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Fun with serious subjects....


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Well, I myself don't really think of Quebec as being very Canadian - more of a foreign nation in our midst - so I'll discount any Cups of the Montreal Canadiens.


So that would be 26 years, I believe.


The NHL hates it when a Canadian teams wins - it hurts their mission to try to get Americans to care about the sport - so there's a "secret" and nefarious understanding with certain on-ice officials who work playoff games to influence the outcome to the detriment of a Canadian team with a highly problematic call every so often (just often enough).

Wow. I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads-up.

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I laugh at serious movies a lot, while still loving the movie and taking the movie seriously, if you can believe that.


Like I once claimed earlier in another thread( it was about

"Mystery Science Theater 3000"), me and some buddies used to regularily get kicked out of the Park theater here in Lincoln Park for basically doing the same thing Joel then Mike and the "bots"  would do on that show.


I just seemed to carry it over well into adulthood.  Of course, that's only in the comfort of my home.  I haven't been "asked to leave" a movie theater since I was 19!  :)


It's just that I, as it seems polecat too, can find some absurdity in the most innocuous scenes or lines of dialogue.  Like my comment, after Shelly in "Lost Boundaries" uses a racist slur to refer to her brother's college friend, that her parents wanted their children to be raised white, and it looked like they succeeded.    Sometimes you laugh at the "plot holes", sometimes there isn't any plot hole, just something about how something was put that hits your funnybone.  Here's an example, but not movie related....


Back when my daughters were still in single digit age( one was 9, the younger one 6) the older daughter was asked to help her mother fix dinner(  her mom making a bigger deal out of it than needed in order to instill a more agreeable attitude towards helping in the future).  All she was asked to do was to look into the big Dutch oven to see if the onion soup mix sauce was bubbling, and if it was, turn the chicken parts stewing in it over on their other side. 


When we were eating that dinner, I too, made a huge deal out of how good the dinner was due to her "help" and she said, "All I did was look at it and turn it over", a comment that made her younger sister choke on her milk from laughing.  When asked what was so funny, she said, "Even the chicken in the pot turns away when it sees her face!"


Must be in the blood or something.....


Anyway, that sort of thing is mostly what I was referring to.


I have NO idea what the hell CAVEGIRL was talkin' about!   ;)


incidentally, I LOVE hockey..MUCH more than I ever did, or WILL ever like basketball.  One of my favorite Wings(besides Gordy) from the past is Mickey Redmond, who also used to play for the Habs.  He does "color" for the Wing's TV games.  He's well loved here in "the D".




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