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Hitchcock Trivia

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That is correct. It's a chilling episode, directed by Hitchcock himself.


I don't believe the endirg was changed--it would just have been hard to joke about a kid going around pointing a loaded gun at people.


I'm paraphrasing the text of the epilogue here (I haven't seen it for years), but roughly it's:


"Some stories do not lend themselves to levity. Keep all firearms and ammunition out of the reach of children. Good night."


Your go, Robert.

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The question is:

Which of these Hitchcock heroines does not belong on this list, and why?


Marnie Edgar (in "Marnie")

Lina McLaidlaw (in "Suspicion")

The second Mrs. DeWinter (in "Rebecca")

Jill Hillcrest ("The Skin Game")

Alicia Huberman ("Notorious")


Fair warning. Due to the nature of the question, I'll only declare it correctly answered when you name the correct character and why she doesn't belong. The right name with the wrong reason won't count, and I won't signify if the character is right if the reason isn't. (Although if this takes too long I'll throw out helpful hints.) Happy days, gents!


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I hope you're well Robert. Until your return with the answer, here's a detour question:


HItch made fun of his TV show sponsors in his opening and closing segments of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents,", but in Britain, the sponsor jokes didn't go over so well. So instead, for the British version, he poked fun at another group. Who?

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