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The Least Sexy!

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Hello to all on this very-good & interesting topic/post!


This is a woman of whom obviously has a massive following. She was the annual overal Box-0ffice Champion as well for 1960, '62' 63 & 1964

You guessed-it, Doris Day-(1924-) I could never understand why the likes of *Gable & though it's a true story. *James Cagney as Marty "The Gimp" Snyder 1955's "Love Me or Leave Me"-(matter of fact, many of her fans were furious that he was nominated & not Doris) Would literally go ga-ga over her-(just not that she was too sugary sweet,etc But, the haircut, of which I reckon hit many a man's pulse during the 1950's???)


Especially in an era with the likes of: *Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner-(2 actresses, *Jack Nicholson admits to having crushes on) & some others of course


Well, to each his own


To ML, I attempted to send you a reg. link for a fantastic thing you'd likely adore-(it was not HTML style though. Please let me know if you rec. it? Speaking of HTML ashion. Hey TCM/webmaster I am still not getting anything, as far as newsletters,etc)


What does it take???

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IMO not only the 'sexiest' woman but also the sexiest moment in the movies is when Gilda tosses her hair back. And that's coming from a 110% heterosexual female. hehe Rita Hayworth floors me at that moment and I never get tired of watching it. Total and complete sex appeal. I watch her in that scene as I would look at and appreciate a beautiful painting or stunning sculpture. With total awe. :-)


Doris Day? I don't get that at all.

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oh my, aren't there so many actresses we've seen and wondered "shouldn't actresses in romantic roles even be remotely sexy?"


Doris Day springs to mind.....she was such a big deal in her time but, for me at least, I find her movies perfectly unwatchable. that stiff, yellow helmet-like hairdo and the way she crosses her eyes every time she gets upset....it's horrific


Joan Fontaine, even though to her credit she was never placed in a role that required her to be sexy at all.....but doesn't she just remind you of a squirrel with consumption? always shivering or sobbing at the least provocation.....


Greer Garson-- one of the least sexy actresses of all time. not so bad-looking but such a big strapping lass, with the self-satisfied smirk that would always obliterate any spark of sexuality she could have contributed to the role.....and who else could have made red hair look so "un-sexy" but her?


and last but certainly not least (although i leave my post open in case i remember someone else),


Betsy Drake... has anyone ever seen "Every Girl Should Be Married"? come on, I know she managed to marry Cary in real life but come ON....mousy is the only word to describe her, such a plain little pained expression. Bony arms in a strapless dress looked chic on Audrey but on Betsy you just find yourself wishing she would put on a shawl....a less-than-brilliant career (especially after le divorce) and certainly no match for Grant's charm


anyone I'm forgetting?

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how could marilyn monroe be sleazy? she was sweet and generous and took her career seriously. she was hot so she was cast in sex symbol roles. just because someone's attractive, it doesn't mean they are sleazy. i would really like to know why you think she was.

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I agree with Leo. I respond more to sensuality than to overt sexiness or sex appeal or sexuality. Sensuality creates a mood for imagination, the others don't. That's why I don't care if I ever see true sex scenes as I'd much rather be caught up in a sensual mood instead. :) Sue

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The least sexy...hmmmm

I would just like to say that those mentioned for the title of "least sexy" are in no way any less than of an actor in my regard. For me, I just did not sizzle when I looked at them (for the men), or found them appealing, usually exerting over sexiness in the women.


For women:

Marilyn Monroe- she is a great actress

Elsa Lancaster

Patricia Neal

Mae West

Shelly Winters

Judy Holliday


For men:

Fred Astaire

Lionel Barrymore

W.C. Fields

Jerry Lewis

Frank Sinatra

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I don't understand the big fanfare of Marilyn Monroe and I do not think she was attractive. Her personality is perceived to me in her movies as it is perceived in her personal life a pathetic woman. I have watch several of her movies and her persona on screen reminds me of a prostitute not a sexy woman (big difference). As stated in previous posts on this subject that sometimes sensuality would lure a person in and not sex appeal. Marilyn Monroe had neither and again I do not understand where she was a great actress, generous and sweet her acting ability was always the same, her breathy voice I think is what irritated me, it was like nails on a chalkboard . There were many other actresses that were sexy and brought the sex appeal on screen and Marilyn Monroe was not one of them.

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Interesting topic.


I guess I'd go with the obvious matronly/hoydenish choices like Marie Dressler, Marjorie Main, Elsa Lanchester, Dame May Whitty, Connie Gilchrist, Thelma Ritter, etc.


Not that they weren't wonderfully talented actress/personalities but "sexy" is not an adjective that leaps to mind when their names are mentioned.


Interestingly, I was in a bookstore a while back thumbing through some old TIME magazines from the late 1940s (I think) and there had been some poll taken and Judy Garland was judged to have the "least sexy head" in Hollywood.


I thought that was very strange. Personally, I never saw anything wrong with Judy's head, at least not before her personal problems began to effect her looks.



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I think a distinction should be made between actors/actresses who were supposed to be sexy - or even remotely attractive and actors/actresses who were not playing sexy or attractive people and were not supposed to be thought of that way.


Yes, many people have been named on here who are not sexy - but that goes without saying - they never played sexy roles or were supposed to be thought of in that manner.


Compared to someone like Jayne Mansfield who was supposed to have been sexy - and I thought she looked like a glorified streetwalker. IMO she was as sleazy as they come - and not even the least bit pretty. I never did "get it". Now please don't flame me - I am talking about the "on screen" Jayne - not her private life of which I know (or care) little. ON SCREEN I thought she was really sleazy.

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I never understood Harlow being sexy either. I like her and thought she was "cute" but I never did get the sexy part. But IMO William Powell thought so, and that's good enough for me. hehe

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scar1ett, that?s a distinction I?ve been wanting to make as well, it?s like beating a dead horse.


However, that being said, there has been one ?dead horse? mentioned so far that has at least some appeal to me, the Groucho Marx foil, Margaret Dumont.


Anyone else with a yen for some of the nonsexy types mentioned here in our little Pantheon of the Plain Janes (and Joes)?


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Some of you guys who have said someone was "not sexy" or "just sleazy" are being ridiculous!


There is a reason why some of these people are the biggest sex symbols of their time!


Monroe, Turner, West....all are sexy!


The reason why some of these people consider Monroe, West or Turner "sleazy" is because they were not boringly "demure" like some other actresses during that time!


None of these women were sleazy....some people are just puritans!!!!!


And as for those demure bores....no electricity, no excitement! They do not drive you wild with desire.

Some people like boring, demure women....whatever suits your fancy I guess!

And as for the guys!

Well, Cary Grant is not sexy (for me anyway), but other do seem to think so.


Message was edited by:


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I sure wish you would explain this statement: " i never liked Clark Gable or John Barrymore. They were both dirty old men." I certainly believe that you have the right to like or dislike anyone you choose - but I have a problem with the judgment call of the above statement. Would you please explain what you mean by "dirty old men"? Thanks.

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