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Silent Film Channel

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I would love to see a silent film channel!!!! every old folks home would play it 24/7.

the deaf/hearing impared would enjoy it too! and for the silent films you don't have a score for, just play them at night people could record them, and try to write a score for them too.


i dont know why you call it silent movie sundays, the one film starts at midnight, when it turns to monday morning.


when will you show the films that the Alloy Orchestra have scored?

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I'd love to see that, but I doubt that it would fly. For starters, I don't think there's enough films available in broadcast condition to fill a schedule. For another, I doubt it would have many viewers.


It would sure be cool though.

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It would be totally awesome and would find its own audience niche fairly quickly. It would certainly be better than some of the other useless 500 channels I ignore on my cable lineup.


There are plenty of silents, American, UK, and European to show. I agree, if you don't have a score, show 'em anyway! If a movie is good you will be interested in it without a film score. The other week when they showed Ben Hur my family was sleeping so I watched it with the volume turned completely down. I still loved it and stayed awake through the whole darn thing. The chariot race was totally fascinating in complete silence...try it sometime.




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I have to say that I have recently found great enjoyment from the silent films. after the silent sundays in march I was overjoyed when it started again for May. I was so looking forward to the 21st with the evening of Valentino, I set the date on my calendar last month. Well, to my dismay I have moved across the country and 'sniff" we do not TCM only AMC. I am sooooooo disappointed. It's not like you can find these movies in a video store, I've tried to find The four horsemen of the apocalypse with no success. Just had to vent.

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I'm all FOR it! Geez, that's the only channel I would EVER subscribe too! LOL! TCM should start a channel dedicated only to Silents! Are there enough of them to keep everything going though, without ocnstant repetition? And what about obtaining many of them due to copyright laws etc?


Let's get this plan into motion!!!! HEHE!!




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Silents are still being made today and could buffer the schedule. I saw Milord Thomas' 2001 feature Claire a few years ago when it was shown in San Francisco with full orchestral accompaniment. Canadian Guy Maddin sometimes makes silent films (like The Heart of the Word). I've heard that Aki Kaurism?ki made the silent Juha in 1999, and The Call of Cthulhu was recently released.

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