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'The People vs O.J. Simpson'


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-a 10-episode FX mini-series, “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” which has its debut on Feb. 2.


"The thing about Jeff’s book, it’s not about O. J.’s guilt or innocence. From this moment of the Bronco chase to the not-guilty verdict, Toobin had a real thesis, that the trial was about race from the very beginning."


"This biographical drama (adapted from Jeffrey Toobin’s book “The Run of His Life: The People v. O. J. Simpson”) features a high-wattage cast, including Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mr. Simpson; John Travolta and Courtney B. Vance as defense lawyers Robert L. Shapiro and Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.; Sarah Paulson as the prosecutor Marcia Clark; and David Schwimmer as the Simpson confidant Robert Kardashian."


"...the most surprising participant in this series, which is planned as an anthology, is Ryan Murphy, an executive producer and a director, who is better known for the feel-good pop of “Glee” or the gory melodrama of “American Horror Story.” "






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In case you're bored with TCM's "Oscar Month's" offerings, there's this starting tonight....


"The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, debuting on FX on Tuesday, February 2, is actually good. In some episodes, it's really good, and even when not everything clicks, it's relentlessly addictive, returning the primacy to a story that was ceded to the tabloids long ago. The miniseries digs deeper than you'd expect, poking at the messy intersections of race, gender, and class that so much TV still shies away from, and it will remind you, time and again, of bits and pieces of the trial you'd completely forgotten about.

Perhaps the best argument in its favor is this: The series understands the tension that underlies every interaction between black Americans and the police — but it's also deeply aware of the irony that the one man who was able to use that fact to earn acquittal in a criminal case almost certainly committed the crime he was accused of."




"The people behind ACS hope that wherever you fall on the verdict (or the players), the series will give you another perspective into history. “Whether you think O.J. did it or not was never what fundamentally interested us,” says executive producer Nina Jacobson (the Hunger Games franchise). “What interested us was to understand how that verdict was reached and what it meant to the people involved.” Adds executive producer Ryan Murphy, “It really shows you how we got to the place we are now in our culture. It changed the world in a very big way.”



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When this trial was happening, I decided to pretend I was a 13th juror, and recorded the day's hearings, and only watched what was presented to the jury.  If they went to sidebar, I fast forwarded the tape, and watched none of the talking heads or read any newspaper accounts, nor did I discuss it, other than to tell people what I was doing.  Had I know it was going to go on for a long as it did, I would never have done it, but every time I thought about bailing (I would be watching testimony into the wee hours of the morning, after working all day), I would think of how much time I had already invested in it, and I would continue.  What I can tell you, is that, to this day, I can recount testimony, and how I felt about how horribly the case was being prosecuted.  The prosecution was so abysmal, I actually felt that they were being paid to throw the case.  To me, there was no other logical explanation for such a horribly tried case.  When they prosecution rested (before the defense called even one witness), I turned to my wife and said, "If I were the defense, I would simply stand up and say, the defense rests."  There was no reason to even put on a defense.  There was no possible way a jury could convict him on the case the prosecution presented. 


As for this show, I was a bit put off when it began with completely inaccurate account of the night.  Four detectives went to "notify" Simpson, not three, as indicated in the mini-series, and Kato never accompanied Mark Furhman to the back of the Rockingham property, as suggested.  Cuba Gooding and other are doing a fine job in the acting department.  However, neither he nor John Travolta remind me of the characters they are portraying.  Robert Kardashian is perfect, as is Marcia Clark.

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