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RETURN of the TCM Programming Challenge

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Somebody has to go first and, because I didn?t participate in the original challenge, I had a head start. Plus, I didn?t want anyone to post a schedule using my holiday before me;-) I ignored 31 Days of Oscar month by using Valentine?s Day (2007) as my holiday! My Monday is also Lincoln?s Birthday and I scheduled populist and/or politically-based films then because we used to celebrate this day before his birthday was combined with George Washington?s to make President?s Day the following week. So, in effect, I got to do two holidays for the price of one!


February 11 - Screen Debuts/Closing Acts


06:00 AM Anthony Adverse (1936) - Warner Bros. - 141 min - Gale Sondergaard

08:30 AM Four Daughters (1938) - Warner Bros. - 90 min - John Garfield

(Syncopation Station)

10:00 AM Oklahoma! (1955) - ps - 145 min - Shirley Jones

12:30 PM The Maltese Falcon (1941) - Warner Bros. - 101 min - Sydney Greenstreet

02:15 PM Paper Moon (1973) - ps - 102 min - Tatum O?Neal

04:00 PM The Little Foxes (1941) - ps - 115 min - Teresa Wright

(TCM Essential repeat)

06:00 PM Mary Poppins (1964) - premiere - 140 min - Julie Andrews/Jane Darwell

08:30 PM The Harder They Fall (1956) - ps - 109 min - Humphrey Bogart

10:30 PM To Be or Not to Be (1942) - ps - 99 min - Carole Lombard

(Silent Sunday Nights)

12:15 AM The Kiss (1929) - MGM - 89 min - Greta Garbo & MGM

02:00 AM Network (1976) - MGM - 121 min - Peter Finch

04:15 AM The Shootist (1976) - ps - 100 min - John Wayne


February 12 - pre-Capra, Capra, Politics


(every weekday morning begins with a pre-code)


06:00 AM Sins of the Children (1930) - MGM - 87 min

07:30 AM You Can?t Take it With You (1938) - ps - 127 min

09:45 AM Turn Back the Clock (1933) - MGM - 80 min

11:15 AM The Great Mr. Nobody (1941) - Warner Bros. - 71 min

12:30 PM Lady for a Day (1933) - ps - 96 min

02:15 PM Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) - ps - 129 min

04:30 PM Meet John Doe (1941) - ps - 122 min

06:45 PM Politics (1931) - MGM - 73 min

08:00 PM Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940) - 110 min (birthday salute)

10:00 PM The Farmer?s Daughter (1947) - ps - 97 min

12:00 AM The Best Man (1964) - ps - 102 min

02:00 AM Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) - ps - 101 min

04:00 AM Ada (1961) - ps - 109 min


February 13 - Gary Cooper, Star of the Month (The Everyman: Cooper vs. James Stewart)


06:00 AM The Public Enemy (1931) - Warner Bros. - 83 min

New Monthly Feature - What a Character

(Joseph Calleia vs. Eduardo Ciannelli)

07:30 AM Five Came Back (1939) - RKO - 75 min

08:45 AM Marked Woman (1937) - Warner Bros. - 96 min

(C. Aubrey Smith vs. Henry Stephenson)

10:30 AM The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (1935) - ps - 109 min

12:30 PM The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) - Warner Bros. - 115 min

(Edna Mae Oliver vs. Aline MacMahon)

02:30 PM Little Women (1933) - RKO - 117 min

04:30 PM Five Star Final (1931) - ps - 89 min

06:00 PM Hollywood My Home Town (1965) - Ken Murray?s home movies

07:00 PM Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend (1991) - Richard Schickel documentary

08:00 PM The Pride of the Yankees (1942) - ps - 128 min

10:15 PM The Stratton Story (1949) - MGM - 106 min

12:15 AM The Westerner (1940) - ps - 100 min

02:15 AM The Naked Spur (1953) - MGM - 91 min

04:00 AM Ball of Fire (1941) - ps - 111 min


February 14 - Valentine?s Day


06:00 AM One Way Passage (1932) - ps - 68 min

07:15 AM The Smiling Lieutenant (1931) - ps - 88 min

08:45 AM Top Hat (1935) - RKO - 101 min

10:30 AM Lili (1953) - MGM - 81 min

12:00 PM Singin? in the Rain (1952) - MGM - 103 min

02:00 PM Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) - MGM - 102 min

04:00 PM The Major and the Minor (1942) - ps - 100 min

06:00 PM Pillow Talk (1959) - ps - 98 min (Thelma Ritter birthday salute)

08:00 PM Midnight (1939) - ps - 94 min (John Barrymore birthday salute)

09:45 PM Random Harvest (1942) - MGM - 125 min

12:00 AM Ninotchka (1939) - MGM - 110 min

02:00 AM Sabrina (1954) - ps - 113 min

04:00 AM Some Like it Hot (1959) - ps - 120 min


February 15 - Snubbed (films ignored by AMPAS)


06:00 AM Dinner at Eight (1933) - MGM - 113 min

08:00 AM The Women (1939) - MGM - 133 min

10:30 AM The Palm Beach Story (1942) - ps - 88 min

12:00 PM Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) - Warner Bros. - 118 min

02:00 PM The Roaring Twenties (1939) - Warner Bros. - 104 min

04:00 PM Scaramouche (1952) - MGM - 115 min

06:00 PM The Mortal Storm (1940) - MGM - 100 min

08:00 PM Kind Hearts and Coronets (1948) - ps - 106 min

10:00 PM The Big Sleep (1946) - Warner Bros. - 114 min

12:00 AM A Face in the Crowd (1957) - ps - 125 min

02:15 AM The Night of the Hunter (1955) - ps - 93 min

04:00 AM Touch of Evil (1958) - ps - 95 min


February 16 - Tennis in the Movies


Chester Morris/Jeffrey Lynn/Vera-Ellen birthday salute


06:00 AM The Big House (1930) - MGM - 87 min

07:30 AM All This, and Heaven Too (1940) - Warner Bros. - 141 min

10:00 AM On the Town (1949) - MGM - 98 min

12:00 PM City for Conquest (1940) - Warner Bros. - 101 min

02:00 PM Gentleman Jim (1942) - Warner Bros. - 104 min

04:00 PM Killer McCoy (1947) - MGM - 104 min

06:00 PM Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) - MGM - 114 min

08:00 PM Strangers on a Train (1951) - Warner Bros. - 101 min

10:00 PM Pat and Mike (1952) - MGM - 95 min

12:00 AM Stella Dallas (1937) - ps - 106 min

(TCM Imports)

02:00 AM Blowup (1966) - ps - 111 min

04:00 AM Now, Voyager (1942) - Warner Bros. - 117 min


February 17 - Films about Fathers


Arthur Kennedy?s birthday


06:00 AM Trial (1955) - MGM - 109 min

(Darkness After Dawn)

08:00 AM Out of the Past (1947) - RKO - 97 min

10:00 AM Gold is Where You Find It (1938) - Warner Bros. - 94 min

(Lone Star Cinema)

12:00 PM High Noon (1952) - ps - 85 min

01:30 PM The Bandit Trail (1941) - RKO - 60 min

02:45 PM Cyclone on Horseback (1941) - RKO - 60 min

04:00 PM Bandit Ranger (1942) - RKO - 56 min

05:00 PM Riding the Wind (1942) - RKO - 60 min

06:15 PM Thundering Hoofs (1942) - RKO - 61 min

07:30 PM Cartoon Alley #21 (Walky Talky Hawky, The Goofy Gophers, Haredevil Hare)

(The Essentials)

08:00 PM Cheaper By The Dozen (1950) - premiere - 85 min

09:30 PM Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945) - MGM - 105 min

11:15 PM Guess Who?s Coming to Dinner (1967) - ps - 108 min

01:15 AM Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) - ps - 105 min

03:00 AM Shenandoah (1965) - ps - 105 min

04:45 AM A Family Affair (1937) - MGM - 69 min




In my household, we have a family movie night (usually Saturday, sometimes Sunday) so the two films I selected for my TCM premieres are family friendly. The added bonus on my schedule?s Sunday is it?s a Disney film; when I was a kid, this is the same time slot when the Wonderful World of Disney aired each week on TV. On my Saturday night, I moved (my favorite) Cartoon Alley later such that it?s just before the feature (the way we saw cartoons when I was a kid).


With Gary Cooper as my SOTM, I envisioned the month?s schedule including other premieres or infrequently shown films like For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943), Beau Geste (1939), Love in the Afternoon (1957), Peter Ibbetson (1935), Design for Living (1933), Friendly Persuasion (1956), The Plainsman (1936), Springfield Rifle (1952), and two I haven?t seen Ten North Frederick (1958) & Wings (1927)! I scheduled Ken Murray?s home movie short because it fit, it?s fun, and it includes both Cooper and Stewart. I saved (my favorite) High Noon (1952) for Saturday?s slot, and followed it with a bunch of Tim Holt B Westerns which are fun & family friendly.


Future additions of my newly proposed ?What a Character? series could include sidekicks and/or other prolific character actors: Alan Hale, Allen Jenkins, George Tobias, Chill Wills, William Demarest, William Frawley, Frank McHugh, etc. and the ?face-off? format isn?t really necessary.


Some of my end of day (e.g. those which start @ 4:00 AM ET) choices act as transitions to the next day?s theme; on those days with multiple themes, I also tried to use a transitional film. For example, Mary Poppins (1964) was both Julie Andrews?s screen debut and Jane Darwell?s last film (and The Kiss (1929) works because it was both Garbo?s & MGM?s last silent). Since pugilism is a sport with so many parallels to tennis, boxing movies precede that evening?s theme.


Because of the running times (e.g. exactly 90, 105, 120 minutes in length) for some of the films, I had to put them at certain times of day when an intro and outgo was not going to cause it to run over. For the same reason, certain films were chosen over others I?d have rather shown (these tradeoffs are the toughest part of the job!). Nonetheless, some of my scheduling is very tight (e.g. Saturday night); apologies in advance for screwing up your Tivo;-)


One film I really wanted to schedule, but couldn?t find the room was Frank Morgan?s A Stranger in Town (1943) - MGM - 67 min


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MattHelm -

You were not alone - we were all novices last time and I feel even more so this time. While my love of certain classic films runs deep, the general knowledge is pretty shallow. (Especially when compared to many other folks around here - like yourself.) My mental rolodex with schedule ideas was pretty well emptied after the first challenge. I, too, will have to devote much more time to researching films for their content than just their studio, release year and run time.


And I admired your fearlessness at being the first to post a week's schedule last time. No easy task in itself.


I'm really glad to know you are joining the party again.


Kyle in Hollywood

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Sneaking my Presidents Day from out under me, huh? You dirty rat. This town's not big enough for the two of us, see. My seconds will call on your seconds. You realize, of course, this means war. I just washed my hair and can't do a thing with it. (Oops, wrong choice of cliche.)


But, seriously, path, WOW, what a great list! Talk about setting the bar high for the rest of us. I'm still working mine out and you come through with something that makes want me to chuck all my ideas.


And it's funny, I had been thinking of starting a fun thread called "Warner Bros actors vs. MGM's" and trying to see who people think would win in a down and out fist fight, Cagney or Tracy, Bogart or Gable, Harlow or Stanwyck, etc. But my mind must have been picking up your thoughts for Feb. 13th.


This is truly a great list. And you did it with only two Premieres! All of a sudden, I feel the way I do when I come up against the writings of the incredible Norman Corwin. His work inspires me to do my best writing but makes me also want to give up because I will never be that good.


And the ultimate successful test of a list: my DVD recorder would be going 24 hours a day with your picks.


Again, all I can say is "WOW!"

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The more you know, the less you know. I only know what I've seen and liked, which is less than more. Some of the stuff you guys came up with I've only heard about and have never seen. Maybe our schedules were too good, no one popped in to complain.


I finished quickly last time because I knew what I've wanted to see that either has never been on, or hasn't in a long time. Plus, it was fun and time flew by while I worked on it.


I'm glad you're on board for this, too. I'm wondering why the person who comes up with the theme shouldn't participate as well. It's not like it's a conflict of interests since there are no right answers. I'd like to see Lynn's holiday schedule, too.

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I second Lynn doing one, too. Come on, Lynn, it would be fun to see what you come up with this time. There's no need to remain impartial and not participate. After all, the voting will be done later by everyone.

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OK, I've been thinking--how hard/expensive would it be for TCM to get modern movies? I considered doing something with remakes, since they seem to arouse a lot of interest (ire?) on these boards and showing the original, followed by the remake might be interesting. I haven't seen some of the originals, especially the silents, and I'd like to.


Something like:

The Cheat (1915 and 1931)

Camille (1921 and 1936)

Male and Female(1919) and The Admirable Crichton (1957)

Both Father of the Brides (1950 and 1991)

At least 2 Little Women (1933, 1949, 1994)

Both Scarfaces (1932 and 1983)

Both Cape Fears (1962 and 1991)


...and so forth. And if somebody answered a similar question earlier and I missed it, I apologize.

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Question: I forget if this was asked last time around, but if a movie is a Premiere, but being shown as an Essential, can it count toward being an Essential, leaving another Premiere slot open for the week?

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Hi MattHelm -


Here's how I read the ground rules - one can choose two premieres for the week and can be used in any context you choose - including as an Essential.


What IS different this go-round is that each of us needs to choose TWO Essentials. As we are programming Sunday thru Saturday, there is a need to choose a 'reprise' Essential for Sunday Afternoon and a 'debut' Essential for Saturday Evening.


(In the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that on the first challenge I put "My Darling Clementine" in as the Sunday "reprise" Essential and still used two premieres during the week even tho "My Darling Clementine" is definitely a non-library film. I just wanted to use a John Ford title that hadn't been used as an Essential already. There aren't many library films of John Ford that haven't already been presented as an Essential. I probably should have just stuck in "Stagecoach" as the Sunday reprise presentation. The Saturday debut Essential is the one I really put some thought into.)


So, as I understand it, the week's schedule should have just two premieres. But remember that there are a lot of non-library films that are shown regularly on TCM that you can use freely and not think of them as premieres. (Like the Capra Columbia titles that path40a included on his week.) If you have a question about past use of a film on TCM, somone around here may be able to tell you if it has been regularly scheduled in the recent past. (I am thinking of films like "The Miracle Worker" or "12 Angry Men" which have been seen on TCM often.)


Kyle in Hollywood


ps - I am all for Lynn joining in too. And I was all for path40a joining in on the first one too.


pss - to MattHelm who wrote -

"The more you know, the less you know."


There was a ditty I knew in grade school that went something along the lines of -

The more you study, the more you know.

The more you know, the more you forget.

The more you forget, the less you know.

The less you know, the less you forget.

The less you forget, the more you know.

Why study?


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traceyk65 -

TCM shows a good number of "modern" films in any given month. This past winter even included two showings of "Dances With Wolves". It isn't impossible for TCM to acquire the short term rights to showing many films and they can be very valuable to fulfilling a theme idea. (Anyone remember the "Movie Spoofs" month that included "Blazing Saddles", "Top Secret" and "Austin Powers"?)

So it can be done but I would advise you to use them very judiciously.


Perhaps Lynn, who knows more than I about silents, can answer your questions about those seldom-seen films.


Glad you are committed to joining in with the rest of us.


Kyle in Hollywood

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There was a ditty I knew in grade school that went something along the lines of -

The more you study, the more you know.

The more you know, the more you forget.

The more you forget, the less you know.

The less you know, the less you forget.

The less you forget, the more you know.

Why study?


Ha! I've heard that. It's funny you mention that, because my Essential/Premiere question was basically my trying to get away with sneaking an extra Premiere in there. Like the circle reasoning of trying to get out of studying.


(As I write this, there's a commercial on TV for the "Michael Bolton Sings Sinatra" cd. Will regular bullets kill him, or do they have to be silver?)

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Hi, Nyoka,


I don't know if there is an established list of Essentials or not, but you are free to choose your own Essentials for your list. Remember, this is your list of what you would like to schedule for one week.


As to what makes up an Essential, I think it would be a film that - if a person were to come to you and asked for a list of films that you would consider the top-rated masterpieces of cinema - would be on your short list.


When I did the last challenge, I was working on a week that happened to have Father's Day that Sunday. I had a number of pictures that were definitely considered classics, including Best Years of Our Lives, Field of Dreams, and Life with Father. All of these I considered essentials; however, the film that towered above them all, to me, was To Kill A Mockingbird. It is a film that I would select out of all the rest to be the one the person MUST see.


An Essential could also be a movie that you would recommend to someone based on its importance in the history of cinema due to innovative film making. The Jazz Singer is definitely an essential. Please note, that is a small "e" at the beginning of "essential," because by today's standards, even though it changed forever the course of cinema history, I feel the film's content (storyline, etc.) is not that great and I don't feel comfortable that two critics (Osborne and whomever the guest would be) could refer to all parts of the film glowingly the way a TCM Essential should be. Citizen Kane is more of a "TCM Essential."


I hope this helps.




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Dunno if I'm commited (though I'm convinced soemtimes I should be), but I'm going to give it a shot and if I like what I do, submit it. Thanks for your help.


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"...I'm going to give it a shot and if I like what I do, submit it."


traceyk65 -

I hope you do submit a week's programming. It is a fun exercise.

And don't be overly self-critical of your work. A lot of us who participated in the first challenge were second-guessing our choices while assembling the schedule and wishing to change things after we had posted them. Everyone did a great job on their first effots and I bet you will too. I'm intersted in seeing what you will come up with.


Here's a couple of IMDB links that can be very helpful -








On these pages you will find lists of ALL the RKO, MGM and WB studios' output by release date. It includes everything - including cartoons and shorts - so it takes a bit of effort to search out interesting but unfamiliar films but it can be fun and enlightening to scavenge around through the titles.


And the "keyword" option on the IMDB search menu can be a great research tool also. (As are the "keyword" results when searching the TCM database.)


Kyle in Hollywood

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"I don't know if there is an established list of Essentials or not..."


Just curious if anyone around here has ever kept a list of all the films that have been presented on the Essentials series? I remember most of the films from the Pollack and Bogdanovich years but I am curious about the films Rob Reiner had the great good luck to present on the first two years. (At least, I think he got to host two years in a row.) I have a tape of "Dial M For Murder" that he presented as a Essential and am now wondering what others he introduced.


Kyle in Hollywood

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Thanks to Kyle and Filmlover for jumping in and answering questions. I am traveling and don't always have the best internet connections.


However, the answers they have given in my absence are the very answers I would have given and, in some cases, especially with imdb links, better links to information that can be helpful in the challenge than I was aware of.


I am imdb user impaired (beyond the obvious) and thank them for their insight and in posting the links. I have bookmarked them as they are very useful.....

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Perhaps Lynn, who knows more than I about silents, can answer your questions about those seldom-seen films.>>




I am all for the history of remakes. I love the idea of a showing a film or a film subject over the years and how different decades dealt with the subject matter.


As pertains to the Challenge, silent films from Paramount may pose a problem only because of the folks in charge of their library nine times out of ten prove to be clueless about the classics in the vault and the majority of what is in those vaults is not on digital format that TCM can broadcast.


The good news is that the new regime at Paramount realizes that this is a problem and is stepping up to the plate to correct it.


Universal also suffers from the same problem but seems to be more on the ball about correcting it.

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Kyle, thanks for posting the great links. They will certainly help.


I am hard at work on the new challenge. As like the last one, it's daunting and it is work, but it is a lot of fun. I hope more people will come in and try their hands at it. It certainly gives one an appreciation of what the TCM programmer does all year round.

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First I'd like to say that you, Path, are an inspiration, and I hope I get to know you, Lynn, Kyle, Matt, filmlover, and the others better. That said, I attempted to organize this schedule to reflect the great movies with which we are very familiar, and to showcase others that aren't broadcast on TCM much, and I managed to work this into the various themes found within the schedule, which is initiated by Father's Day, as the movies below, which for the most part offer up strong patriarchal figures, demonstrate.


As I am a huge hardboiled novel and film-noir fan, I felt it necessary to dedicate an entire night to my two favorite writers of classic detective fiction, with the masterpiece film-noir vehicle Out of the Past providing an appropriate segue. The Queen of MGM, Greer Garson, got the Star of the Month slot, as she is peerless in my eyes (an airing of Cartoon Alley will set her up each Wednesday night, with this week's three cartoons featuring an incarnation of Clark Gable); and since the birthday of one of my favorite directors of all time fell within this week, he receives a fitting tribute, even though it means TCM shelling out a few bucks renting his movies to make it happen?I initially chose to go with Errol Flynn, until I noticed that TCM was broadcasting (on the day I was compiling my schedule) the very documentary I chose to run during my tribute to him, as well as one of the feature films I chose, so he was axed accordingly.


While the themes may seem pretty broad to some, I intended to pull out all the stops with this week, which is intended to be a "powerhouse week," where the heavy hitters come out in full swing, hence the master directors and screen icons themes, Billy Wilder's birthday tribute, etc. So, here's my proposed programming schedule:


Sunday, June 17, 2007 ? Father's Day Celebration


06:00 AM Giant 1956 ? 198 min. Drama (Warner Bros.)

09:30 AM Father of the Bride 1950 ? 93 min. Comedy (MGM)

11:15 AM Father's Little Dividend 1951 ? 82 min. Comedy (MGM)

12:45 PM Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948 ? 94 min. Comedy (RKO)

02:30 PM Shenandoah 1965 ? 105 min. Western (Universal) ps

04:30 PM Baby Take a Bow 1934 ? 73 min. Drama (Fox) ps

The Essentials (Rebroadcast):

06:00 PM Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958 ? 108 min. Melodrama (MGM)

Single Dads

08:00 PM To Kill a Mockingbird 1962 ? 129 min. Drama (Universal) ps

10:30 PM The Courtship of Eddie's Father 1963 ? 117 min. Comedy (MGM)

12:30 AM The Two Mrs. Carrolls 1947 ? 100 min. Suspense (Warner Bros.)

02:15 AM Footlight Parade 1933 ? 102 min. Musical (Warner Bros.)

04:00 AM A Free Soul 1931 ? 92 min. Drama (MGM)


Monday, June 18, 2007


06:00 AM The Spiral Staircase 1946 ? 83 min. Mystery (RKO)

07:30 AM Gaslight 1944 ? 114 min. Mystery (MGM)

Hollywood on Hollywood

09:30 AM The Bad and the Beautiful 1953 ? 117 min. Drama (MGM)

11:30 AM Sunset Boulevard 1950 ? 110 min. Drama (Paramount) ps

01:30 PM In a Lonely Place 1950 ? 95 Min. Film-Noir (Columbia) ps

03:15 PM The Best Years of our Lives 1946 ? 170 Min. Drama (RKO)

06:15 PM Out of the Past 1947 ? 97 min. Film-Noir (RKO)

Dashiell Hammett vs. Raymond Chandler

08:00 PM The Maltese Falcon 1941 ? 100 min. Film-Noir (Warner Bros.)

09:45 PM The Big Sleep 1944 ? 113 min. Film-Noir (Warner Bros.)

11:45 PM The Thin Man 1934 ? 91 min. Mystery (MGM)

01:30 AM Murder, My Sweet 1944 ? 95 min. Film-Noir (RKO)

03:15 AM The Glass Key 1942 ? 85 min. Film-Noir (Paramount) ps

04:45 AM The Blue Dahlia 1946 ? 98 min. Film-Noir (Paramount) ps


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Masters of Direction

06:30 AM Intolerance 1915, D. W. Griffith, 166 min.

09:30 AM Rebecca 1940, Alfred Hitchcock, 130 min. (United Artists) ps

11:45 AM The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948, John Huston, 127 min. (WB)

02:00 PM Ball of Fire 1942, Howard Hawks, 111 min. (RKO)

04:00 PM Touch of Evil 1958, Orson Welles, 95 min. (Universal) ps

06:00 PM It Happened One Night 1934, Frank Capra, 105 (Columbia) ps

08:00 PM Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981, Spielberg, 115 min. (Paramount) Premier

10:00 PM Stagecoach 1939, John Ford, 96 min. (United Artists) ps

12:00 PM The Heiress 1949, William Wyler, 115 min. (Paramount) ps

02:00 PM On the Waterfront 1954, Elia Kazan, 108 min. (Columbia) ps

04:00 PM Dr. Strangelove 1964, Stanley Kubrick ? 93 min. (Columbia) ps


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


06:00 AM Saratoga 1937 ? 94 min. Comedy (MGM)

07:45 AM Executive Suite 1954 ? 104 min. Drama (MGM)

09:30 AM Raintree Country 1957 ? 187 min. Historical (MGM)

01:00 PM Network 1976 ? 120 min. Drama (MGM)

03:15 PM Designing Woman 1957 ? 117 min. Comedy (MGM)

04:15 PM The Princess and the Pirate 1944 - 94 min. Comedy (RKO)

06:00 PM I Married a Witch 1942 ? 82 min. Comedy (Paramount) ps

07:30 PM Cartoon Alley No. 1 ? CooCoo Nut Grove, Malibu Beach Party, and Hollywood Steps Out


Star of the Month, Greer Garson

08:00 PM Pride and Prejudice 1940 ? 117 min. Period Drama (MGM)

10:00 PM Madame Curie 1943 ? 124 min. Biopic (MGM)

12:15 AM Random Harvest 1942 ? 125 min. Drama (MGM)

02:30 AM A Night to Remember 1958 ? 123 min. Disaster (Rank) ps

04:45 AM King of the Underworld 1939 ? 69 min. ? Gangster (Warner Bros.)


Thursday, June 21, 2007


Screen Icons

06:00 AM Swing Time 1936, Fred Astaire, 105 min. (RKO)

08:00 AM City Lights 1931, Charles Chaplin, 87 min. (United Artists) ps

09:30 AM Some Like it Hot 1959, Marilyn Monroe, 120 min. (United Artists) ps

11:45 AM A Place in the Sun 1951, Elizabeth Taylor, 122 min. (Paramount) ps

02:00 PM Woman of the Year 1942, Catherine Hepburn, 112 min. (MGM)

04:00 PM Mildred Pierce 1945, Joan Crawford, 111 min. (Warner Bros.)

06:00 PM Jezebel 1938, Bette Davis, 104 min. (Warner Bros.)

08:00 PM The Desperate Hours 1955, Bogart, 112 min. (Paramount) ps

10:00 PM Red Dust 1932, Clark Gable, 83 min. (MGM)

11:30 PM Notorious 1946, Cary Grant, 101 min. (RKO)

01:15 AM High Noon 1952, Gary Cooper, 85 min. (United Artists) ps

02:45 AM Grand Hotel 1932, Greta Garbo, 115 min. (MGM)

04:45 AM The Son of the Sheik 1926, Rudolph Valentino, 68 min. (UA) ps


Friday, June 22, 2007


Billy Wider Birthday Tribute

06:00 AM Witness for the Prosecution 1957 ? 114 min. (United Artists) ps

08:00 AM The Fortune Cookie 1966 ? 125 min. (United Artists) ps

10:15 AM The Apartment 1960 ? 125 min. (United Artists) ps

12:30 PM Sabrina 1954 ? 112 min. (Paramount) ps

02:30 PM Stalag 17 1953 ? 120 min. (Paramount) ps

04:45 PM Love in the Afternoon 1957 ? 130 min. (Allied) ps

07:00 PM Billy Wilder: The Human Comedy 1998, 60 min. Doc. (Thirteen) Premier


08:00 PM Double Indemnity1944 ? 106 min. (Paramount) ps

10:00 PM The Lost Weekend 1945 ? 101 min. (Paramount) ps

12:00 AM Conflict 1945 ? 86 min. Mystery (Warner Bros.)

01:30 AM Smart Money 1931 ? 90 min. Crime (Warner Bros.)

03:00 AM The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 ? 161 min. War (Columbia) ps


Saturday, June 23, 2007


Films of Epic Proportion

06:00 AM The Ten Commandments 1956 ? 219 min. Religious (Paramount) ps

09:45 AM Spartacus 1960 ? 196 min. War (Universal) ps

01:15 PM Ben-Hur 1959 ? 212 min. Religious (MGM)

05:00 PM Around the World in 80 Days 1956 ? 175 min. Adventure (UA) ps

The Essentials

08:00 PM Once Upon a Time in the West 1969, 165 min. Western (Para.) ps

11:00 PM Sorry, Wrong Number 1948 ? 89 min. Thriller (Paramount) ps

12:30 AM Dodsworth 1936 ? 90 min. Romance (United Artists) ps

02:00 AM Nora Prentiss 1947 ? 111 min. Drama (Warner Bros.)

04:00 AM The Country Girl 1954 ? 104 min. Drama (Paramount) ps


This is my first time participating in this scheduling challenge, so please forgive my missteps, and I hope the choices will inspire some of you lovers of classic films.



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Bogie, welcome and WHAT A LINEUP, it's great! As you may have noticed, fathers are "big" with me too. In fact, I had sent Lynn a message asking if I could use it (and had intended to) until I noticed that filmlover (whom I'd voted for in the first challenge) had used it in the first one, and decided to do something different. I like so many of your other selections, themes, and choices (like Giant, A Free Soul, your noirs, Garson & Wilder, and Spartacus!) too. This serves as an excellent introduction of yourself to the rest of us. Again, welcome!

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Bogie (lol, I finally get to call somebody that),


Great list, and I was highly pleased that a newcomer to the board would join in the challenge. It really is a lot of work, yet enormous fun, isn't it? I especially liked your "Masters of Direction" and "Screen Icons" days. I would love to see The Desperate Hours again.


And we think alike because we both chose the same week to use (mine was in the last challenge).


Please know you are a very welcome addition to the board and the challenge!



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Thanks for taking the challenge!!! I look forward to getting to know you as well.


If your schedule is any indication, you love classic movies, writers and directors.


Welcome aboard!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome and the kind words. I truly am a classic film lover, as much as you all seem to be, and did have tremendous fun compiling a programming schedule. It seems once you get started you can't wait to see it through to completion, but picking and choosing between your favorites can become quite a challenge, and you also have to bear in mind that viewers are quite diverse and will need programming that reflects that. A wonderful idea from whoever thought it up in the first place. Thanks for the warm welcome again.



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