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Least Liked Hollywood Film Stars

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mickey rooney, walter matthau, dean martin, james mason, mae west, farrah fawcett, clark gable, jennifer lopez, katie holmes, tom cruise, christian bale, the guy from 7year itch, robert redford, paul walker, jessica alba, too many to name

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Most of today's stars are annoying, to put it mildly. I don't mind the guys as much, but most of the ladies I find really annoying. I'll start with them:


Sarah Jessica Parker --- NOT sexy at all. Her face is horsey, her voice is annoying as hell, and her stupid TV show is just annoying to say the least. Even Barbra Streisand in the 60's was prettier than SJP, for at least she had some class. SJP has no class at all, and it's very ironic when she appears on the cover of magazines like Cosmopolitan. I'll also add the rest of the Sex & The City cast (Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon), but they are nowhere as annoying as SJP.


Jennifer Aniston --- I hate her personality, I hate "Friends", I hate her voice, and most of all I hate that god-awful neo-70's hairstyle that she helped to revive. And I don't even find her all that hot. The endless media coverage of the Jennifer/Brad/Angelina love triangle (see below for more) was particularly annoying. As for Friends, I'll add the entire cast. Lisa Kudrow I find even more annoying that Jennifer (on the show), but at least she doesn't have an annoying high-profile coverage. And Courtney Cox was hot back in the 80's, but today...


Angelina Jolie --- I used to like her, but when the media gave her this goddess-like status and began to promote her as the world's most sexiest women, plus non-stop coverage about her kids, her travels around the world and her thing with Brad Pitt, she became ubiquitous and very annoying. I can't stand her at all now!


Scarlett Johansson --- Liked her until she began to get blown out of proportions by the media. She's alright looking, but I really wish that the media would give her a rest.


Jessica Alba --- Another actress that people rave about because of her looks, not her talent. And her ubiqiuity is annoying.


Katie Holmes --- I never found her that attractive, but I didn't mind her. That is, until the endless coverage of her and Tom Cruise (another annoying male actor). Hearing about the two of them was so annoying, and it easily puts her on the "annoying as hell" list.


Julia Roberts --- Again, enough! She wasn't too bad in her early days ("Steel Magnolias", "Pretty Woman"), but her annoying personality, homely looks and the media's endless hyping of her has made her grating.


Demi Moore --- In the 80's she was hot, but today she's grating. Her recent penchant for having flat, middle-parted, neo-70's hair and the endless coverage of her and Ashton Kutcher is annoying.


Madonna --- In the 80's she was hot as hell, and her music then was good. Today she's beyond annoying. It's so stupid that she's a woman pushing 50 yet continues to dress and act like some 20-something ****.


the entire Desperate Housewives cast --- I hate this show and all the women on it (Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Nicolette Sheridan). Middle-aged, homely-looking ****'s with an annoying, sexist attitude. At least the show isn't as annoying as Sex & The City.


Lindsay Lohan --- I hate her along with all the other "teenybopper" stars (Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, the Simpson sisters, etc.). They have no real acting or singing talent, and it's obvious to most. The irritating coverage of her anorexia struggles is just beyond grating. In the old days women always had curves!!!!


Then there are the ones who were real annoying a few years back (Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Calista Flockhart, etc.), but have dropped out of the public profile in the last few years so their annoyancy is reduced.

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I TOTALLY agree with your list! I do all I can to avoid even knowing about the current and recent crop of "stars",but the coverage of them is so pervasive,there's no escape. I'm especially with you on Jennifer Anniston-what cretin decided this woman with her long horse face and chin like Jay Leno's,was attractive??? And they all take themselves so seriously-Madonna just kills me with her $30 piece of red string around her wrist,and you're spot on about her desperately holding on to her long-gone youth by acting slutty-though she might have a point,as all the young "singers" seem to feel that the rite of passage to adulthood is to come out with a slutty "new" look and song/video to match. Few things are more pathetic than that-young women trying to be "adults" by being slutty,and older women trying to be youthful by being slutty. No more beautiful older women with their poise and grace(ie Myrna Loy or Katherine Hepburn) or young women with their freshness and bloom(ie the young Audrey Hepburn).

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I also forgot to mention Paris Hilton. I don't think I need to say anything else.





LOL,yes indeed,she has made a name that speaks for itself,and oh my,what that name says!




ARE there any contemporary stars who haven't succumbed to the **** trend,or at the opposite end of the spectrum,don't consider themselves oracles of profundity,merely due to some degree of fame from acting or singing for a living?

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i'm so glad someone finally pointed the jennifer anniston thing out!!!! i think she is one of the ugliest and annoying actresses ever!! i can't handle watching her on the screen. her voice, looks and mannerisms gross me out. and her movies pretty much suck as well. you're dead on with the slutty thing too. it's pathetic seeing people resorting to skankiness to get attention. the other night i watched snl and nelly furtado sang. she used to have some pretty cool music with her own style; now she's like every other **** out there. same with jewel; i gave up on her. what a shame!

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i enjoyed reading your reply; it was entertaining. i agree with you on all the girls too. i think the worst 3 though are the 3 jennifers: jennifer anniston, jennifer lopez, and jennifer love hewitt. and i thought lindsay lohan had a nice body before she lost half her weight! you should add all the guys from friends too, they are just as bad. i quit watching a lot of today's movies; i just stick to the good oldies.

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Thanks, Jack, for making the distinction between 'actress' and 'film star/celebrity'...I think it may help us straighten our aim, as it were.


The 'celebrities' who occupy some of today's films may eventually prove themselves to be 'actresses' but I would prefer, for now, to let them be...and become what they might aspire to be.


Marilyn Monroe grew to "actress-hood" [that sounds a bit clumsy, but I think you get my drift] after assembling a body of work, in my opinion...I don't think I would have judged her exclusively on her early film appearances, had I been around back then.

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  • 9 months later...

> The 'celebrities' who occupy some of today's films

> may eventually prove themselves to be 'actresses' but

> I would prefer, for now, to let them be...


I believe that distinction was once covered by the term 'starlet'.

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> I cannot stand Tom Cruise, Yes he was cute in Risky

> Business and Top Gun. I barley stayed awake

> watching Last Sumeri( sorry about the spelling.) He

> can hardly act yet thinks he is all that and a bag

> of chips.

> The rest of the list is Nicholas Cage, Nicole

> Kidman,Merril Street,Joan Crawford,

> Gary Cooper,Elizabeth Taylor and John Wayne. All

> of the about have inflated egos, conceted,inpossible

> to work with, Oh I forgot Julia Roberts. I will

> pass on any movies that the about are in. Perfer

> real people.


I know this is an old post but I see you have Gary Cooper listed in with stars you don't like and who have big egos and are hard to work with. I'm a HUGE Coop fan and I don't have a problem with you not being a fan but I just gotta say that he was not that way at all. I've read a lot about him and we talk about him pretty much daily in the Gary Cooper fans thread and by all accounts he was great to work with and not one of those people who acted like a lot of spoiled celebrities. I've read several stories where he and other actors were being mistreated on the set and he often stuck up for them and himself and so many people he worked with have nothing but glowing things to say about him.


In particular Joan Leslie, who co-starred with him in Sgt. York has a wonderful story about how they first met. She was only 16 and hadn't done much acting yet and when she saw him she was in awe as he had been a big star for many years by then and she didn't know what to say to him. She thought calling him Gary or Coop was too informal since she didn't know him and calling him Mr. Cooper seemed to formal. She said he could tell she was nervous and he immediately made her feel at ease by calling her by her characters name, Gracie, and telling her he was pleased to meet her. She also called him Alvin, his characters name and she felt better after that.


This may be a little rambly but I'd just hate for people to get the wrong impression of him.

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