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Famous lines from movies

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Hi Dan thanks for guessing I was thinking you were not going to come here anymore and I really enjoy your questions so please don't stray to far . No It was not that movie but I love that movie and am a big fan of it. I will let you know a clue Lana Turner was in it

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"I am going to take a wild guess here is is from Pride Of The Yankees."



A swing... and a miss!


The movie in question is more recent than "The Pride of the Yankees."


Added hint: You are all -- repeat, ALL -- going to hate yourselves, if you don't guess this one.


Dan N.

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Carol, I would NEVER laugh at you, unless you wanted me to. We are all just floundering film fans here, hoping to have some fun trying to stump one another.


But the quote is not from Harry Potter.


Also, Charlie, it is not from "The Trouble With Harry" (1955).


Here's a clue: The film we are looking for was released in the 1990s.


"Who wrote this? Harry? C'est la ****."


Who said that... to whom... and in what film?


Dan N.

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"Is the movie "The Birdcage" with Robin Williams saying the line to Tom McCowan,1996?"



Nope, not THE BIRDCAGE. If you think it through, you will understand that the line is spoken by someone who speaks French. And, this being an English-language movie, the person is obviously talking to an English-speaking person. If the French phrase were said in English, it would sound coarse. But being French, it is, somehow... quaint.


Also: Someone in the film is named Harry.


Dan N.

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