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Your Favorite Cult Movies

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I have not seen it since it was in the theaters but the story and the humor stuck with me. I still remember Dr Proctor having to do surgery on some guy but he wanted a smoke so bad. Then of course the ending. We could just hope that someone in programing sees this thread and checks it out.

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Okay, here's my list. Somebody made a good point about the definition of a cult film being a film that wasn't initially popular on release but that developed a devoted following afterwards. I think that's a good definition, although I disagree with the writer's conclusion that Rocky Horror Picture Show doesn't qualify because it was popular when released. My recollection is that it was _not_ very popular when first released. According to Wikipedia (which admittedly is not always right):

"The film opened in the US at the UA Theatre in Westwood, California on 26 September 1975. It did well at that location but not elsewhere.The cult following did not begin until the movie began its midnight run at the Waverly Theatre in New York on 1 April 1976." I think this is basically correct.


I guess the other difficulty with that definition is that you sometimes don't know whether there's much of a cult following for a film. For all I know, for some unpopular films, I could be a "cult" of one. Hmmmm.


Anyway, besides Rocky Horror, here are some of my favorites, some maybe not quite fitting the definition. I tend to include some off-the-wall horror/sci fi flicks that were just "so bad they're good" (in the same vein as Plan 9 From Outer Space) but maybe are not true cult films:


Plan 9 From Outer Space (of course!)

Glen or Glenda?

Vampire Circus (Hammer film from '72, I think)

Mars Needs Women!

Santa Claus Versus the Martians

Eraser Head (I suppose almost any David Lynch film qualifies but this one put him on the map)


Devil Girl from Mars (1954 British film -- it's a riot!)

In the Company of Wolves

Amazon Women on the Moon

Queen of Outer Space (which I'm sure inspired the last -- hey, Zsa Zsa Gabor!)

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (or any Russ Meyer flick)

Pink Flamingos

Kentucky Fried Movie

Skidoo! (with Jackie Gleason on acid and Groucho Marx smoking a hookah!)

The Groove Tube

Zachariah (anyone remember Firesign Theater?)

Jail Bait

Chained Heat

Caged Heat

Born Innocent (made-for-TV film but this is the notorious young-Linda Blair-in-prison film which was notorious for the rape with a broom handle scene.)

Mondo Kane

Mondo Hollywood

Reefer Madness

The Cocaine Fiends

Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (w/John Carradine!)

Jesse James vs. Frankenstein

High School Confidential!

Female Jungle (and no doubt other Jayne Mansfield flicks)

Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

Horror Hotel

Black Sunday (the 1960 Barbara Steele flick, not the later terrorist bomb in the stadium flick)

Castle of Blood/Castle of Terror (Also Barbara Steele in her prime)

Wasp Woman

Cat People (both the 40s version and the 80s version)

I Walked With a Zombie (arguably most Val Lewton films could be included)

Carnival of Souls (the original, with Candace Hilligoss)

AND most any Roger Corman film


I'm sure I'm missing some other good women-in-prison films.

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Cold Turkey is a very funny film. How many movies will you find Bob Newhart, Bob and Ray AND Dick Van Dyke. While it couldve been a Mel Brooks film, I believe that it was directed by Norman Lear, which makes sense because many of the supporting actors went on to star in Lear sitcoms, like Jean Stapleton, Vincent Gardenia, Graham Jarvis and while Barnard Hughes never starred in a Lear sitcom, he did have a great guest shot in All in the Family.

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Favorite cult films...pretty much anything by John Waters - Female Trouble, Polyester (I would so love to have one of the original "Smell-o-vision" cards), the original Hairspray, and because I've always had this insane weakness for Johnny Depp, even though I don't usually like the pretty boys, Crybaby.


And I must throw in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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I'm putting in a vote for "The Touchables". Very fun glimpse of the Mod London scene of the 60s.

In theory you could re-shoot this today because Lord knows we are awash in silly media / celeb culture and it'd be easy to find four young round-heeled starlets and pair them with a pro-wrestler like Duane Johnson but the movie is really about London in that time and that place. You can't recreate that.

Another one, same vintage: Oliver Reed in "I'll Never Forget What's-his-Name"

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On 11/15/2018 at 11:35 AM, Sgt_Markoff said:

Anyone a fan of those fun Terence Hill / Bud Spencer movies?




Fun Fact: Bud Spencer is not the same actor as Mario Brega, who plays the hulking brute, Corporal Wallace in 'Good, Bad, & Ugly'


This is my favorite one. :)


I especially like the part where they make the prison warden "go for a swim" right into a slab of concrete. :lol: 

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Those flicks were a RIOT, the things they did

how about the one where they played stoned-out SoCal bikers who have their bikes stolen and spend the whole movie on foot, just hunting them down?

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I just have to ask:   Once a cult-film becomes a favorite,  can it still be a cult film? 

I can't expect an answer from the Sgt;   whatever happened to that guy?    He made a splash and just disappeared.   (unless he is still around, from time to time, as another user????).


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6 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

I just have to ask:   Once a cult-film becomes a favorite,  can it still be a cult film? 

I can't expect an answer from the Sgt;   whatever happened to that guy?    He made a splash and just disappeared.   (unless he is still around, from time to time, as another user????).

A movie can be both a favorite and a cult film. We've debated the meaning behind cult before in these threads...it's as nebulous a term as noir seems to be. Cult films are either films that failed financially in the mainstream and have later gained a following by an audience, or it can be a film that was a big hit at the time and has continued to gain fans and a slavish, cult-like following of fans. These latter films would include the Star Wars, Marvel Universe or the Harry Potter films, film series that have dedicated conventions and merchandise still selling years after the films have left theaters.

Personally, I prefer the earlier definition: a movie that failed and a small group of people found it later on or even enjoyed it during first run, despite the majority of people either not liking or not seeing it.

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