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Favorite Peter Cushing Movies


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Brides of Dracula was a good Van Helsing movie. I like the part where they list his credentials as being an expert in several different fields of study.


Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell was pretty good. In yet another alias, Dr. Frankenstein is admitted to an insane asylum, and he is soon running the show from the inside.

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Cushing gave a great performance as Dr. Knox in "The Flesh and the Fiends," which is a pretty accurate film based on the Burke and Hare murders in 19th Century Scotland.


i think he was great in "The skull" and "The Creeping Flesh." His parts in "Tales from the Crypt" and "Asylum" are also very good. he displays a surprising vulnerability in "And now the Screaming Starts" and "Twins of Evil." And although he plays a good guy in "The Vampire Lovers," he is terrifying as he is so implacable about getting revenge on the vampires.


However, my most favorite Cushing performance and film has to be "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed." That is the best of the Hammer Frankenstein films.

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I'm glad someone else likes "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed."


The New York Times recently had an article on the upcoming remake of "The Wicker Man." They described the original "Wicker Man" as a reaction against campy British horror films like "Dracula 1972 AD" and (gasp!) "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed."


I can't understand how anyone who sees "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed" could call it campy.

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I just watched Lawrence Olivier's "Hamlet" (1948?) the other night. Peter Cushing had his first major role in that film, as Osric, a courtier. Not only did Cushing look young, but he was extremely foppish and clearly the movie's comedy relief. Cushing did well at it, but it seemed peculiar to see him as a buffoon, since his career moved in quite a different direction.


Also, I could spot Christopher Lee as a spearman standing behind King Claudius in one scene. I guess that was Lee's first screen appearance.

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I'm a huge Peter Cushing fan and it's tough to narrow my favorites down to an acceptable list, but here are some definite favorite Cushing films, in no special order:


01) Dracula (Horror of)

02) Tales From the Crypt (1972)

03) Island of Terror

04) The Mummy

05) Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

06) Brides of Dracula

07) Night of the Big Heat (Island of the Burning Doomed)

08) The Curse of Frankenstein

09) The Creeping Flesh

10) The Hound of the Baskervilles


A few others, but I'll keep the choices limited to ten.

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He is terrific in "The Creeping Flesh." I also like him in "I, Monster." He doesn't have a showy part, but the role he has allows him to show some friendship to Christopher Lee on screen, and it is very nice to see that.

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