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Famous lines from movies

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As to #3, The Lady Eve, Inglis is correct that Fonda said the "CLUE" quote: "You're certainly a funny girl for anybody to meet who's just been up the Amazon for a year."


As to the original quote, "I don't see why I have to do all the dirty work ..." the speaker was B. Stanwyck.



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My original quote #3 was:


3. "I don't see why I have to do all the dirty work. There must be plenty of rich old dames waiting for you to push them around."


Based (I think) on the clues, Inglis correctly guessed that this quote comes from The Lady Eve with Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda. This quote comes from one of the earliest scenes, in which Stanwyck and Charles Coburn--a father and daughter card shark duo--are standing on the deck of a cruise ship, watching a private boat transport Fonda to the cruise ship. The context: they are discussing how they will snooker Fonda, whom they correctly presume is rich. Stanwyck tells Coburn she is tired of having to turn on her charms for the wealthy male dupes they keep taking in. Surely, Stanwyck tells Coburn, there are some nice rich old ladies you could push around. Coburn responds: "You find 'em, I'll push 'em."


Good eye, Inglis, good eye.

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Thank you and I will say that you are good at this so please feel free to ask again I have been quite happy to answer but as for asking I seem to not get back as often to let the next person go so please if you wish ask again or pass the torch to who ever. I will try to come back once in awhile but my life is busy with kids and school . Thanks everybody you are a great bunch of people keep the thread going . I am really happy that you are all playing and that you are having fun that is what is important here. Inglis

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