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On 10/1/2018 at 6:26 PM, BeardedGeek said:

would anyone have info on finding one of the movies on this list? I was looking for "The Spirit Of Seventy (Herman Justin) bw-9m-(Pacemaker)-Oct 2, 1953"


Oooooh I wish it was so easy. Hopefully this post will help not just you, but others, in starting your great archeological dig. Yup... it will be quite a dig! Yet don't give up. The more you discuss a film of interest online, the more observant eyes will be around to guide you in the proper direction.

I used to get so many questions about the Paramount shorts of the forties and fifties, in particular. One of the quickest responses I can give is to always keep your eyes open on eBay because so many vintage shorts were made available on 16mm and can easily be "digitalized" by old movie enthusiasts, especially films that the major entertainment companies don't think are worth battling over for copyright status.

The UCLA archive has quite a few vintage Paramount shorts from multiple decades and I hear they sometimes make DVD copies for a fee. It is always worth emailing them to find out. First, of course, you have to check if your title is in their search engine. Sadly yours was not, but something else of great interest to you could still pop up there: https://cinema.library.ucla.edu/vwebv/searchBasic

According to Jerry Beck on the Cartoon Research site, Harvey Comics (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvey_Films) not only acquired their fifties cartoons, but also the bulk of the live-action subjects from the same period. Yes, these would likely include your title, if it is still available. Over the years, they have been owned by different mother-companies, the latest being Dreamworks Classics/NBC Universal and I guess this is one place to start emailing questions: http://classics.dreamworksanimation.com/ They did release many old Casper shorts on DVD through Sony in 2006 since there was enough interest in them.

Paramount did regain the rights to many old shorts, but it will require much pushing and shoving to get them as motivated in dusting off the vaults since fewer modern Americans are excited over Pacemakers as they are Jack Ryan.  On the plus side, they are doing a great job with Republic Pictures' library and have released some interesting stuff through Olive Films like the ol' Betty Boops. Kino Lorber (https://www.kinolorber.com/) put out a cluster of the late-'20s-'30s material on DVD over the years. The Jerry Fairbanks reels of 1935-49 are owned by Shield (http://www.shieldspictures.com/index.html) which put a few titles on iTunes.


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RE: Star Reporter In Hollywood (Jack Eaton) bw-10m-(Headliner)-November 4, 1936.


       ot sure if anyone will read this and be able to help me. this studio short is missing 7 min of footage. at least what's been made public. The segment featuring Joie Rardin (misspelled...actual name joey rardin.......has an IMDB page). was edited out of the short due to time restraints when it aired on the PBS version of Matinee at the Bijou back in the 1980's. I've been on a search for the missing footage for some yrs now and i think i may have located it. trouble is........it's in a special collection at UCLA and seen by appointment only. the reason I've been searching for this lost footage is because Joey Rardin happens to be my father. I'm not sure if i can even access the collection seeings how i'm not a film historian or work in the industry. it's mostly for genealogical reasons. i never knew my father, he died in late 1972 and i was born in Feb of 1973. i have a music single he recorded in tahiti for Matson cruise lines to promote their south pacific cruises and some pictures of him but no moving images, other than a 7 second non speaking bit in the movie "Wake up and Live". is it possible to get a dgital recording of this missing footage somehow?.......if not how would i go about viewing this film. i am on a fixed income and live in california near the oreagn border so traveling to LA would be difficult but not impossible. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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12 hours ago, Jlewis said:

I wish I had all of the answers here, but it  is good that you posted this for all eyes to see. I went ahead and fixed the name error in the list. I think I copied it from an old periodical reprinting.

the name error was originally made by the film. he was billed as joie rardin. there is an edited version of the short on youtube that shows that.

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