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Movies You Can Watch Over and Over

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Do you have any movies that you can watch over and over for years and never tire of them? If so, which ones are they?


I'll have to think more on this, as I'm sure I've got more than this, but 2001 is one of them, along with a Laurel and Hardy film called March of the Wooden Soldiers (I think it's based on Babes in Toyland). We watch that one every single December.


The Maltese Falcon.


And almost anything by Alfred Hitchcock, except maybe The Birds and Psycho. I did get tired of those. But Rear Window is something my family never gets tired of. Ditto North by Northwest, etc.


Oh and Gaslight. See, I keep thinking of more! What are yours?

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One movie I could watch over and over is David Lynch's "Dune". Four viewings of "Dune" and I like the thing a little more each time I watch the thing.


One movie I can't watch over and over is David Lynch's "Dune"--one more viewing of "Dune" and my wife says she will leave me.



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OMG, Rusty! Are you my husband? He has watched that movie SO many times. Then he turned our daughter into a Dune-geekazoid. I go around sometimes saying in that creepy voice "IT'S THE QUIZZARDT'S HADARACK!" (I don't know how to spell those words.) It annoys them for some reason. They must think I'm making fun of it. Oh yeah, I am. But it's all in jest.



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My favorites for "over and over" are...

It happened One Night

Since You Went Away

Boom Town

Boys Town


Thirty Seconds over Tokyo

Hollywood Canteen

Miracle of Morgran's Creek

Meet John Doe

Only Angels Have Wings

Wife Vs. Secretary

Devil and Miss Jones (Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings, Charles Cobrun)

Three Cheers for the Irish

Destination Tokyo

Wing and a Prayer

People will Talk

Anthing by Cary Grant, Debra Kerr, Randolph Scott, Spencer Tracy, the "Hepp", John Wayne (war movies), John Garfield....

and the list goes on... these are just timeless!

jerry c

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Lots of them...


5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

Fellini's Amarcord

The Apartment

The Awful Truth

Brief Encounter

Curse of the Demon

The Horse's Mouth

It Should Happen to You (Judy Holliday)


The Red Shoes

Station Agent

Since You Went Away

Wizard of Oz


And there are films that I always attend whenever they're revived at one of the local rep houses (no matter how many times they're revived and in spite of the fact that I might own them on DVD):


The Bad Seed

La Belle et La Bete

The Bicycle Thief

Les Enfants du Paradis

Funny Girl

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

New York, New York

Le Notte Bianche

Scarlett Empress


Valley of the Dolls

The Women


And then there are the movies that I saw repeatedly when they were first released on the big screen:


Cinema Paradiso

My Life as a Dog

Pulp Fiction (sat through it twice w/o leaving the theatre!)

Room with a View

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I always stop on these movies when channel surfing:

The Godfather, Part II

Arsenic & Old Lace

Pulp Fiction

Winchester '73

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

O Brother Where Art Thou

North by Northwest

Bridge on the River Kwai


And more than any other... Lawrence of Arabia.

I know it's four hours long, but you can just watch an hour, or half-hour at a time and just marvel at its scope and composition. Every frame is like a painting.

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Dune, Eraserhead...don't they both look good, have never seen them. Hey, maybe instead of the Sonny and Cher movie hour, TCM will run them. They're 'classic', right? :)


Some over and overs:


His Girl Friday

North by Northwest

Murder My Sweet

Alastair Sim's Scrooge

The Sound of Music......KIDDING!!!

The Straight Story

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The "over and over" thing? I think I may rent David Lynch's "Lost Highway" and watch over and over. Maybe, something in "Lost Highway" will become coherent.


BTW: Your "The Straight Story"? Far too, uhm...linear to be a David Lynch movie. That one ("The Straight Story") I did not 'get', either.



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Well I'll be...I didn't even know The Straight Story was Lynch, Rusty!


When I think of Lynch, I think weird. Blue Velvet was Lynch, yes? Another one I haven't seen, and I love weird. Twin Peaks was Lynch in teevee, right?


Right, now that I've looked them up. Ah, one I did see...Mulholland Drive, I liked that.


Oh, as to TSS, I like that because I am in posthumous love with Richard Farnsworth. Well, his posthumous, not mine.


Now that's Lynchian, isn't it? :)

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Richard Farnsworth was great in "The Grey Fox" (1982).

Richard Farnsworth in "TSS" was too much like my guru--said stuff that might be interesting, but made me sleepy. Note that "my guru" was many years ago--I was young n' searching. Note that I did find what I was looking for--my living room couch.


BTW: Looking on IMDB, I see Mr. Lynch made a movie called "Rabbits". May be a 'must see' for readers who like bunnies.



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Sullivan's Travels

Last Hurrah

Red River

You Can't Take It With You

Animal House


Miller's Crossing


San Francisco

Godfather I & II

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Ball of Fire and A Song is Born

The 5 films from 1939 with Thomas Mitchell[better year than Ruth had in '27]

Only Angels Have Wings

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Mr.Smith Goes to Washington



Some neglected Ford Films

Whole Towns Talking


When Willie Comes Marching Home

Sun Shines Bright

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The Long, Long Trailer

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Mr. Skeffington

White Banners

Cheaper By the Dozen (1950 )

Bright Eyes

Father Of the Bride (1950)

Father's Little Dividend

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The Wizard of Oz

Gone with the Wind

Wuthering Heights

Pride & Prejudice

The Lady Eve


Boogie Nights


Gosford Park


How to Steal a Million

All About Eve

In a Lonely Place

Libeled Lady


I could go on and on!

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The Godfather I & II

The Passion of Joan of Arc

My Fair Lady

Diary of a Lost Girl

The Unknown

The Lord of the Rings

King Kong (the original -- still havent watched the remake, although I bought it)

Bride of Frankenstein

The Last Laugh


The Penalty

The Public Enemy


And I'm sure more that I can't think of right now.

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"A Foreign Affair"

"Lord of the Rings"

"All About Eve"

any Thin Man movie

"Witness for the Prosecution"

"The African Queen"

"Woman of the Year"

"Bringing Up Baby"

"My Favorite Wife"

"Fiddler on the Roof"

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I have several movies that I can watch over and over again without getting tired of them. A few of these, I've watched upwards of 25 or 30 times, I bet.


In terms of classic films:



To Have and Have Not

Doctor Zhivago

Captain Blood

The Sea Hawk

The Charge of the Light Brigade

My Man Godfrey

The Gold Rush

City Lights

Love Affair (1939 - Charles Boyer/Irene Dunne)

All This and Heaven Too

The Nun's Story

Singin' in the Rain


Among more modern films:

Dances With Wolves

Out of Africa

The English Patient

The Bridges of Madison County

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