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RETURN of the TCM Programming Challenge

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Hi, Tracey, It seems amazing, but after checking I couldn't find one. You would think that someone would have done something. I don't know if there was something like that on the new DVD set. There are several specials on Astaire, but can't find one specific to Ginger Rogers.


Lynn, wasn't there something mentioned at some point, either in this challenge or the previous one, that one could program in a new TCM documentary? If so, couldn't Tracey do one on Astaire and Rogers?

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traceyk65 -

There is a documentary that was presented on TCM in August 2003 (if not more often) titled "The Fred Astaire Songbook". It was originally shown on PBS in 1991.

The program is hosted by Audrey Hepburn and features clips from his films and commentary from many of the composers of songs in his films.


It runs 64m according to the TCM schedule. (Tho it was only 60m on PBS. I guess there wre some extra sections that PBS left out.)


Anyway, you can certainly use this program on your schedule.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Lynn, wasn't there something mentioned at some point, either in this challenge or the previous one, that one could program in a new TCM documentary? If so, couldn't Tracey do one on Astaire and Rogers?


Yeah, Lynn, can I, can I? Pretty please with a baloon tied on?

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, my internet was down last night.




Yes, you can program a brand new TCM documentary. I did one in the last challenge, "Raiders of the Lost Film Art" and I think someone else did as well. Put in a description of the documentary and if possible, list one or two guests who would appear in the doc, if you like. Be sure to highlight it as a new TCM documentary in your schedule.


I like the idea of programming new docs for TCM as you never know, TCM may go "yeah, that's a great idea".



Hope that helps!

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This is it! The last day of the Return of the TCM Challenge.


All Challenges have to be posted by midnight tonight.


Thanks to all who have and are participating!!!!

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OK, here?s my Challenge. Please be kind...I don't have the breadth of knowledge about movies that some of you all have, so I basically took a list of movies I like and movies I wanted to see and went from there. (I told you all I wasn?t objective enough to do this) My schedule is probably a little heavy on comedies, but hey, everyone needs to laugh, right?


"Everything Old is New Again? Remakes on Mondays and Thursdays. I used Musical Remakes and Post-Code Remakes for this week, because of the availability of the films. If I was doing the whole month, I?d continue with something like:


Silent/Talkie Remakes

Blood and Sand 1922 / Blood and Sand 1941

Love 1927 / Anna Karenina 1935

Robin Hood 1922 /Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

What Price Glory? 1926 / What Price Glory? 1952


Foreign Remakes part 1

Down and Out in Beverly Hills 1986 / Boudu sauv? des eaux 1932

Three Men and a Baby 1987 / 3 hommes et un couffin 1985

Breathless 1983 / ? bout de souffl? 1960

Diabolique 1996 / Diabolique 1955



Classic/Modern Remakes

Father of the Bride 1991/ Father of the Bride 1951

Born Yesterday 1950 / Born Yesterday 1993

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 / Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978


Foreign Remakes part 2

Love in the Afternoon 1957 / Ariane 1931

Magnificent Seven 1960 / Seven Samurai 1954

Rashamon 1950 / The Outrage 1964


Remake of a Remake--Doh!

Little Women 1933/ Little Women 1954 / Little Women 1984

Love Affair 1939 / An Affair to Remember 1949 / Love Affair 1994

Brewsters Millions 1921 / Brewster?s Millions 1935 / Brewster?s Millions 1978


More Musical Remakes

Anna and the King of Siam 1942 / The King and I 1952

The Women 1939 / The Opposite Sex 1956

Pygmalion 1939 / My Fair Lady 1964

Shop Around the Corner 1937 / In the Good Old Summertime 194



Ginger Rogers is my Star of the Month, complete with made up documentary. I divided her films up?those with Astaire on one night and the far more numerous films without him on the other.


I created a new ?Weekly Showcase? just for Precode movies on Sunday mornings--?Risque Business? (though I like path?s idea of putting one every day better?you get 7 as opposed to my 3)


I have to say that doing this increased my respect for the TCM programmers?now when I ask ?How come they don?t play that movie?? I have a better idea why?


SUNDAY, February 8

Risque Business: Precodes

6:00 AM ?Female? 1933 60 min WB

7:00 AM ?The Easiest Way? 1931 73 min MGM

8:15 AM ?Gabriel Over the White House? 1933 87 min MGM


10:00 PM Syncopation Station: ?Broadway Melody of 1940? 102 min RKO

?We Must Have Music? 1942 11 min


12:00 PM ?Life with Father? 1947 118 min MGM


Jack Lemmon Birthday Tribute

2:00 PM ?Some Like It Hot? 1959 120 min UA (prev screened)

4:00 PM ?Bell, Book and Candle? 1959 103 min Columbia (prev screened)

6:00 PM The Essentials: ?Some Like It Hot? 1959 120 min UA (prev screened)


Men Behaving Badly


8:00 PM ?A Foreign Affair? 1948 116 min Paramount (prev screened)

10:00 PM ?A Free Soul? 1930 91 min MGM

?I Love My Husband, But..!? 1946 9 min

?Mail and Female? 1937 10 min

12:00 AM ?Tillie?s Punctured Romance? 1914 50 min Keystone (prev screened)

1:00 AM ?The Lion in Winter? 1968 134 min Avco (prev screened)


3:15 AM ?Yours, Mine and Ours ? 1968 111 min UA (prev screened)

5:15 AM ?What Price Hollywood?? 1932 78 min RKO


MONDAY, February 9

Ronald Colman Birthday tribute

7:00 AM ?Random Harvest? 1942 128 min MGM

?Return from Nowhere? 1944 9 min

9:30 AM ?Talk of the Town? 1942 117 min Columbia (prev screened)

11:30 AM ?My Life With Caroline? 1941 78 min RKO


Legal Action

1:00 PM ?Witness For the Prosecution? 1957 116 min UA (prev screened)

3:00 PM ?Fury? 1935 90 min MGM

4:30 PM ?Libeled Lady? 1936 98 min MGM

6:15 PM ?The Letter? 1940 95 min WB


?Everything Old is New Again? Musical Remakes

8:00 PM ?Philadelphia Story? MGM 1940 112 min

10:00pm ?High Society? 1956 MGM 107 minutes

?Romantic Riviera? 1953 9 min

12:00 AM ?Ninotchka 1939 110 min MGM

2:00 AM ?Silk Stockings? 1957 117 min MGM

4:00 AM ?Shop Around the Corner? 1940 100 min MGM

"Pet Peeves" 1947 9 min

6:00 AM ?In the Good Old Summertime? 1949 102 min. MGM

"Chain Letter Dimes" 1935 9 min


TUESDAY, February 10th


Happy Birthday Alan Hale

8:00 AM ?Manpower? 1941 102 min MGM

9:45 AM ?Gentleman Jim? 1942 104 min WB

11:30 AM ?Algiers? 1938 95 min UA (prev screened)


I Love Lucille

1:15 PM ?Five Came Back? 1939 74 min RKO

2:30 PM ?Without Love? 1945 111 min MGM

4:30 PM ?The Big Street? 1942 92 min RKO

6:15 PM ?Lured? 1937 92 min UA (TCM Premiere**)


Star of the Month: Ginger Rogers

?Backwards and in High Heels?

8:00 PM ?Flying Down to Rio? 1933 90 min RKO

9:30 PM ?The Gay Divorcee? 1934 107 min RKO

11:30 PM ?Top Hat? 1935 100 min RKO



1:30 AM ?One, Two, Three? 1961 WB 109 min

3:30 AM ?Gunga Din? 1939 117 min RKO

5:30 AM ?Bride of Frankenstein? 1935 80 min Universal (prev screened)


WEDNESDAY, February 11


If I Have to Have Westerns?

7:00 AM ?Rancho Notorious? 1952 89 min RKO

8:30 AM ?Johnny Guitar? 1954 110 min Republic (prev screened)


Films of Joseph Mankiewicz

10:30 AM ??Manhattan Melodrama? 1934 93 min MGM

12:15 AM ?Strange Cargo? 1940 113 min MGM

2:15 PM ?The Barefoot Contessa? 1954 128 min UA (prev screened)


Thomas Edison?s Birthday

4:30 PM ?Young Tom Edison? 1940 82 min MGM

6:00 PM ?Edison the Man? 1940 111 min MGM

?The Miracle of Sound? 1940 11 min



Star of the Month: Ginger Rogers

?Showgirls, Shopgirls and Secretaries?

8:00 PM ?Roxie Hart? 1942 74 min Fox (TCM Premiere **)

?Office Blues? 1930 9 min featuring Ginger Rogers

9:30 ?Professional Sweetheart: The Career of Ginger Rogers? 2007 60 min

(TCM original documentary)

10:30 PM ?Bachelor Mother? 1939 81 min RKO

12:00 AM ?Gold Diggers of 1933? 1933 96 min WB

1:45 AM ?Stage Door? 1937 92 min RKO

3:30 AM ?The Tenderfoot? 1932 70 min WB

4:45 AM ?Fifth Avenue Girl? 1939 80 min RKO


THURSDAY, February 12


7 Degrees of Separation: Ann Harding to Jean Harlow

6:30 AM ?The Animal Kingdom? 1932 90 min RKO

8:15 AM ?The Thin Man? 1934 91 min MGM

10:00 AM ?Pride and Prejudice? 1940 117 min MGM

12:00 PM ?Lifeboat? 1944 96 min Fox (prev screened)

1:45 PM ?Woman of the Year? 1941 112 min MGM

?Menu" 1933 10 min

4:00 PM ?Riffraff?1936 94 min MGM

5:45 PM ?Dinner at Eight? 1934 110 min MGM

?Double Whoopie? 1929 20 min featuring Jean Harlow



?Everything Old is New Again? Post Production Code Remakes

8:00 PM ?Red Dust? 1932 83 min MGM

9:30 PM ?Mogambo? 1953 115 min MGM

11:30 PM ?When Ladies Meet? 1933 85 min MGM

1:00 AM ?When Ladies Meet? 1941 105 min MGM

2:45 AM ?Waterloo Bridge? 1931 81 min Universal (prev screened)

4:15 AM ?Waterloo Bridge? 1940 103 min MGM


FRIDAY, February 13


A Rose by Any Name?Based on Shakespeare

6:00 AM ?A Double Life? (Othello) 1948 103 min Universal (prev screened)

7:45 AM ?Kiss Me Kate? (Taming of the Shrew) 1953 109 min MGM

9:45 AM ?Forbidden Planet? (The Tempest) 1956 96 min MGM

11:30 AM Strange Brew (Hamlet) 1983 90 min MGM

?Shivering Shakespeare? 1930 20 min


Planes and Pilots

1:30 PM ?The Big Frame? 1953 67 min RKO

2:45 PM ?Too Hot to Handle? 1938 106 min MGM

4:45 PM ?To Be or Not to Be? 1942 100 min UA (prev screened)

6:30 PM ?Dawn Patrol? 1930 90 min MGM


Friday 13th ?Festival of Bad Luck?

8:00 PM ?Dangerous? 1935 79 min WB

?Bad Luck ****? 1949 7 min

9:30 PM ?Faithless? 1932 74 min MGM

10:45 PM ?Pat and Mike? 1953 95 min MGM

12:30 AM ?Modern Times? 87 min UA (prev screened)

2:00 AM TCM Imports ?The Bicycle Thief? Italy 89 min (prev screened)

?Who?s Superstitious?? 1943 11 min



4:00 AM ?Singin in the Rain? 1952 102 min MGM

?Every Sunday? 1936 11 min


SATURDAY, February 14th


6:00 AM ?Evelyn Prentice? 1934 80 min MGM


8:00 AM Darkness After Dawn: ?The Blue Gardenia? 1953 90 min WB


Happy Birthday John Barrymore

10:00 AM ?Arsene Lupin? 1932 84 min RKO

11:30 AM Cartoon Alley Featuring John Barrymore parodies WB

?Malibu Beach Party? 1940 9 min

?The Coo-Coo Nut Grove? 1936 7 min

?A Star is Hatched? 1938 9 min

12:00 ?A Bill of Divorcement? 1932 75 minutes RKO

1:30 PM ?The Great Man Votes? 1939 75 min MGM


3:00 PM ?Reckless? 1935 105 min MGM

4:45 PM ?Mad Miss Manton? 1938 80 min RKO

6:15 PM ?My Favorite Wife? 1940 88 min RKO


?It Must Be Love? Valentine?s Day Festival of Screwballs

8:00 PM The Essentials: ?My Man Godfrey? 1936 94 min Universal (prev screened)

The Domineering Male? 1940 10 min

10:00 PM ?The Ex Mrs Bradford? 1936 82 min MGM

11:30 PM ?Double Wedding? 1937 87 min MGM

1:00 AM ?Ball of Fire? 1942 110 min RKO

3:00 AM ?It?s Love I?m After? 1938 90 min WB

4:30 AM ?Mr and Mrs Smith? 1941 95 min RKO

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WOW, Tracey, that's a really great schedule. No one would ever know you haven't done one before. I am so glad you got it in just in time. There are so many parts of it I loved, which I will comment on a little later tonight. And you have clever headings for the themes.


I think we would get an even greater kick if you mentioned the 7 Degrees connections from one film to the next.


Terrific job, Tracey. A GREAT achievement!

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traceyk65 -


You did it! Congratulations! And such a great schedule it is.

Your remake inspiration has been brought to light extremely well.


And well done on the six degreees of Ann Sheridan - Jean Harlow.

It took awhile for me to get the connections but I made it from The Thin Man to Dinner At Eight. (I've never seen The Animal Kingdom.) I have a feeling you are good at that sort of challenge too.


Your following High Society with a Riviera short was inspired, as was Menu after Woman Of The Year. Very good programming there.


All in all, a great week fo films for you to present. I hope you are pleased. You definitely should be. I think you know more about film than you are letting on. Your schedule certainly speaks as if it was prepared by a scholar.


Kyle In Hollywood

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In your several questions posted in this thread, you made it seem like you were unsure of yourself and/or, what you knew about the classics. But your schedule blows me away and it's apparent you knew what you were doing all along. Really. It's great. We share movies and actors in our schedules, even though our themes are different. I'm glad you scheduled a Sterling Hayden movie, Johnny Guitar, because I was thinking of doing him as Star of the Month after just finishing his great autobiography, Wanderer. I've gone over your schedule a few times already, and I'm glad that you participated because it's a different approach from this, or the last, challenge.



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congratulations on programming one week of films for TCM! Your schedule is excellent and I particularly liked seeing Tillie's Punctured Romance, The Talk of the Town, One Two Three, The Barefoot Contessa, A Double Life, and A Bill of Divorcement. I'd certainly like to see each of these once or again.


I'm not sure what holiday you used, perhaps it was the same as mine (Valentine's Day)?

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Wonderful list. In fact it's so good I have to revise or remove several ideas I was thinking of for the next challenge. In one way it's good to know I was on the right track.


A pat on the back to all.

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Wonderful schedule! I know you were hesitant to jump in but I sure am glad you did! What was that line that you don't know much about film??? Surely you're pulling our collective leg?



Congratulations to all who participated!!!! Your schedules are all great and will give all who are voting many things to ponder.


Speaking of voting, keep an eye out this weekend for the new thread:

Go to the Poll: Voting for the Return Schedule.


Yep, it will be time for all TCM posters to take a gander at the schedules (with links to make it easier than wading through 10 pages of posts) and vote for the one they think is the best.


The winner gets to host the next Challenge! (Really, it's a good thing, I swear).

Might be good to give the Challenge a rest during the summer when posting on the board is slower and give the participants time to recover.


So, thanks again! And everyone look forward to Go to the Poll: Voting for the Return Schedule!

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Wow. Thanks everybody. I really don't have the breadth of knowledge some of you all do--I know a lot about a handful of stars and their movies. (You can probably guess which ones) The rest I pick up from you all or the IMDB or the TCM DB. That's the beauty of this board--even if you don't respond to everything, just reading the posts gives you so much info!

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Well, it's June 1st, and I wanted to thank Lynn for coming up with the great theme of using holidays for the challenge and hosting it all. I think every schedule we came up with is great. (And, of course, thanks to path40a for initiating the original challenge.)

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