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TCM On Demand - Apple TV?


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The 4th Generation Apple TV supports apps like HBO Go, Hulu, CNN, etc. in a similar way as the iPhone and iPad. With that in mind I was wondering if TCM will be porting over the wonderful Watch TCM app to the Apple TV. At present I can use the Watch TCM app on my iPhone and mirror it to the Apple TV but the quality it limited. If TCM can port Watch TCM to native Apple TV format that would be a huge leap in quality. Does anyone know if TCM is planning a Watch TCM app for the Apple TV?



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I agree that it would be a natural fit for TCM to make a version of WatchTCM for direct streaming to the Apple TV.  There was an announcement back in September that such an app was coming to the Amazon Fire TV platform, but since I don't have any Amazon devices, I'm not sure if that has happened yet (perhaps someone can comment).




I surfed the web a little but have not seen any AppleTV announcements yet for WatchTCM.  Believe it or not, there was a rumor recently that Apple might acquire the Turner content providers for CNN, TCM, Cartoon Network, etc. as part of developing their own streaming service, but no confirmation of that either.  As a rumor that seems pretty far out there, but I guess you never know.



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Thanks for your response. From the replies to the link you provided it looks like Watch TCM is not yet available for Amazon's Fire TV platform. Sounds like technical issues holding it back. Regarding the other link you provided it would be very interesting if Apple bought the Time Warner assets for streaming. I'll be "watching" for Watch TCM's arrival to a TV platform hopefully soon.

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A year later, this is still a thing... I'm sort of doubting it's a "technical issue" as there's a 'watch' app for every other Turner network (TNT, TBS, etc) available for Apple TV except TCM


So I guess my question is to get a contact for either a proper explanation and/or place flame under rear end. 


As stated a year ago, the only way to get TCM via Apple TV is to Airplay from a desktop/laptop and a web browser (pretty terrible), or via the app on a mobile device (not as bad as a browser, but still not good), yet I can watch Conan (the bad talk show, not the awesome movie) natively, and in glorious HD. While Lawrence of Arabia looks like watching a 5th generation VHS through a strobe light. I hate to pull the 'ol 'I'm a paid subscriber and this is not acceptable' routine--but I'm a paid subscriber, and this... well, y'know.

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