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The Director's Cut

Princess of Tap

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Many Hollywood moguls were not impressed with film directors. David O. Selznick tried to mini-manage directors, even the great Hitchcock. The reoccurring Wars of animosity at Columbia between Harry Cohen and Frank Capra are legendary.


It was left to the French, to really explain and prove why film directors are key to film production. Even though it's a collaborative art, Truffaut and others wrote in the Cahiers du Cinema that the film director who usually wrote the script and supervised the mise en scène was the chief artist of cinema.


Hitchcock, has the reputation that he has today,in part, from the research and writings of Director François Truffaut.


So this thread is about and for all film directors.


The first question is:


Who was the first woman to join the Directors Guild of America?


What about a two-fer?

And who was the second woman to join the Directors Guild of America?

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Yes, Lawrence and they made some pretty good movies too.


Arzner was famous for Craig 's wife, starring Rosalind Russell and Christopher strong, starring Katharine Hepburn.


My favorite Lupino movie is The Bigamist, starring Edmond O'Brien. The critics loved The Hitchhiker: a noir film that she directed also starring O'Brien with William Talman as the hitchhiker.


Lawrence, it's your turn--

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Lawrence, I don't know much about the blacklist in Hollywood.


But this made me think about Never on Sunday. I've never seen the movie, but in France the song is very popular and people sing it in Greek and in French.


So I believe that Jules Dassin was blacklisted and directed Melina Mercouri in Never on Sunday. I can remember that the movie got a number of Oscar nominations at the time, including the song.


I know that they were married, but I don't remember when they got married.

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This alliteratively named director started out as a prop boy in the 1920's before graduating to a very successful tenure as a screenwriter in the 1930's. He made the jump to directing in 1943, eventually directing 30 films, including a trio of highly successful teen romantic dramas for Warner Brothers.


Name this director and the 3 teen romances.

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Lawrence, you really had me guessing on that Never on Sunday question. It may have been easy for you, but it was hard for me.





This director started out as a cinematographer. He was an outstanding cinematographer of the golden era and was much favoured by a legendary actress.


He evolved into a director and was noted for film noir.


Can you name the director, the legendary actress and, of course, one of the films he directed.

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Ok, this one is complicated, so be prepared. Roger Corman, the legendary b-movie impresario, has a reputation for discovering fresh new talent to work on his films, many of whom go on to fame and fortune. One such future Oscar winning writer-director was tasked with taking a Soviet science fiction movie and adding new footage, re-editing it, and dubbing it into English. He did so, and the subsequent renamed film was released.

Years later, this same Soviet SF film had it's footage spliced into yet another Soviet SF film, dubbed and then released with another title.

Finally, that second splice job was re-edited yet again, adding new English footage (featuring a b-movie glamour girl), and retitled for a third time, all by yet another future Oscar nominated writer-director.



Name the two future acclaimed directors, and all three of the English-language films. Bonus points for naming the director of the second version, the glamour girl in the third, and either of the original Soviet films.

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I'll finish this so the thread can move on.


Francis Ford Coppola took the Russian NEBO ZOVYOT and made BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN (1962).


That was mixed, by Curtis Harrington, with the Russian PLANETA BUR and made into VOYAGE TO THE PREHISTORIC PLANET (1965).


Finally,that was refashioned, by Peter Bogdanovich, into PLANET OF THE PREHISTORIC WOMEN (1968), featuring new footage of Mamie Van Doren.



Open thread.

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This Oscar winning classic director was born in Austria. He started his career there as a screenwriter. With the rise of the Nazis he came to Hollywood.


He continued his career in Hollywood and had a successful screenwriting career. But he was sad to see so many of his scripts changed by the director of the film. So he decided to become a director who wrote his own screenplays.


He directed his first film in the forties with a very famous female movie star as lead.


Can you name this very famous director, the first film he directed, the star of that film and your favorite film that he directed?

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This director’s mother’s first cousin was the head of Universal Studios and he used that family connection to get started in the film industry, starting out as an errand boy in Universal’s New York offices.  His directorial career spanned 45 years and he was nominated for Best Director 12 times, winning the Oscar on 3 occasions.  Can you name him and the 3 pictures for which he won?  

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