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Comedy Pix "AFI's 100Years...100Laughs" VS. Yours?


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I decided to post this topic for 2 reasons. Mostly due to the fact, that it obviously relates to the other one:

TCM Fans All-Time Favorite Movie Comics-(NOTE: Which by the way, you guys are the most film-history/knowledgable bunch I've read on the internet! Not just picking the newest: Eddie Murphy or Adam Sandler flick) 2nd reason & obviously because TCM is featuring silent-giant: Harold Lloyd-(l893-l97l) as it's "Star of the Month." As most know: AFI-American Film Institute, has been having annual specials. Not including it's annual Life Achievement Award. Which, for those who had not heard: *ROBERT DE NIRO-(l943-) is it's next. recipient! I'm speaking of the now tooo-many, specials-(NOTE: YUP, another is comin' "100 Years...100 Thrills") But the 1st couple I thought were great. Below is it's list for just the final overall top 10, out of "100" comedy movies voted on: (CORRECTION: Actually, AFI had 500 overall & voted that list down to the "100." & that is the way it did the other specials as well.)

(*-Denotes OSCAR winning picture)

AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs" Top Ten Films (2000):

1st. "Some Like It Hot" (l959)

2nd. "Tootsie" (l982)

3rd. "Dr. Strangelove or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying, and Love the Bomb" (l964)

*4th. "ANNIE HALL" (l977)

5th. "Duck Soup" (l933)

6th. "Blazing Saddles" (l974)

7th. "M*A*S*H" (l970)

*8th. "IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT" (l934)

9th. "The Graduate" (l967)

10th. "Airplane!" (l980)


& My personal picks:

1st. "Modern Times" (l936)-(NOTE: "City Lights," seems to be more of a comedy-drama? As does the superb l933 M-G-M classic: "Dinner at Eight." & several other heavyweights

2nd. "A Night at the 0pera" (l935)

3rd. "Duck Soup"

4th. "Dr. Strangelove"

*5th. "ANNIE HALL"-(NOTE: Again, I rank: "Manhattan," as does TCM Host: Robert 0sborne, as *"THE WOODMAN'S," finest work. Very close though! But it's a Comedy-Drama)

6th. "Bringing Up Baby" (l938)-(The ACADEMY should be ashamed in dismissing this & sooo-many "Screwball Comedies!" "Ball of Fire,"etc. Which get nominated sometimes. But never actually win the gold?)

7th. "His Girl Friday" (l940)

8th. "The General" (l927)

9th. "It's a Gift" (l934)

& 10th. "Sullivan's Travels" (l942)


Well, those are AFI's & My candidates. What are yours?

(NOTE: For a metaphor to this topic, check-out-the forementioned: All-Time Favorite Movie Comedians!)



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C'mon Man, you gotta calm down with all your posts in this forum. I'm not the webmaster or anything but all the new posts by other members of this site are being shoved to the bottom when you post as much as you do. We all know that Spencer Tracy is great and we are all impressed with your listings of birth and death dates for the actors. Please take consideration of some of your fellow TCM fans. Thank You!

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I have seen all but two on this list (I can't find Miracle of Morgan's Creek or The Navigator around where I would normally look.) But my top 10 for the list would be:


1. Annie Hall

2. Dr. Strangelove

3. The Producers

4. Modern Times

5. The Odd Couple

6. It Happened One Night

7. To Be Or Not To Be

8. Some Like It Hot

9. Duck Soup

10. The Apartment (More comedy-drama, but its on the comedies list)

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