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Monkey Business

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I TiVoed this movie last weekend and I finally watched it today and found it hysterical! Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers just cracked me up as the married couple who take a youth formula and act like kids again.


I particularly enjoyed Cary Grant, dressed in his jeans and fully painted in Indian warface, pow-wowing with some neighborhood kids and scalping his lawyer. Rogers was quite funny too. :)


Did anyone else catch this and enjoy it as much as I did?

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I love it when Cary tells Marilyn " Say Terrify", " Now say tissue", " "Now say em together real fast " and it comes out " Tare if I tiss you?" I love it. Ginger is awful cute calling Hank Entwistle to get Cary mad all the time. I think it is an all around fun movie...

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Monkey Business is one of those movies that appealed to me more as a kid than as an adult - I always liked seeing kids in old movies when I was young. Now, it appeals to me because of the exquisite Miss Monroe.

And while I am an enormous Cary fan, I do not think he would have been my first choice for this role. Imagine Danny Kaye, or even William Powell, handling both the staid professor and the rejuvenated manic kid. Maybe not a better movie, but a more seamless performance. Cary's best in a suit and tie, with Father Goose being a notable exception. Anybody with me?

Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favorite comedies, but take away Marilyn and the genius who designed that dress, and I'm not sure I'd own this DVD.

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