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Favorite Classic Film Union Memories


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The Classic Film Union may be come and gone, but it had a wonderful eight year run. 


For the past couple of weeks, I have been sharing my favorite memories of the CFU on my profile. 


If there are any imports from the Classic Film Union outside of me that want to share their memories, please feel free to share.


Good memories, especially. 




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Hello H.C., nice to see you here. I wonder if you remember me from C.F.U.? I left after less than a year of signing-up, but I remember your wonderfully staged mix and mingle evenings. Hope you find a home here that you enjoy (at least) as much as your former gathering place.

I remember you. After being kicked out in 2014 because of drama not of my own creation, I came back here. I also started a Tumblr page as well, where I will be dropping off my tributes for further readings. 


When I left the Classic Film Union, I did miss what the members were able to create with The "All About" Bar and the parties we had. Those parties built a camaraderie that made the experience unique. That it along with the Classic Film Union was destroyed by power-brokering was a let down. To be honest, near the end of my time there, I am guilty of participating in the power-brokering, particularly because The "All About" Bar was getting very country-clubbish even though its original intention was just a casual place to chat classics on an undeveloped social media site that was the CFU, and the people wanting power that was never there except in a consensual unison over issues like technology, well, it's a shame.


Whistlinggypsy, what are your favorite CFU memories?  

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