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How do I add a photo?


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Sorry. Problem resolved. (I think)

When your attachment folder is "full" you cannot add any new photos, but delete some old ones to make room for new ones.

Also, the PM feature of this board does not offer the "insert photo" function, only the message board threads. Bet that's "security" against porn between members, haha.

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On 4/17/2018 at 11:46 PM, slaytonf said:

I think I understand you want to add an avatar from a photo on your computer.  I don't know if you have a pc or apple, but the method will be similar.  I have an apple computer.  First, go to the top of a page and click on your name, then click on profile:


You will see:


Click on the little green square and you will see:


The option to upload a photo from your computer will automatically be selected.  Then click on the Choose Single File button and you can browse on your computer for the image you want:


Your computer may look different, but select the image you want and choose it.  You will see:


Your image should appear in the screen.  Click on the Save button, you will see:


You can adjust the borders of the photo how you want, then click on Save.  You will see:


Your avatar!  Lo! after all these many years!


Hope this helps!

wow, what a lay out  thanks  I just own a pc

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On 4/30/2018 at 3:10 PM, Guest said:

While I was finally able to upload a photo from my computer, it was too big. My image of 131 KB would not upload. Reduced it to 84 KB and it loaded. 

this shot, don't know really will check it out about the size, there are lots, but the net as far as entertainers must have Madonna-(she adores having her pix taken, main problem with her & *Penn) & a ton on *The Chairman of the Board: Sinatra  Elvis too, but for obvious reasons, like Natalie wood they are limited  If the gave an award for most photos, vids, concerts,etc it would be M

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Haha, I wanted to test uploading my own video. This is whiskery Calypso Breeze who I think looks just like Kirk Douglas' horse in LONELY ARE THE BRAVE-rare coloring.


So for anyone having trouble posting pix from your own device, it's easy.

Under the reply box is a link "choose files". Click on it and it allows you to browse your HD for the picture. Once you do, it creates an "attachment".

You are only allowed 3MB of attachments. Once it's full, you have to go into your personal profile, look for your Attachments folder. Then, you must look for the thread where you posted the picture.

Once you find your OP, you "edit" it and delete the photo. You've now opened up space in your 3MB Attachments folder to post new ones.

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From LawrenceA:

(You will notice the image he posted is no longer there, as he suggested might happen)

I tried to post the thread link without success. Here is the text:

"I "hotlink" the pictures I use. Find the image you want online, right-click and choose "open in new tab", then CTRL+C to copy the URL address. CTRL+V to paste the URL into the message box, where it will appear as the image like so:


The chief drawback to using this method is that the image disappears if the original host website pulls it."

I am able to do what LawrenceA does with my tablet. It is called a long tap. You hold down the tap for a enough time for a submenu to appear to copy a photo. Open the photo and long tap it. Same applies to the paste feature. That is how copy and paste works overall. I have an Amazon tablet which is based on Android. Apple mobile devices are probably easier.

Probably works best to hotlink from a solid source and one that won't bust you for using it. Har!

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