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Famous lines from movies

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aftermath wrote:


"Horace McMahon to William Bendix in "The Detective Story"



No. Listen, I'm leaving town tomorrow morning and I will be gone until Monday (Nov. 13). I won't be near a computer until then. So, I'll end the speculation over this line and give you the correct answer.


The film is BLACK ANGEL (1946), a film noir from Hollywood's Golden Era.


In the film, a woman is murdered and her lover -- who is innocent -- is tried and convicted of the crime. He is sentenced to be executed.


Early on the morning of the man's execution date, chief of detectives Broderick Crawford comes into some vital evidence that casts doubt on the condemned man's guilt. But he must call the governor, immediately, to stay the execution. He dials the governor's mansion. We hear only Crawford's side of the conversation. We watch him listening. Then he says:


"Well, I'm afraid you'll have to wake him, then."


Those are the last words in the movie. Fade to black. The End.


Dunno if I'm allowed to do this... but if I can, I'd like to nominate Aftermath to give us a new "Famous line from the movies." Go for it, Mr. math, and I'll see you on Monday.


Dan N.



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> > That's what we need on board Brad an "Official

> > Referee" I Nominate you "Chowder" ;)


> Well, in that case, I'm tossing you for Unnecassary

> Roughness, Snapper :-)


I protest!...Let's go to the video tape and see the replay! "Chowder" ;)



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