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Harold Lloyd programming


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I'm a new-ish Harold Lloyd fan and new to TCM. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the Harold Lloyd lineup this month -- however, I just moved and won't have my cable hooked up until Tuesday! I'm a bit despondent about missing the April 6 programming. So I'd like to know -- does TCM typically keep new material like this in rotation, or is this a one-shot deal? I'm a completist by nature, :) so if I'm not going to have another chance down the road of seeing those particular ones on TCM, I will go look for them elsewhere.


BTW, the Harold Lloyd book by Suzanne Lloyd and her collaborator is fabulous. I purchased mine at a silent film festival last summer. Not inexpensive, but well worth it if you're a fan. (I'm not affiliated with the Lloyd estate -- just my two cent opinion.)


Thanks in advance for your input!

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It's not a one shot deal TCM aired the latest restorations of Safety Last, Girl Shy, Hot Water, The Kid Brother and Speedy three times a piece since the

Lloyd marathon, which was on May 28th 2002. So now that

they are finally debuting THE FRESHMAN (Tomorrow at 8:00

EDT) as well as For Heavens Sake, and later in the month

A Sailor Made Man, Dr Jack, Grandma's Boy and Why Worry?,

I assume they will air from time to time. However, I'm

somewhat displeased with TCM over the needless confusion

as to when the first nights broadcasts begin! Listing

one time in the Star of The Month articles and another in

the "Photo Gallery" section. Also I wish THE FRESHMAN

were running twice once at the start of the festival and

the other on the 27th of April (instead of "Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy"). This picture has not aired on television in America in more than 2 decades! This full-length restoration which according to the Jeffrey Vance is just under 80 minutes is making it's World Broadcast Debut. TCM's blundering on the start time could mean

allot of people who would like to and have waited years to see it probably will end up missing it all together, or tune in with 15 to 20 minutes left! Plenty of Folk's were not happy THE FRESHMAN wasn't run last year! It will not re-air until at least July (maybe on Silent Sunday Nights) if I were you I'd try and arrange to have someone record it for me. You have the rest of the day!

THE FRESHMAN is my favorite Lloyd feature. Week two

isn't nearly as strong as it's all Lloyd sound films. Although Movie Crazy is very good and The Milky Way is good. I wouldn't just give up because I don't have cable back till Monday! No Way! You do not want to miss the first weeks lineup with The Kid Brother,and Speedy back to back it is superb!


Be weary of bootleg DVD's of THE FRESHMAN floating around (excluding the Japanese DVD release.)Most of the video's that can be found or either public domain, or not legit! The only "Lloyd Trust authorized" video's released in the USA, were the Thames restorations released on HBO video about a decade ago! Unfortunately,THE FRESHMAN was not included, The Five titles from last May were though.












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Okay, but I didn't role tape on "The Milky Way."

So-- is it going to be re-broadcast any time soon?

What Lloyd titles in this special series will be available on VHS/DVD or will we have to make do with inferior recordings off TCM? I'd love to add these to my collection.

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It's probably just as well that you didn't record THE MILKY WAY, it was the WRONG PRINT! Honestly now, I am NOT exaggerating here in the least. The newly re-mastered print was supposed to air, but it didn't! So the right print should be re-scheduled by TCM soon!


As for DVD's, no one knows for sure? The HL film Trust set a "Target Date" for early to mid summer but nothing official has been announced yet! Of course it is likely it wouldn't be until after this festival is over. Easter Sunday is Harold's One Hundred & Tenth Birthday! Some great films are slated to air. I have heard over and over again from people who have seen the picture that WHY WORRY? IS Harold Lloyd's funniest film hands down! I have not seen it yet, and I'm very anxious to do so!


Another note about the DVD's the Trust fully intends to release everything that is airing on TCM and a number of Two-reelers that are not. I still would tape the features and shorts this Sunday that you don't have yet anyway. It could be awhile before you get another chance. Obviously the features should be shown again before very long, but I would not be so sure about the Two and Three reelers! They may only air this once!













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Whether you know it or not, gagman, they aired the right print of THE MILKY WAY last Sunday. At least, it's the best possible print, since the original negative of THE MILKY WAY no longer exists. I posted a fuller explanation why under "Harold Lloyd - Feet First" in the General Discussions folder.

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Dear Coffeedan1927:


You sir, are MISTAKEN, according to Jeffrey Vance and Suzanne Lloyd, The print aired of THE MILKY WAY last Sunday was NOT the New digital transfer the HL trust just restored from Harold's own 35mm nitrate print source material! Now, are you going to argue with them? You can go to www.haroldlloyd.com, if you don't believe me! Or log into the HL group at Yahoo.com. I tell you there is still another print, that according to Vance (who just happens to be the guy who made up the digital transfer) looks "infinitely better than the substandard version TCM is currently showing".


So you see,TCM did somehow air an old print buried somewhere in their archive by accident! By the way, I had previously read your earlier explanation as well,and I understood the basis for this interpretation. Also I have no affiliation with the HL film Trust, I am just a long time fan. Who is greatly indebted to TCM for this fine tribute. but please, no more incidents of this nature! OK?














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Gently, gently -- with a name like gagman, you sure have a flair for melodrama . . . I was unaware of Jeffrey Vance's announcement on the Harold Lloyd website until you directed me to it -- and I stand corrected.


But in reading it, he sounds as mystified as the rest of us. The only reason I can think of for the seemingly last-minute substitution is the bane of film programmers everywhere -- delay in transit. The new print probably didn't arrive in time, and TCM was forced to come up with whatever they could find in the meantime. (As a former college film programmer, I can personally testify to the headaches a delay can cause.)


I know TCM doesn't have a print of THE MILKY WAY -- I did a Harold Lloyd search in the TCM library last month and found only THE SIN OF HAROLD DIDDLEBOCK. Lord only knows where they found a print on such short notice . . .


Anyhow, here's hoping that the new digital transfer of THE MILKY WAY shows up on the TCM schedule soon.


That much said, can we be friends now?

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