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Battle of the singers/actors *CROSBY vs. *SINATRA?

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(*-Indicates A.M.P.A.S. honor) Thought this poll may be of big-interest on here particularly, given this crowd probably is not especially a Madonna Fan!? I used to find her sexy, but that was about 13 years ago. She however, cannot act her way out of a paper-bag. That was why '96's "Evita" was perfect for her. She sang the entire bio/musical. & I was gonna' say & If anyone wants to, include Elvis? It's just that both: *BING CROSBY & *"THE CHAIRMAN" have both been nominated & even won OSCARS. What gave me this idea, well *SINATRA is on TCM at present, in l958's terrific: "Some Came Running" (***1/2) (NOTE: *SHIRLEY MacLAINE, was nominated her 1st time for it & she still picks that as her finest acting hour!) & Ironically as well, *FRANK'S IDOL was *BING! On a personal note, I'd obviously cite: *FRANCIS ALBERT-(l9l5-98) over *BING-(Harry Lillis)-(l904-77) Matter of fact, after: *"The Great: SPENCER TRACY" & *JAMES CAGNEY

He's my 3rd & final IDOL myself! But more for his music, a wee-bit however? Though I do actually think *FRANK was a better actor than *CROSBY overall. I'd cite l954's "The Country Girl," as *BING'S finest performance. His 3rd & final nomination. & *SINATRA in that same year, played a complete all-out villian in "Suddenly!" Which TCM just had-on also. He personally thought his wurk-(Oughtta' spell dis like him) 55's "Man With the Golden Arm," as his most swingin' performance! No, seriously though, he earned his 2nd & last OSCAR nod. for that one. I've always thought "Suddenly," was the kind of matinee-idol/singer career risk, most would never touch. Because it may hurt his or her career! Anyway, if you had to pick between these 2 heavyweights, which one? Almost forgot, *BING held the Annual B.O. Record as champ for 5 yrs. consecutively! l944/45/46/47 & l948. A record until Burt Reynolds tied it, in the '70 & early l980's.

I obviously pick *"THE CHAIRMAN," myself!



l953 *"FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" (Won Best Supporting Actor OSCAR)

l955 "Man With the Golden Arm" (Best Actor Nomination)

My personal candidates for his Best Film:


(Runner-Up): "The Manchurian Candidate" (l962)

(NOTE: I've never really been a fan of the "Tony Rome" films though.)




l944 *"GOING MY WAY" (Best Actor victory)

l945 "Bells of St. Mary's" (Best Actor OSCAR Nomination)

l954 "The Country Girl" (Best Actor nod.)

My favorite of his long-career in cinema:

*"GOING MY WAY" (Winner of 7 ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Film)-(ACADEMY Trivia; as most on here will likely know this one? *BARRY FITZGERALD was nominated for same movie in both categories? But won S. Actor in the final.

From then on of course, the ACADEMY made a law, so it could not repeat-itself)

Personal fav. of his & Bob Hope together:

l945's "Road to Utopia"

(NOTE: When I was last in Tinsel-Town, an old-lady, made-it her daily ritual to shine/polish both: *SPENCER TRACY & BING CROSBY'S "Star," on the Walk-of-Fame! Problem with that is: *CROSBY has a few of them, as does *SINATRA-(3)! They give an individual a "Star" for each field they are/have been in! Gene Autry-(l907-98) is the champion. With I think about (5 or 6) different "Stars!")

Well, as *SINATRA & "The Rat Pack," would say. It's your turn Charlie?




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To: perfumedame, you are a swingin' type of individual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other's I forgot, you can enter anyone else, example: Dean Martin-(l9l7-85) or Sammy Davis, Jr.-(l925-89) or even *CHER-(l946-) I was just using the OSCAR/era/stars on Walk-of-Fame & they of course did a flick or 2 together: "High Society" & "Robin & the 7 Hoods." That is why those 2 heavyweights, I thought would be an interesting poll. By the way I forgot to list just how many movies each made? *CROSBY-(Approx: 73 to 75 films, that even includes cameos!) & *SINATRA-(58) Even including his phone'd-in appearance in the awful: l984 "Cannonball Run II" He musta' got a lotta' dough for that one!?

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Although I believe Crosby's credentials are a bit superior to Sinatra's I will opt for a tie since both gents were charismatic in their own way.

In a cool calm manner both excelled in love ballards although Sinatra exuded more bounce to the ounce with the swing tunes. As far as hit records go they both had their share and we were treated to some dandy stuff.

Other than their best films and performances which you already listed I liked "High Society" (1956) since they starred together in the delightful film. Crosby was also good in "Little Boy Lost" (1953); "White Christmas" (1956); "Man on Fire" (1957) and of course the "road" pictures.

Sinatra was also effective in "Not As a Stranger" (1955); "A Hole in the Head (1959) and "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962).

Indeed two legends in their time.



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(*-OSCAR!) Looks as though the few that have voted here, well it seems to be a landslide against the "Ol Groaner!?" As they used to call him. Actually, I'm surprised? But agree *"THE CHAIRMAN: FRANCIS ALBERT SINATRA" was & is greater, on every-level. Just thought more *BING fans were out-there? A bit of factoids here: "White Christmas" the actual song only/record/single. Is still, The #1 All-Time Largest selling Recording to date! Of course he did the Paramount film in '42 "Holiday Inn" & the song actually won BEST ORIGINAL SONG! It gets confusing to most though, because the l954 film had the same title of the song? (2) *SINATRA songs have won that award. l957 "All the Way" from "The Joker Is Wild" An underrated bio. That was overshadowed by the more popular: "Pal Joey," that year? & l959's "High Hopes" from" A Hole in the Head." My personal all-time favorite number though, is without question: "It was a very Good Year!" '65 Most probably are aware of the friction of *SINATRA & *BRANDO-(l924-) on '55's "Guys and Dolls." They still detested each-other,

for the rest of his life anyway!? See *SINATRA thought he shoulda' been in *"ON THE WATERFRONT!" Bein' from Hoboken,N.J. where it was actually-filmed. & then it got worse with the musical. He wanted to play "Sky Masterson." & *MARLON got the role again over him. They just called each-other: "The Singer!" & "Mumbles!"

& bansi4, you cited the superb thriller: "Manchurian Cand." That was the late great: Gene Siskel's favorite of his. & against all the rumors, he never held that film out of circulation due to JFK's Assassination! Seems like '54's "Suddenly," would have more irony to that anyway? Thank You

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Personally, I like Sinatra more, but I am a big fan of Crosby's. I think it's great that the two of them became friends and had the chance to work together. Seeing them sing together in "High Society," is priceless, and you can tell they were having a ball. I like Sinatra in "On the Town," and "Pal Joey," but his best acting role was in "From Here to Eternity." And I'm a real sap for "White Christmas," and "Holiday Inn," but Crosby was at his best in "Going My Way." I don't think there's really any kind of BATTLE over who was better - they both came from different eras, and both were stars from day one of their careers up to the end, and they were both great. The fact that their careers paralleled each other for awhile shouldn't diminish either's talent. But that's just how I feel, since I like them both.

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Personally, I love to hear their duet of the Cole Porter song from "High Society"--"...have you heard it's in the stars, next July we collide with Mars..."


"Battle"?? I think both performers had their innings as actors--though Sinatra had a broader range and Crosby, a decade or so older, was constrained by a more publicly formal style of acting. Both have had their controversies, but whatever their failings as men, I think of them as first and foremost--great singers:


Interestingly, it's the singing styles that complemented one another better than the acting. Sinatra's singing style, beautiful at its best for it's subtlety and his deep understanding of lyrics and music, might not have existed without Crosby's earlier, initial popularity. For proof, if you ever have a chance, you might enjoy listening to the very early recordings of Bing Crosby when he was a part of the Rhythym Boys in the late '20s and early '30s. Their arrangements, improvisational 'scat' type singing and jazz influenced style introduced alot of the mainstream white audience to a conversational style of singing with roots in black culture. Crosby also recorded alot of Fats Waller tunes when they were new and later performed with musicians of the caliber of Louis Armstrong.


Mr. Sinatra's later success built on this singing style and expanded it further. If you can, listen to his cover recordings of and duets with Mabel Mercer, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie and others. Additionally, Sinatra's public appreciation of black performers and his commitment to civil rights, while perhaps forgotten now, were significant during his career. But of course it was the quality of the voices in the end that gave both men their distinction, and I think they'll be remembered best as singers, not necessarily as actors.


Crosby made a comment that I find interesting shortly before his death when asked about Sinatra's by-then ragged voice: "If only he'd sing an octave lower...that deeper register would have covered up the notes that the bel canto singer can't hit anymore". When asked if he thought that Sinatra would take this advice, Crosby just laughed. Let's hope that somewhere the two of them are having a laugh and hitting all the right notes.

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moviejoe79, thanks for putting in your votes,etc.!

Did you ever see: 1964's "Robin & the 7 Hoods?" I mentioned it, because most only spoke of the (2) heavyweights in "High Society," together? A bit of trivia on: "Robin." It was a terrible shoot for *FRANCIS ALBERT. In the midst of it, his son was kidnapped! Probably most of you recall that crime. In Lake Tahoe. & this is so typical of our legal-system in this country. The main kidnapper of the 2, did some time. Upon getting out though, he has become a multi-millionaire!? Some kind of real estate? & also during the beautifully colored film-(SINATRA had this amazingly felt green fedora hat!) JFK was shot. Even though, due mostly to Robert Kennedy, whom had his brother the President. Stop hangin' around with *SINATRA & "The Holmby Hills-"Rat Pack"-(Of which *BOGEY was it's original leader!) But, Bobby did not think it was good for JFK's image anymore, after of course using them to get a lot of votes as well. To be even seen with any of the guys anymore! The Kennedy's basically used them, & JFK actually only won the election over: Richard Nixon by (1) state & that state was Illinois. Which was alledgedly controlled by gangster: Sam Giancana? Then to top things off, John Kennedy was gonna' stay at *"THE CHAIRMAN'S," house in Palm Springs. Here's a metaphor for the topic. But after *SINATRA, put in a landing pad for helicopter, fixed everything up to the hilt! Including a plaque, that is still there? He kept everything as it was.

The plaque said: JFK slept here, at such & such a date, that never happened! He, as if to slap him in the face, stayed at *BING CROSBY'S home instead!? & *BING was a well known republican too? If when you next see that film, all-that, mostly took place during the funeral sequence of Edward G. early in the musical/comedy! & that was shot in thee oldest cemetary in LA. Even over: "F. Lawn" in Glendale? But he still was shaken & wept when JFK was assassinated!? But he never spoke to fellow "Rat Pack," pally Peter Lawford-(l923-84) again! Being of course, a Kennedy relative & all. & has anyone on-here ever seen the l954 Thriller, I rank as his finest wurk: "Suddenly?" Sterling Hayden was terrific in-it.

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I would have to agree with some that it is difficult to call this a battle. Both men were huge in their prime both on record and the screen. Though I am a fan of both if I had to choose only one to listen to or watch on film, it would be Bing without much hesitation. He was one of the first crooners and he carried that casual style into his acting. When listening to or watching Bing, he never over sells it. He delivers his songs with true feeling and though he will never be labeled as the greatest actor of all time, he was always believable no matter what role he played. That is what Bing was all about, though he did push himself hard as far as keeping a demanding schedule, he never took himself too seriously as an actor or singer, he was very humble and he gave very generously of himself. Happy 100th Birthday Bing.

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THAT IS A WELL DESERVED COMPLIMENT!!!!!please!? do not call them just singers!!"

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