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DVD recorder recommendations


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Has anyone had experience with either dvd recorders and dvrs (with a hard drive), using a satellite connection (I have Direct TV)? Most DVRs are incompatible with satellite boxes. Maybe Pioneer and Sony are okay but I understand that Sony won't even record anything that is copy-protected anyhow. Oh, and one of my satellite boxes is a high def receiver. Will anything that works with Satellite work with a high def receiver? Yes, I know that we're not quite at recording in high def stage yet.

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My Panasonic DMR-EH50 will work with a satellite connection, but the TV Guide Online won't. You'd have to set it to record manually, like a VCR, or use VCR Plus codes.


Of course, it's discontinued now, but it's a fantastic machine. I bought mine for $399 new right before it was discontinued. Used ones are now selling for $700. If you can find one, I highly recommend it.

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