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TCM Programming Challenge Voting

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I sent you a private message regarding your request (re: prizes).


While I am composing a message, I will write a bit more about my schedule. My last message (about my programming choices) seemed a little, uhm...impersonal.


The "birthday" movies for Frank Morgan and Dean Martin were personal picks.


I am pretty familiar with Frank Morgan's filmography. I tried to schedule films Mr. Morgan has a lead actor role--"The Great Morgan", "Washington Melodrama and "The Perfect Gentleman" (BTW: a wonderful movie).


Dean Martin--I scheduled Mr. Martin's dramatic roles. I think he was one of the most under-rated dramatic actors of the 1950's, so I (as master programmer) made an attempt to highlight Dean Martin's great dramatic performances. I would have chosen some of his Matt Helm roles, even some of Dean Martin's variety series--not allowed by the rules. BTW: Dean Martin's TV series was a weekly must-see in my 1960's house...loved them Golddiggers!


Edward G. Robinson was my only choice for Star Of The Month. I programmed Robinson movies I had not seen ("All My Sons") and Robinson movies I had seen, but never broadcast on TCM ("Sammy Going South"). I filled out the Robinson schedule with movies TCM has broadcast and are among Mr. Robinson's finest roles ("The Sea Wolf").


The other "birthday" programming was a mix of movies watched and not watched, but all choices fit the birthday theme. I made the same sort of choices for my 'magazine to movie' theme--about one-half previously watched movies, about one-half never seen movies, but all within the 'parameters' of my theme.


Programming a week schedule? All in all...a good experience.


Now. I want to see "Sammy Going South" on TCM. TCM listened to my "Superfly" request, didn't they?



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Thanks Rusty, got your message and responded to it already.


I like Frank Morgan too, and agree that "The Perfect Gentleman" is a gem. I've watched (& reviewed) a lot of his other films on my site as well. How congenial he was in most of his roles, though he plays a rogue pretty well in When Ladies Meet (1933) too! Thank goodness for The Wizard of Oz (1939) else I'm afraid a lot of folks would never know of him.


I think we're on the same wavelength regarding Edward G. Robinson also, the biggest crime in the history of the Academy Awards was his never even being nominated!


BTW, got your second response - prize on the way soon;-)


Message was edited by:


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"Dean Martin's TV series was a weekly must-see in my 1960's house...loved them Golddiggers!"


It's a must-see in my house in the 2000's. I have three of the variety shows on DVD and a couple of Roasts. Incredible stuff. Especially, Don Rickles's tv debut of his nightclub act on one of the shows, complete with an ensemble of celebrities to insult.

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Wanted to give everyone who is interested a heads up. The Return of the TCM Challenge Theme will be announced on May 1st


Stay tuned.


Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.


(No, that's not a clue).

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I wish we had our own website for this so I could provide some humorous graphics. The whole "Return" thing cracks me up.>>




I imagine this giant guy lumbering his way towards an unexpecting town. But then I grew up in Atomic Central so maybe that has something to do with it. :)


Here's hoping those who participated in the Original Challenge return and more posters join our reindeer games.


Lynn in Sherman Oaks who grew up in Las Vegas (aka Atomic Central)

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Great! I was working on a schedule myself, but didn't finish before the deadline. I guess it reminded me of why I didn't survive in TV, but flourished in radio.


Nevertheless, I will keep my antennae up for further developments . . .

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That would be a great graphic! LOL! Then for the challenge after that we could have a graphic of the woman from the Attack of the 50 ft Woman.


Well, Lynn, whatever challenge you come up with is going to be fun, I know that, and I am looking forward to it so much. (lol, but waiting for May 1st is almost like a drug..."The first one is free..." LOL!)



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I was just thinking about the next challenge. It's been speculated that maybe we should have a separate site for this, but in thinking about it more I believe it may be best to leave it as a new thread in the board as before.


That way, it can still be seen regularly by everyone, including the TCM programmer, without having to go off site. If we did end up having just a link in a thread, the posting will probably end up getting buried fast (we have all seen how quickly something can get moved down to other pages when there is nothing new posted to it) and it wouldn't let others know about the challenge where they might like to participate or vote.


Just my two cents worth.

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Hi, path,


It was more of a thing that was just humored about, that the second challenge would be called "Return of the TCM Challenge" and there would be humorous graphics if we did have a site such as "The Amazing Collosal Man" lumbering towards the viewer. I don't believe it was a serious consideration but just in case I wanted to mention the benefits of staying here.


Sorry for any confusion.



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Kyle said - The best honor would be to find an idea of mine on the TCM schedule in the next few months. No tangible prize could take the place of that.


July 8th has a "Pulp Fiction" feel to it:


8:00 PM Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

Detective Mike Hammer fights to solve the murder of a beautiful hitchhiker with a mysterious connection to the Mob. Cast: Ralph Meeker, Cloris Leachman, Albert Dekker. Dir: Robert Aldrich. BW-106 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format

10:00 PM Murder, My Sweet (1944)

Detective Philip Marlowe's search for a two-timing woman leads him to blackmail and murder. Cast: Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley. Dir: Edward Dmytryk. BW-95 mins, TV-PG, CC

12:00 AM Dark Passage (1947)

A man falsely accused of his wife's murder escapes to search for the real killer. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Agnes Moorehead. Dir: Delmer Daves. BW-106 mins, TV-PG, CC, DVS

2:00 AM Maltese Falcon, The (1931)

In the first screen version of The Maltese Falcon, detective Sam Spade investigates the theft of a priceless statue. Cast: Bebe Daniels, Ricardo Cortez, Dudley Digges. Dir: Roy Del Ruth. BW-79 mins, TV-G, CC

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Hello path40a -

I think tcmprogrammr was working from the subtitle I gave the night's theme -

"Pulp Fiction - Chandler, Cain, Hammet and Spillaine".


The five films for the full evening are -

"Kiss Me Deadly" - Mickey Spillaine

"Murder, My Sweet" - Raymond Chandler

"Dark Passage" - David Goodis

"Dangerous Female" - Dashiell Hammet (Maltese Falcon story)

and ending the evening with

"Mildred Pierce" - James M Cain


So its not a Carbon Copy of the films I chose but it is close enough for me to feel proud. And, not suprisingly, I think tcmprogrammr took the idea and made it better. While I chose "The Thin Man" and "The Postman Always Rings Twice" as my Hammet and Cain films, he chose films much more interesting to the audience. ( I felt it important to pick the more familiar titles so that the theme was apparent without needing any extra description.) That is why he is the professional. (Tho I have no idea who David Goodis is. I will take it on faith he wrote in the "pulp fiction" manner of the others.)


Now, if the night is billed as a night of "Pulp Fiction" on the daily schedule, I just may make July 8th a holiday in my household. If it is a night used in the monthly promo film or has a special interstial, someone may have to come pick me up off the floor. (If one is going to dream, dream big I always say!)


Kyle in Hollywood


ps - The above honor is so special but I need to give a big, public thank you to you and TCM for their largesse on the prizes that went out. I received my package this week and was quite thrilled. As I wrote to you before, I felt just like Ralphie's father in "A Christmas Story" - "It's a major award!"


(Insert George M Cohan's stage exit line here!)

I know all my talented co-programmers know what it is.



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