certainly an outspoken bunch;-) We usually have dozens of active users per day, perhaps people are uncomfortable with the non-confidential voting (afraid of offending one of the participants)?


To get to the entered schedules, click the First Post link above. Thanks;-)


Message was edited by:


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I read them earlier and I vote for Matthelm, lzcutter came in a close second. Hopefully TCM listens to your weekly scheduling. All the programming Challenges are great....I wish I had the time to contribute,but I have to work sometime.Great Stuff!!


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