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This is a topic, that is so obvious, it's literally "dusty" by now? This

is something that we-(& I am all-over the net & you grand fans, are the most film knowledgable of them all-(ESPECIALLY, WHEN IT COMES TO THAT GLORIOUS GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOODS STUDIO-SYSTEM!)


So, this is mostly to (tcmprogrammer & tcmeditor/webmaster) PLEASE AT LEAST REPLY ON THIS MATTER, ONE WAY OR THEE OTHER!?


Given the fact, that: AFI-& it's upcoming 9th "100 years special"-(too-many, for my book), BFI, EW, Premiere Mag., & even what you neat fans should consider your kinda' companion pc of magazine's "Classic Images"/"Films of the Golden Age"


There are even other so-called-(compared to these forums) all-time best/favorite polls, that are too-many to mention here.-(even my local newspaper "St. Petersburg Times," threw in it's 2 cents, after "AFI's 100yrs...100 Movies" (1998)

So, what does that tell ya'?


Plus, of course, the now legendary every 10yrs Sight & Sound Survey-(you know, the 1 that made "Kane," legendary, with it's 2nd survey of international critics in 1962 & still, to date. But, for 2002, they even let the movie-fans vote as well.-(By the way "The General" (1927) barely won over Hitchcock's "Vertigo" ('58) in the online fans S & S Survey)


So, WHY NOT TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES-(& I'll bet, we make the mags,etc with final results. Ironically, the very same mags that have long-since, had their own fans cast their votes-(P.S. Matter of fact, "Entertainment Weekly" is about due for another rd. It had it's own in 1999. Again, an obvious reply to AFI's)


SO PLEASE, LET US HAVE A SCIENTIFIC-(meaning count the votes & so-on)


& ALSO, GIVEN THE FACT YOU GUYS HAVE LITERALLY, HAD ANOTHER SUPERB OVERHAUL-(getting a lot of the store back & the website in itself)-(P.S. You have a daily poll anyway, so let-us just make it larger!)



(FINAL NOTE: I'M NOT, BY ANY MEANS, SPEAKING OF ANYTHING AS VAST AS "AFI's"-(which starts with 400 & widdles them down to 100)



virtually been "stunned," that American Film Institute, has seemed to obviously avoid?)



MONTHLY "GUEST PROGRAMMER"-(which are limited to 4)


Thank You




My own personal top 5 all-time favorite motion pictures: (*-denotes Oscar)

*1st-"The Godfather; (1901-90) Trilogy" (non theatrical release)

2. "Citizen Kane" (1941) (RKO)-("AFI's 100years...100 Movies" winner as all-time #1 motion picture 1998 survey)

3. "Captains Courageous" (l937) (M-G-M)

*4. "Casablanca" (1943) (WB)

5. "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) (RKO)

(Honorable mention):

"The Quiet Man" (1952) (Republic)-(Irish must save!)


Favorite movie actors:

*1st-"The Great:Spencer Tracy" (1900-1967)

*2. James Cagney (1899-1986)

*3. Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957)-("AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars" Male winner '99)

4. Steve McQueen (1930-80)

*5. Marlon Brando (1924-2004)


*Frank Sinatra-(1915-98)-(My #2 Idol! However, more for his 6 decades of music)


Favorite actresses:

1st-Natalie Wood-(1938-1981)-(I know she's by no means among the finest. A personal choice)

2. Greta Garbo (1905-1990)

3. Michelle Pfeiffer (1957-)

*4. Katharine Hepburn(1907-2003)-("AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars" winner, on the actress side of the tracks)

*5. Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982)


My candidates 4 fav. directors-(LET US BEAT "AFI" TO THE PUNCH ON THIS ONE)

*1st-*John Ford (1895-1973)-(A.M.P.A.S. Record Holder: Like *Kate's record all 4 leading actress victories. *Ford's 4 BD wins is a record likely never to be equaled)

2. Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980)

3. Howard Hawks (1896-1977)-(the sole dir; that could handle any genre)

*4. Orson Welles (1915-1985)

& 5th D.W. Griffith-(1874-1948)-(Simply, due to him being thee pioneer)


WELL, THERE ARE MINE-(for those that want to cast 10, or whatever. PLEASE, LET US KEEP TRACK)


(ALMOST 4-GOT: Another place that is opening on Hollywood & Vine & is being

done via voting again. "Motion Picture Hall-of-Fame")

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I think this is a great idea. As you might expect, we've discussed doing similar things in the past and I'm not sure why it's never happened. I can just tell you that this is a very busy time for us, so I don't think we will put it together very soon but I promise we will keep it in mind. That isn't much of an answer, but I wanted to reply.

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Thanks to tcmprogrammer! At least you replied on this "Shoulda' already been issue!?"


I don't know why the other fans did not though? On these forums, it's generally the finest & most informative of all movie related websites too Very frustrating!


Please, please, do try & make it a reality I reckon'-(in the words of a *Gary Cooper or *Eastwood)

If you made it a "official type of thing" then, the rest would participate


Also, why I have you on here TCM, has built-up it's store again, as u know I've also-(especially when it had it's 10th anniversary) Why no "TCM Poster?"


Thanks again

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Spencer, I will be happy to participate. Your idea is a good one and could be fun.

I recall when I began a thread titled 'Their Greatest Role' in 2004 and many members participated after which I calculated the votes. Some of the results were surprising.


Here goes:


Favorite Motion Picture


*"The Grapes of Wrath"

*"The Best Years of Our Lives"

*"Double Indemnity"

*"The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"

*"Sunset Boulevard"

*"A Place in the Sun"

*"Gone With the Wind"

*"The Little Foxes"

*"The Heiress"

*"White Heat"


Favorite Actor


*Clark Gable

*James Cagney

*John Garfield

*Spencer Tracy

*James Stewart

*Edward G. Robinson (honorable mention)


Favorite Actress


*Barbara Stanwyck

*Bette Davis

*Joan Crawford

*Ida Lupino

*Geraldine Page

*Ann Sheridan (honorable mention)


Favorite Director


*William Wyler

*John Ford

*Alfred Hitchcock

*Billy Wilder

*John Huston


It wasn't easy since I have so many favorites and I most likely forgot a few.


Good luck, Spencer.

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Favorite Films


Au Hasard Balthazar

The Life of Oharu

La Dolce Vita

Wild Strawberries

Umberto D.


Favorite Actors


Robert Mitchum

Robert De Niro

Marcello Mastroianni

Joel McCrea

Cary Grant


Favorite Actresses


Barbara Stanwyck

Audrey Hepburn

Teresa Wright

Sophia Loren

Irene Dunne


Favorite Directors


Robert Bresson

Kenji Mizoguchi

Alfred Hitchcock

Ingmar Bergman

Billy Wilder


If you meant for this list to include only Hollwood films.....

Favorite Hollywood films



The General

The Lady Eve

The Night of the Hunter

Shadow Of A Doubt

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Here's what I came up with:


Favorite Films: (in no particular order)


The Godfather

The Searchers

To Kill a Mockingbird

A Star is Born (Mason/Garland restored version)

The Black Pirate (Doug Sr)

The Big Parade

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (thanks for reminding me, path)


The Godfather II

The Wild Bunch

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon


Favorite Actors:


Humphrey Bogart

James Cagney

William Holden

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr

Lee Marvin


Favorite Actresses:


Barbara Stanwyck

Myrna Loy

Bette Davis

Meryl Streep

Lillian Gish


Favorite Directors:


John Ford

Billy Wilder

Raoul Walsh

Howard Hawks

King Vidor


Favorite Screenwriters (for without them, there are no movies):


Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett

Leigh Brackett

Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur

Borden Chase

Frank S. Nugent


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Subject to subsequent editing (and in no particular order):


Actors - Bogart, Stewart, Grant, Cooper, Cagney, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster


Actresses - Bette, Kate, Greta, Claudette, Audrey, Olivia de Havilland, Irene Dunne, Greer Garson


Directors - Hitchcock, Wilder, Wyler, Lubitsch, Capra, Preston Sturges, Ford



To Kill A Mockingbird

My Fair Lady

It's A Wonderful Life

North By Northwest


Lawrence of Arabia


Dr. Strangelove

All About Eve

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The Maltese Falcon

High Noon

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All polls are bias. people who answer will be swayed by the question, what they think you want to read or hear, popular social thought of the day, those who take the time to answer the poll will not give a true cross section of a valid polling, and so on. So, no poll is valid. Sorry, but it's true, all polls are bias. Just ask a stats prof.

Don't get mad and say nasty things to me, thanks.


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Quoting SheltiesRule1:


"All polls are bias. people who answer will be swayed by the question, what they think you want to read or hear, popular social thought of the day, those who take the time to answer the poll will not give a true cross section of a valid polling, and so on. So, no poll is valid. Sorry, but it's true, all polls are bias. Just ask a stats prof.

Don't get mad and say nasty things to me, thanks."


That said, my choices for favorite movies are:


10. Angels With Dirty Faces

9. Libeled Lady

8. The Bad and the Beautiful

7. Out of the Past

6. Rear Window

5. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

4. Mildred Pierce

3. North by Northwest

2. All About Eve

1. Casablanca


Honorable mentions, and not in any particular order, would be: Gone With the Wind, Laura, Sunset Boulevard, The Big Sleep, The Country Girl, His Girl Friday, It Happened One Night, The Maltese Falcon, A Letter to Three Wives, In a Lonely Place, Vertigo, Stalag 17, My Fair Lady, and Once Upon a Time in the West.


Favorite Actors:


5. William Holden

4. James Cagney

3. Clark Gable

2. Cary Grant

1. Humphrey Bogart


Honorable mention: William Powell


Favorite Actresses (this list is subject to change):


5. Audrey Hepburn

4. Lauren Bacall

3. Elizabeth Taylor

2. Katherine Hepburn

1. Bette Davis


Honorable mentions: Myrna Loy, Greer Garson, Joan Crawford


Favorite Directors:


5. Howard Hawks

4. John Huston

3. William Wyler

2. Billy Wilder

1. Alfred Hitchcock



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Well, just posted a rather lengthy reply & it of course went bye, bye???


1st & foremost, I wanted to say thank you very, very much to those of whom obviously proved my point & chimed-in wih own favorites in motion picture history!


Thing is, we need to have (tcmwebmaster,etc) keep a score of such a poll-(possibly, even posting such a poll on home pg such as current "What Makes a Classic?") Making this more scientific,etc


Given> AFI, BFI, EW, Premiere mag., Classic Images & FOGA & of course the oldest of all Sight & Sound Survey-(est: 1952-) all of which I keep on file, for those interested in results? Even a fairly notable website www.holllywood.com had a similar type of fans favs. poll a couple yrs ago.

& for those that didn't see the terrific article on Mr. 0sborne. Plase drop me a line & I will forward it onto you as well-(IT'S A KEEPER!)


& i had kinda' put this 1 on back-burner, for now anyway Until, Mongo tipped me onto the fact, that you cinefans were casting your votes & to "Bogie" You are 100% correct, in that all of these type of things are personal. It's the final tally that is of interest Especially with us here at TCM!!!


Thanx to Mongo, path40-(P.S. Again, please consider this fella' as a "Guest Programmer!?" Given, his own site www.classicfilmguide.com is like a companion pc to this one. & to Alex-(he used to be a reg. on here, but currently has 2 of is own to keep up with. & sadly, Cliff Aliperti of www.thingsandotherstuff.com ridiculously-(thanks to his cable comp. in NY) still does not get TCM? & Mr. Simon Cherpitel, is another of whom knows literally everything cinematic!

However, please still cast your favs. here. It only proves, we need to join-in, with the others & show them, what true "Cinephiles," will pick as thee greatest!


However, there is a grand-lady, that was a reg. on these forums & I don't think she will mind if I throw in her 2 cents for her


Holly Karp's favs:


All-Time Motion Pictures:

"Angels With Dirty Faces" (1938) (Warner Bros.)

"The Roaring 20's" (1939) (WB)

"Captains Curageous"

"Yankee Doodle Dandy" (1942) (WB)-(only 4 cited, as if she were a TCM "GP")



*James Cagney

*Frank Sinatra


& Holly's ideal actress:

*Bette Davis

*Susan Hayward


& I must throw my own ma's-(sounds like Cody Jarrett) 2 cents-in here. Given, she is still a bit comp. illiterate,etc


Robyne E. Shannon's favs:


*1. "Dances With Wolves" (1990)

*2. "GWTW" (1939) (MGM/Selznick)

3. "Yankee Doodle Dandy"

4. "Gettysburg" ('93)

5. "Last of the Mohicans" (1992 version)


"Lonesome Dove" (1989 tv mini-series & a non theatrical work)



*James Cagney-(P.S. My mother is not a fan of B & W & Hollywoods Studio-System. However, as a wee-lad, she would still always have his flix on tv. Reason: *Cagney, will never appear dated/stodgy & always seem contemporary)

*Kevin Costner

Nick Nolte

*Robert Duvall

& *Mel Gibson


Robyne's own fav. actresses:

*Kate Hepburn

*Meryl Streep

*Jodie Foster

*Jessica Lange

& *Shirley MacLaine-(TRIVIA FACT: My mother was a fmr NYC Rockett circa 1962 & via chance, got to work-out entire day right next to *Shirley, in a ballet class!

As a Rockett, they got to work with likes of: *George Burns, Ricky Nelson & Carol Channing-(al the gals loved her !)


Thank You & let us keep the ball rolling!

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To (tcmprogrammer) Don't know if you were working for these forums in

early 2001 or not?

However, our own "Mr TCM" Robert 0sborne-(1932-) was involved a bit in these forums-(PLEASE COME BACK BOB!!!)


Anyway, he was using handle (Joy) & also wrote items on mostly> Westerns & War-Films as well


& gave his own personal favorite top ten all-time pictures-(believe me, I keep all this jazz in files)

He may have altered a few pix in 5yrs, but here they were in early 2001:

* Movies:

1. "The Razor's Edge" (1946 version) (Fox)

*2. "Gigi" ('58) (M-G-M)

3. "This Is Spinal Tap" (1984)-(Yep,I am 100% serious!)

4. "Red River" (1948) (UA)

5th. "A Place in the Sun" (1951) (Paramount)

6. "Laura" (1944) (Fox)

*7."GWTW" (1939) (Selznick-M-G-M It's said, the sole reason MGM had anything to do with the most famous film ever produced, is because they needed services of *"The King: Clark Gable")

8. "Sunset Blvd" (1950 (Paramount)

9. "Random Harvest" (1942) (MGM)

*10th. "All About Eve" (l950) (20th Century Fox)

(Osbo also cited: "Bringing Up Baby" (1938) (RKO) & "Cinema Paradiso" ('89) (Italy)


Mr. 0sborne's actors:

1st. *Clark Gable

2. Cary Grant

3.*Jimmy Stewart

4. Harrison Ford

& 5th Fred Astaire



1st. Barbara Stanwyck

2. *Ginger Rogers

3. *Bette Davis

4. *Eva Marie Saint

& 5th fav. Kristen Scott-Thomas


(P.S. Mr. 0sborne didn't pick a favorote filmmaker/dir; However, I have a gut feeling it is

*William Wyler-(Oscar record holder: Most BD noms. with 12!)


Thank You


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Films: (I tried hard to limit this to ten, but it's impossible!)


1. Casablanca

2. The Maltese Falcon

3. Chinatown

4. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

5. White Heat

6. Double Indemnity

7. Duck Soup

8. Citizen Kane

9. North by Northwest

10. Torrid Zone

11. Woman of the Year

12. Sweet Smell of Success

13. His Girl Friday

14. Roman Holiday

15. My Man Godfrey


Honorable Mention: The Godfather, Meet John Doe, Goodfellas, To Be or Not to Be, The Roaring Twenties


Actors: Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant, Edward G. Robinson, Jack Nicholson


Actresses: Ann Sheridan, Carole Lombard, Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck, Meryl Streep


Directors: Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Raoul Walsh, John Huston, Orson Welles

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Hi all, great forums -- my buddy Spence really wanted me to post my favorites to this topic he started up, so I figured I'd register and post them. It's always great to see everyone's favorites.


As for me, and I'll stick to the classics:

Movies: Sullivan's Travels, Maltese Falcon, The Third Man, The Razor's Edge, Double Indemnity


Actors: William Powell, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart, Warren William


Actresses: Myrna Loy, Jean Arthur, Clara Bow, Irene Dunne, Gene Tierney


There we go, no real surprises I suppose, except for Warren William, who I always like to get in a mention for.


As always with these lists, I like to say that they're never static and you could get a different answer from me tomorrow or the day after that! There's just too many great choices to really nail it down to a Top 5 or a Top 10, etc.




Cliff Aliperti

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No particular order...



Lady From Shanghai

The Third Man

The Killing

Dr. Strangelove

The Bedford Incident

Night and the City

The Wild Bunch

The Women

The Maltese Falcon

Twelve Angry Men



Richard Widmark

Sterling Hayden (I know, made a lot of crap; but when he's good, he's really good)

William Holden

Joseph Cotten

Burt Lancaster

John and Lionel Barrymore



Bette Davis

Norma Shearer

Greer Garson

Jean Harlow

Greta Garbo (sometimes she's a bit much)

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It's a Wonderful Life

Night of the Hunter


Some Came Running

Rear Window

Going My Way

Radio Days

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Boys Town

Ride the Pink Horse




Robert Mitchum

James Stewart

James Cagney

Edward G. Robinson

William Powell




Deborah Kerr

Maureen O'Hara

Rossalind Russell

Myrna Loy

Claudette Colbert




Frank Capra

Vincent Minnelli

Orson Welles

Martin Scorcese

Michael Curtiz

(Hon. mentions: John Ford, Howard Hawks, Raoul Walsh, Woody Allen, Preston Sturges)

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First things first To all that have threw-in their 2 cents Again, I thank-(or is it "My Mother Thanks You, My Father Thanks You, My Sister Thanks You & I ThankYou")

To Cliff ****-stars! (P.S. for truly vintage-(even pre-dating a lot of TCM jazz. Check-out his website www.thingsandotherstuff.com)


However, the message here to be made & it's hopefully working!? Is, that we need an official & television/"Now Playing Guide," advertised poll!-(Heck, to tcmwebmaster again You have a daily poll on the home pg & it's been a marvelous concept for years now!)


Mr. things & other stuff-(Cliff) posted his own, but there are a few that cannot, as yet anyway So, I will for them


Mr. Alexander Bernal-(NYC) He actually owns & edits 2 websites www.moviepal.com & a history website-(Sorry Alex, it's name escapes me right now. However, please check this & correct-it & anything else)

Favorite Motion Pictures of "The Movie Pal":

1. "Seven Samurai" (1956) (Japan)

* 2. "Lord of the Rings; Trilogy"-(2001-03)

* 3. "Lawrence of Arabia" ('62)-("Premiere Mag," recently held own survey & voted the never won an Oscar: 0'Toole's work here, as A #1 ever on film!)

4. "The Seventh Seal" ('57) (Sweden)

5. "Network" (1976)

6. "Kane"

7. "Singin' In the Rain" (1952) (M-G-M)

*8. "Casablanca" (1943) (WB)

9. "The Philadelphia Story" (1940) (MGM)-(FUN FACTS: *Kate, upon purchasing film rights to this, always envisioned: *Gable & *Tracy, as C.K. Dexter Haven & Mike Connor respectively!)

10th. *"GWTW"


Actors of "Movie Pal":

1 *Jimmy Stewart

2. Cary Grant

3. *"The King: Clark Gable"

4. *William Holden-(1918-1981)

5. *0rson Welles

6. *John "The Duke" Wayne

(NOTE: On his site, he has a marvelous tribute to *Hank Fonda!)


Actresses of "The Movie Pal":

1. *Katharine Hepburn

2. *Mary Astor-(1906-87)

3. *Jane Fonda-(1937-)

4. *Vanessa Redgrave-(1937-)

5. *Shelley Winters-(1922-2006)


& though I'm not certain on his candidate 4 director?

He has a fav. Hitchcock film-(another exceptional sec. of "Movie Pal"

1959's "North by Northwest" (MGM)



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To lzcutter, very cool idea of including "Screenwriters!"

That is thee #1 worst element in current cinema today> Writing


They were simply, more well read people in those days


You shoulda' cited: Raymond Chandler-(1888-1959) though!

Despite him mostly being a novelist-("The Big Sleep"/ "Murder, My Sweet" (1944) & so-on-(he literally personafied "Hollywoodland" in that era! As I've noted on other posts' So much so, there is now a "Raymond Chandler Square" at Hollywood Blvd & Cahuenga!-(also, some used in the strange, but worth seeing for us die-hard buffs: "The Long Goodbye" (1973) (D-Altman)

He also co-wrote a few, including>"Double Indemnity" (1944) (Paramount) & "Strangers on a Train" ('51)


As did: James Agee-(1909-55) of whom started as a critic & then of course wrote: "African Queen" & "The Night of the Hunter" (1955) (UA)

As for Agee's own favs in cinema>

*Chaplin-(1889-1977) seemed be be "His Hero!"

& "City Lights" (1931) (UA)

"Citizen Kane"

"Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (1948) (Warner Bros.)

From what I gather, were his ideal flix!


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& though his own website is considered "competition" of sorts to tcm. It is also 4 stars by the way-(NOTE: Though I may plug a certain site, has no bearing on not always coming "Back, to our 2nd home, here at Turner Classic Movies!")


Many on here, may already-(I'm positive, a few know his great: "Classic Movies Newsletter & Website" He used to write for another-(which is the lesser, now that this man is gone from-it too!)


Mr. Brad Lang-(not certain where he is based I think it's NY area?)-(In any case This guy has more links to the internet "Movie-wise"-(to quote a certain *Billy Wilder Oscar sweeper) than possibly anyone I know of!?)


Mr. Lang's own favorite movies:-(To Brad, these are in no particular order. Same as I had submitted to files):

"Animal House" (1978)

"Little Big Man" (1970)-(NOTE: To tcm, you guys never air this great Western either?)


"It's a Wonderful Life"

"Meet John Doe" (1941) (Columbia)

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977)

"Maltese Falcon" (& not the Ricardo Cortez version of course!)

"Glory" ('89)

"Dr. Strangelove" (1964) (U.K.)-(The late: Gene Siskel-(1946-99) when asked, would usually name this as his A No. 1)

"Spartacus" (1960) (U-I)


Mr. Lang's fav. actors:



& *Gregory Peck-(1916-2003)-(FUN FAX: "AFI's 100yrs...100 Heroes/Villians" voted his Oscar winning: Atticus Finch, as all-time movie Hero & ironically, the week he passed away!)


Mr. Lang's actresses:

Barbara Stanwyck-(same as Mr. 0sborne)

*Kate Hepburn

& *Ingrid Bergman-(1915-1982)


& filmmaker:

*Frank Capra-(1897-1991)


To Mr. Lang, I hope I hit 'em all alright?


& to the rest His newsletter is FREE & A "MUST HAVE!"


Almost 4-got www.classicmovies.com or .org


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Was hoping for more of you true fans to cast your vote(s)


The more-(as you know, it may well likely bring more attention to tcm,etc & to tcmwebmaster We need a "POSTER!")


However, this is a list of an individual of whom-(I'm not positive as yet, either way. However, it's too-long a story for here & it may get lost in cyber, I mean "tcmspace?) To be honest, he may have "PASSED AWAY?"


He had a superbly crafted-(& was on the upgrade too) of "The Motion Picture Hall of Fame"-(via fans voting)


However, there is to be an actual 1 at Hollywood & Vine-(I saw the construction last 0ctober) It was to open last January though?


This fella's website-(though, he looked in vein for his own bldg/museum)

I even assisted, looking up certain places that may assist him financialy-(20th Century Fox, kept him on a fishhhok & backed-out too!?)

Now, no contact can hardly be made & even by others I know?

He & his wife, used to own a "Movie Palace" & of course, only showed "Classic Flix!"-(& it, of course, flopped???)


He was ill, when I first contacted him-(ms) If you by any chance get to see this-(klarkkent) contact me immediately


Post his favs in his honor anyway


But, Mr. klarkkent-(Doug Conway) Indiana


His top pictures: (NOTE: These are & were not the "Inductees into his MPHOF")


"The Man Who Came to Dinner" (1942) (WB)

"The Thin Man series-(1934-47) (M-G-M)

"Woman of the Year" (1942) (MGM)

& *"You Can't Take It With You" ('38 BP winner) (Col.)





William Powell

*Spencer Tracy

& *Lionel Barrymore



*Kate Hepburn

*Bette Davis

Myrna Loy

*Joan Crawford

& Garbo


& Mr. klarkkent's fav. filmmakers:


*B. Wilder

*Victor Fleming-(1883-1949)

*Steven Spielberg-(1946-)

& *John Ford



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By the way Mr. Conway-(klarkkent) lived not too-far from where the 1958

classic starring: *"The Chairman: Sinatra," Dino & *Shirley MacLaine-(her 1st of 5 noms. to date & her own favourite role) "Some Came Running' was filmed!


I know another "Movie Buff" that actually lives in Santa Rosa, CA! Sound familiar? A lot of the places are still-standing, as they were in 1943's "Shadow of a Doubt"

He has own website as well & is a master artist with graphics


Mr. Simon Cherpitel-(his pix coming next) He even compiled "Sight & Sound's Survey!"-(the 2002 poll)

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I'd like to cast a vote, but I have a question: when you talk about 'favorites' for this purpose, do you mean what we think are the best, or what are our personal favorites. I've seen enough movies in my lifetime to know that they aren't always the same thing.

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Precisely; I tell my friends, there are two categories with movies:


1.) Is it good?

2.) Did I like it?


There are plenty of bad movies that I like (Valley of the Dolls, for instance); and plenty of good movies that I don't like.


I couldn't narrow down five movies that are my favorites (in either sense of the word). I might be able to create a top ten for each genre and country...


But I look forward to seeing what everyone else decides on! :)

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You're right - trying to hone in on one's 'favorites' is much harder than listing what's 'best.' Certainly the AFI's top 100 listings didn't always comport with my own tastes. However, I will give it some thought, and revert to you shortly, as they say in the law office where I work.

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Now I have given this some thought, and here are my favorites:




Desk Set

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Pack Up Your Troubles

Dead End

Million Dollar Legs (1932)

Some Like It Hot

The Thief of Baghdad

Mildred Pierce

The Nun's Story

The Little Fugitive




Jeff Chandler

Marlon Brando

Jeffrey Hunter

Spencer Tracy

Joel McCrae


James Mason

Danny Kaye

Fred Astaire

Dean Stockwell/Darryl Hickman (tied)




Katharine Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Dorothy Dandridge

Thelma Ritter

Claudette Colbert

Marilyn Monroe

Judy Garland

Marjorie Main

ZaSu Pitts

Shirley Temple




Alfred Hitchcock

Billy Wilder

William Wyler

Vincente Minnelli

George Cukor

Ida Lupino

Michael Powell

John Farrow

David Lean

Fritz Lang


And a cast of thousands, as they used to say in the movies.

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Hope this logs? Was hoping for more of you grand & ultimate "Cinephiles," to vote But, to tcmwebmaster again PLEASE TAKE NOTE FOR OUR OWN SCIENTIFIC POLL-(tcm, is the lone holdout & I bet, even AMC beats us to the punch on this 1. That is, if we don't make noise!)


This is from another fan of whom also does such amazing artwork, that "Sight & Sound" had him, edit it's 2002 results Check out his beautiful site at www.cinemacom.com

Mr. Simon Cherpitel-(he even resides in Santa Rosa, CA Yep, the location for "Shadow of a Doubt!") (*-as usual- denotes Oscar)


Simon's fav. films:


"Passion of Joan of Arc" (1928) (French-silent)-(TCM, only in the last year or so, broadcast this powerhouse drama I am a student of Oscar history & don't as yet know why this was not even in the race?)

"Magnificent Ambersons"-(P. Bogdanovich-(his Idols>Hawks,*Ford, Hitch & *Welles. Always-(& he's not alone) rates this above "Kane?")


"The Searchers"

"The Third Man"

"Le Belle et la Bette" (1946)

"It's a Wonderful Life"-(was just voted by AFI #1 in it's 10th special> "100yrs...100 Cheers")

*"The Best Yrs of 0ur Lives"


"High Noon"

*"0n the Waterfront"

"Vertigo"-(ranked runner-up in 2002's first ever fans voting poll of "Sight & Sound!"

Since 1952 & it's inception only critics/directors were permitted to give their own 2 cents)

& "Touch of Evil"


Actors- (alphabetical order):

*Humphrey Bogart-(NOTE: Is there an all-time favs poll that this legendary thespian does not register & amazingly, he's been gone almost 50 years?)


*Connery-(NOTE: Ironically, AFI just awarded him it's 34th annual award. It was aired last night, but given awhile ago)

*Cooper-(Sadly, among his contemporaries>*Gable, *Tracy & *Bogie. *Coop's legend is quickly fading It's kinda' bizarre, to my anyway?)

J. Cotten


*Mel Gibson

*Alec Guinness


*Gregory Peck-(Born: Eldred, of which he loathed!)

Randolph Scott

*Jimmy Stewart-(P.S. In my area, as a reaction to "AFI's 100yrs...100 Movies," a local paper "St. Petersburg Times" conducted it's own readers survey & *Jimmy was voted A #1)

*Tracy-("NO COMMENT NEEDED!" But, was *Spence, an actor 1st, or a movie-star?)

& *"Duke" Wayne


Mr. Cherpitel's ladies from "The Silver-Screen":

Isabella Adjani

P. Arquette-(I've always preferred her to older sis Rosanna)

Claudia Cadinale

*Julie Christie-(not only a terrific actress, but "A LADY!")

Penelope Cruz

Maria Falconetti-(see "Joan of Arc" ('28 version)-(arguably, 1 of thee greatest performances of all-time! & to others, what happened to her?)

*Audrey Hepburn

Jeanne Moreau

*Susan Sarandon-(FUN-FAX: For fans of this marvelous actresss. Check-out the current tv series "Rescue-Me" WARNING: It's very R-rated though)

& Sigourney Weaver


& Simon-(cinemacom.com) & his pix 4 finest filmmakers:

*Eastwood-(2nd vote for *Clint)

*Ford-(I'd bet "My Fedora" that no other filmmaker, ever ties his record of 4 BD Oscars!!!)


Stanley Kramer-(BRAVO to Simon. Though he's not among my own picks, Kramer has for the most pt gotten a bad rap over the years, for his "Message Movies")

Leone-(yet another & even sadder underrated talent. Never 1 single nod. from his peers Likely "pigeonholed," due to his spaghetti westerns?)

Peckinpah-(& another good vote & again, never once nommed by his peers for Best Director?)

Ridley Scott

Francois Truffaut

*Welles-(Not only an ultimate all-around "Genius" But, in a close-call, my vote for the greatest narrative voice)

*Wilder-(in total, *Billy took home 6 Academy Awards! & a reminder, to not miss tcm's upcoming special on him)

& Werner Herzog


Welp, a long-list, but thats the way he wanted-it & I'm a man of my word


Though, do check out the astonishing amount of not only films-(lists,etc) But, his graphics-(it's like Saul Bass. You "TCM-ITES," are aware of the late artist.-(many of the above movies were his work/credits) I think his grande finale was Scorsese's-& Pfeiffer's.Had to get my own gal in there! '93 "Age of Innocence" & I personally think there should be a 25th category. It's too-late for Bass, but whom else agrees about a cat. for Best Poster Design?")

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