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Your Favorite All-time Horror Flick!


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Daughter of the mind, the house that would not die, and crowhaven farm were all movies I saw as a child and they scared me. I would like to see them again today to see if they hold up but none are available. One that I have seen on TCM is Eye of the Devil and I still enjoy it.

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I was totally scared by the second movie "Aliens". I watched that with 2 friends at an almost empty theater in Hollywood on a rainy Sunday night. The scene where they are in that cavernous room and they don't see the creatures then the walls seem to move because the aliens are all over the walls. That night I couldn't close my eyes without seeing them everywhere.


I have other all time favorites though. Like Legend of Hell House; when they are talking in the dining room and they hear that voice calling out and when they enter the chapel their colleague has been murdered. Very Creepy! I also love the Hammer Films they are among the best. And of course the Universal Classics - Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman and The Mummy. I can't just narrow it down to 1 all time fave!



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I had totally forgotten "Carnival of Souls!" Saw that when I was 8 years old many, many years ago and couldn't sleep for a week. Rented it about a year ago, and it still creeped me out. The scene on the carousel, especially the last part - brrrrrrrrr!


First movie I remember that really terriried me, and to this day is my all-time favorate is "Bride of Frankenstein". Elsa Lancaster as the Bride was horror personified - her stitled and bird-like mannerisms - shudder!!!!! And love that hiss at the Monster. The camera work in both this and the original Frankenstein (lighting, shadows, etc.) was superb, although in my humble opionion, Bride was the better movie.


Others with major scare factor for me, not particularly in any order, are:




The Uninvited

Dracula (the original with Bela Lugosi)

Turn of the Screw (with Deborah Kerr)

The Haunting (Julie Harris)

House on Haunted Hill (Vincent Price)

Ghost Story

Stir of Echoes (Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Erbe)

The Japense versions of the Ring, and Ring 2: Ringu, and Ringu 2 made in the late '90's - visually very scary!!

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