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Famous lines from movies


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i don't know if i am allowed to jump in, but i am thinking it was Jim Carrey, from "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind."

now i know it was nominated about 48 times for different things, but i don't think it was best picture.

although it did win best screenplay.

the only other thing i could think that it would be other than that is tom hanks in "cast away."

but the whole inner monologue thing is kinda tricky.

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Hmmm... No, it isn't Jim Carrey. And it isn't Tom Hanks.


And the film in question was DEFINITELY nominated for Best Picture, as well as at least two other "major" Oscars.


(By "major," I mean excluding cinematography, set design, that sort of thing.)


Hint: The whole 'inner monologue' thing is not as tricky as you think. The speaker of the quote is repeating what he got from the person he is speaking to... and then adding his own two cents.


Got it now?


Dan N.

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the name is karith.

i haven't done many message boards, unless i have a problem....

but this is pretty addictive.

i was thinking about this all day.

so how does this work?

do you just post a question?

speaking of, i have a post in this "trivia" section, it's under help.....should be a few days ago.

check it out if you might be able to help.

i gotta a good movie line....

but like i said i don't know how this works....

long post, i'm done



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"Do you hate them?"

"No, but i seem to feel better when they're not around."


A hint:

what you get with a drunk, two "sex symbols", and Rocky's brother.



Oh, this has to be Mickey Rourke... from BARFLY (1987). The reference to "Rocky's brother" is Frank Stallone, brother of Sylvester.


The screenwriter was Charles Bukowski, who also played a small role in the film.


Dan N.



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pressures on...

although this may be to easy

and i don't think i can stump you :)

here goes nothin

movie and who said it


"i like to stick em in things"

the character is replying to a question, when asked about something they are looking for.

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"here goes nothin

movie and who said it


"i like to stick em in things"



I may be wrong... and please correct me, forum denizens, if I am wrong... but I think that quote is too short for anyone to identify. Quotes should be long enough to provide some context.


Dan N.

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oops your right sorry....still new to this



the character is replying to this question.

"then what do you want with horns?"


"i like to stick em in things"


the speaker appeared in this movie along side an actor that they had previously worked with,( in one of thier most notable performances.)

this person had also worked with the director on several other occasions.


i hope this is not still to vague


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your clue makes me think of Cool Hand Luke the guard that wore the glasses and you never see his eyes .....

nice job:)

You are correct that is who i am referring to....but it is his boss in "cool hand luke" that has a role in this film...(although he is not in this scene, he is a very important part of the plot)

you are definitely on the right track....


i don't believe this movie has been on recently....

the answer was not really ignored...but they did immediately start talking over prices....

ask yourself prices for what? (refer back to previous posts)



there are 3 people in this scene.....one is known for getting "dirty" while "painting wagons"

the person in question has previously worked with the director, and another actor that appears in this film. keep "cool"

and the person asking the question is young in his career, but will go on to deal with "pretty women", teach a "princess" etiquette, and do lots and lots of television.

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