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Screen's Favorite Couple? Who Would You Like To Have See Together?


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I have to say my favorite screen couple has to be

Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler, they were so cute.

Fans were surprised when they found out they weren't in love, and weren't married.

Ruby Keeler married to Al Jolson, Dick Powell ended up marrying Joan Blondell.

Dick Powell was coupled with Ginger Rogers, they were alright. She found her match with Fred Astaire.

Dick Powell and Marion Davies was an awful couple.

They should of put Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell together in Golddiggers of 1937? But Joan Blondell was in it.

She was alright as the love interest, but I'm use to her being the sassy, sexy Golddigger.

All in all, Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler were the fan's favorite screen couple, their personalities fit and their innocent, wholesome look.

Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald were great. I'm not into opera, but I'll watch them anytime.

Joan Blondell and James Cagney made a good team together, both tough, sassy, and fiesty.

John Payne and Alice Faye were a attractive couple

Gene Kelly and Kathryn Grayson made one together.

But in Thousands Cheer, they looked very attractive together.

Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly were a great comedy team.

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy

June Allyson and Van Johnson

Some couples I can't understand how they lasted so long.

Myrna Loy and William Powell were good individuals actors and actresses but together in some movies weren't appealing to me.

Clark Gable and Joan Crawford didn't look together in every movie.

What are some screen couples you all know of that I didn't mention or only did one picture but should of did more? Also, Who would you like to have seen together in movies? Or, who do you think shouldn't of been together?

I would of loved to have seen Clark Gable and Kay Francis, just something about them would of made them look good, both being dark-beauties, but both of them at different studios.

I would of loved to have seen Ruby Keeler with Fred Astaire. She had a lot of rhythm and spunk with her dancing, I guess she left the movies too early. Fred Astaire danced with everyone else, but her, he even danced with Joan Crawford, she wasn't that great.

Ann Sheridan would off looked good with anyone, she had that kind of talent.

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Here are a few of my favorite screen couples:


Hedy Lamarr and Charles Boyer

Hedy Lamarr and Robert Taylor

Hedy Lamarr and Spencer Tracy

Hedy Lamarr and Clark Gable

Hedy Lamarr and Jimmy Stewart

Hedy Lamarr and Robert Young

Hedy Lamarr and William Powell

Hedy Lamarr and Walter Pidgeon

Hedy Lamarr and Victor Mature

Hedy Lamarr and Bob Hope

and so on.........


A couple I would have liked to have seen:

Hedy Lamarr and Humphrey Bogart



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Hedy Lamarr and Humphrey Bogart, please, I know your a fan, but be realistic, he would overshadow her. She couldn't keep up with him. Maybe her and the debonaire Cary Grant, they would of looked good together. Their both elegant and classy.

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I don't know about that. I imagine "Casablanca" all the time with Hedy Lamarr mentally superimposed over Ingrid Bergman. It works. She could eclipse anybody.


Her and Cary Grant. Yes, that would work.

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He was kind of tall, I guess. Hedy Lamarr stood 5'6" and he was several inches taller than her in the two films they made together.

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Now I like you Alix, No Clark Gable and Kay Francis never appeared together. I would of loved to see them together. Clara Bow and Clark Gable, I don't know. hmmm? Clara was vivacious, as one person said she dances without moving her feet, very energtic actress. I think she would of been too much for Clark. Its hard to picture anyone with Clara, because she was HOT, too HOT for her time. She stands alone.

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Clark was tall, Kay was tall, but with high heels more taller. Sure would of loved to have see them also.

How about Errol Flynn and Clara Bow? I know she was out of Hollywood by the time he came, but he was a energetic actor, fun to watch. But when sound came people didn't like Clara's voice, but I've heard worse.

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Okay, I'll play this what-might-have-been game...


Interesting Contrasts:

Katherine Hepburn & Clark Gable

John Garfield & Bette Davis


May-December Dept.:

Ronald Colman & Audrey Hepburn


As to actual teamings in classic movies--


Most Believable Couples On-Screen:

Myrna Loy & Frederic March in "Best Years of Our Lives"(1945)--these wonderful actors are quite credible as a couple married for 20 years, comfortable with one another, yet tentative about coming back together after war's separation, irrevocably bound by happiness and sorrow.


Clark Gable & Joan Crawford in "Possessed" (1931)--one word describes the connection of these two in this movie: electric


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Moira, I have always felt something missing in the fact that Gable and Hepburn never made a movie together--my, how sparks would have flown! Also, I can't help but be disappointed that Cary Grant turned down the role that Melvin Douglas played in "Ninotchka". He would have been FABULOUS opposite Garbo.

And I agree with you on Myrna Loy and Fredric March in "Best Years..." When he first comes back from the war and wants to surprise her. She doesn't turn around yet she knows he's there--that's the part that always pulls on my heart strings. I also enjoy Cary Grant with Irene Dunne in their movies together. Ooh, and Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. Ok, ok--Cary Grant with ANYBODY is ok by me! :)

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would have loved:

audrey hepburn and william holden (i don't count "sabrina")



1. jack lemmon and lee remick ("days of wine and roses")

2. paul newman and joanne woodward ("long hot summer")

3. montgomery clift and elizabeth taylor ("suddenly last summer")

4. spencer tracy and katherine hepburn ("guess whos coming to dinner" only)





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Bansi4-Your right Mae West and Groucho Marx would of made a comedic couple, his sex jokes and her sexy disposition would of been too hot for that time.

How about Ann Sheridan and Clark Gable.

Virginia O'Brien and Red Skelton did one movie together, I wish they could of did more, they would of been a good comedy couple, they did good in Merton Goes to the Movies.

MGM should of made them a comedy team. I guess they weren't thinking.

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I would've liked John Garfield with my favorite Kate

Heburn.I think it would have caused immediate fuel

compulsion. Too bad the studios Didn't think of it to

pair them early in their careers, before Hepburn and

tracy became box office hit in the movies.

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Please don't mistake her beauty for great acting talent.

You say if Hedy Lamarr is in it, whether or not the movie is any good or whoever is in it. I guess the audiences got tried of gazing her beauty, they wanted to see some talent, because she was considered a has-been by the late 40s and early 50s. I can name a dozen movies, she wouldn't of looked good in, just be happy with the films that she did do, don't act as though, every movie that was out, she would of looked good in.

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Are you saying she couldn't act? Her earlier performances did lack confidence to a small extent, but she quickly got better! After a couple years her voice got richer and more dynamic. Her acting became more natural. She did indeed have talent, there's no question!

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Clara Bow really was a HOT star. Not having seen a ton of her films, I wonder if the male co-stars were simply there as decoration?


Gable probably had more chemistry with Joan Crawford than with anyone. Like someone said already, their performance is POSESSED is on fire! Both performances are sexy and believable.

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Alix you've been reading my mind, Clara Bow was hot. Today's star don't even know. I think her male co-stars were there for decoration, because I don't think anyone could of kept up with her. I think the male co-stars were just there for her to tempt and try out her sex appeal on them. I haven't seen her films at all, but from the clips I've seen, I loved her from the beginning, hopefully I'll get around of seeing more of her. She was great sex comedy, a lot of people say when talkies came, no one liked her voice, and her party girl image didn't go with her voice. So they coined her a fake. But a lot of the sexy girls like Toby Wing, and others had high voices. Most of the women did in the 30s, I think she could of be successful in the 30s. If they would of gotten her ready for talkies. She was very uncomfortable with the talkies.

I would love to have seen Clara Bow with James Cagney or Humphrey Bogart.

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