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What would you like to see on TCM?


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Hi all, I would really love to see 1984 with Edmund O Brien. This film has'nt been on tv in many years, why I really don't know. I have the remake with Richard Burton, and I enjoyed watching this remake but It does'nt compare with the original.Sincerly, Larry.

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Its time for another classic movie channel since American Movie Classics went under, they should change that channel to not so american movie classics. Turner Movie Classics is still great bit tends to nott show as many old films as they should. They do have all the old Warner Brothers, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Rko movies. I hear they have the old Paramount and Universal classics, but rarely play them. We do Have Fox Mive Channel for 20th-Century Fox movies all we need also is the old Columbia ones as well. I would love to see films from 1929 until 1979 the first 50 years of talking pictures aired. Not that i mind they play the oones from the the 80's until today, but need more vintage stuff. I have been waiting forever to see lost Ann Sheridan movies like Behold My Wife, Car 99, Fighting Youth, Winter Carnical and Just Across the Street and Veronica Lake films like The Hour Before The Dawn, Bring On The Girls, Out of This World, Duffy's Tavern, Hold That Blonde, Saigon and The Sainted Sisters. Early Paramount films like The Big Broadcast movies, The Gilded Lily, Four Frigthened People and so many more I have not seen before or not seen in a long time. Maybe they could Turner Classic Movies 2 or call it TCM the golden years.

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I'm up for most anything classic. I haven't seen as much as most people who post here (I'm sure) but I'm using the channel to 'educate me' to the whole universe of B&W classics.


I like film noir, comedy, romance, satire, war, westerns, gangster, historical and period movies. If it's good, bring it on.


I'm in agreement with those who think they've winnowed down the playlist too much. More variety, please. There are literally thousands of old movies out there. They can't be all bad (or good) but there should be enough good ones to last a life time of viewing.


I like to lighten it up at times - so my request would be to go deeper into the Andy Hardy series of movies - ditto Blondie movies - and perhaps a little Joe E. Brown thrown in. But most of all, the Andy Hardy movies. For some strange reason, they strike a chord with me.


For the record, Clash by Night (or They Clash by Night, I forget) I had never even heard of, found it to be a wonderful piece of work - and later learned it was directed by Fritz Lang. Small world.


Also discovered I'm a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (and Paul Muni) on TCM.


It's those types of experiences I hope TCM can continue to deliver. I'm ever hopeful and ready to 'watch and learn'.

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There are so many great family films out there somewhere!!! Please TCM show some of these:

Any of the Henry Aldrich series

Home Sweet Homicide


When Our Hearts Were Young and Gay

Our Hearts Were Growing Up

Mister Scoutmaster

All of these movies are from a more innocent time and are just wonderful feel good films, perfect for young and old alike. THANKS Mom, for introducing me to these movies when I was a kid !! Does anyone else remember any of these and feel the same ?

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I am an avid fan of old movies and have waited forever to see if any of the following would appear on TCM (or any other uncut, no-commercial station). Would absolutely LOVE to see these on TCM:


Ruggles of Red Gap with Charles Laughton

Private Life of Henry VIII - Laughton (academy award)

It's a Gift with W. C. Fields

The Killers - classic film noir with a young Burt Lancaster

Death of a Salesman with Frederic March

Count of Monte Cristo with Robert Donat

The Great McGinty and Hail the Conquering Hero - Preston Sturges

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I realize that many of his movies aren't in the TCM library, but I would love to see more Charles Laughton films. Seems I keep seeing the same ones. And of course, being a huge Margaret O'Brien fan, I'm still waiting to see "Music for Millions" (1944) and "Big City" (1948), two MGM offerings.

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I would like to see a SILENT Sunday dedicated to Norma Shearer . Showing us how she started and became a TALENTED ACTRESS from the 20's 30's . It also seems to me that we have forgot this MARVELOUS actress. She had style, character , and a unique way of making you believe she was her character......Also she needs a NEW Documentary updated on her. PLEASE consider it.....

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Actually a number of Laughton films are in TCM's library, including











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