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Are you all older than me?

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Of course I would, movieman1957. (Good year, especially for Chevys.)


And, if you haven't had the chance, BWC, I recommend watching "To Kill A Mockingbird." It's my all-time favorite.


In fact, I'd recommend it to any young fan just discovering classic movies. Add "Casablanca" and, along with "The Quiet Man," I think anyone would have a perfect introduction to the Classics with three different styles, three different cast structures, but one final result... total enjoyment.


There are scads of other great films, but one has to start somewhere.



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I just turned 41 last March and am new to this board. I love old movies. My late g-ma was WWII generation and she always watched movies on the weekends that were Jerry Lewis which I loved to watch, especially the Disorderly Orderly. However lost interest in movies in general until 2002 when I got a 6 pk of Marilyn Monroe VHSs over ebay and watched "River of No Return" and checked out Robert Mitchum (wow what a hunk) then started becoming a fan of his and now have over 30 some of his movies (I have a way to go he did have over 100 tv and movie specials). However, I do love TCM it makes me happy to see actually dialogue in movies instead of just special effects and no storyline. It seems to me all the actors and actresses that were before say the 1980s were so handsome and beautiful. There is no way any actress today is more gorgeous than Liz Taylor was or as suave as Cary Grant.

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I am 57 now, but I started to love classic movies at about the same age as you, BlackandWhiteCharm. I envy you -- you have a whole lifetime of movie watching ahead of you! I wish I could relive those days when Casablanca and Gone With the Wind were new and thrilling experiences. It is like first love. It becomes richer and deeper with maturity, but there's nothing quite as exciting as the first time.


It is encouraging for us older folks to know that the younger generation appreciates the classics and will go on loving them just as much as we always have.

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Back in 1958(or so) when I was ten our local Ch.2(CBS) started showing "old" classic MGM films.But I really got hooked(circa 1962) when WGN(ch.9) started broadcasting 24 hrs.(Fri-Sat),and Warner films of the 30-40s' dominated.I have Ch.9 to thank for my early admiration of Joan Blondell,Ann Sheridan,and Lauren Bacall.Thats also when I got to know the "Warners Bros. stock company.

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> Hi, I'm thirteen and I live in Ireland. I have been

> obsessed with classis cinema since I was a about

> three. I used to dance around to Meet Me In St. Louis

> and My Fair Lady! Now I love them even more because I

> can understand the quality of these films compared to

> some of the stuff made today. My friends make fun of

> me no end and I've done my best to introduce them to

> my films. But pretty much no result, they still love

> their romantic comedies and drag me along with them

> to see them. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that you

> don't care all that much but is ther anyone on this

> site who is around the same age as me? Actually, what

> ages are you all?



I'm 16 and believe me I'm in the same boat!!!! My friends think I'm crazy for liking these movies as much as I do, Honestly, I'm glad I stumbled upon your post it's relief to find someone close to my age who understands exactly where I'm coming from.




Hey just in case you're interested here's my E-mail: Yelibean89@aol.com maybe we can chat sometime.

If you like IMing better my AIM screen name is Yelibean89

Yeli S.

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I guess it would be appropriate to first state that I'm a 20 year old college student from Los Angeles and that I don't frequent the movie theatre much these days due to my busy schedule and lack of a job. I'm very much into golden-age MGM/WB musicals, Rosalind Russell, some film noir, and the occasional melodrama. Now that that's out of the way...


It's true that many recent movies showcase special effects as their main attraction, and it's also true that classic movies have a certain depth that is mostly lost in this day and age. However, I wouldn't throw away all movies done in the last 20 years or so as pure superficial trash. Not everbody's crazy about all of them, but at the end of the day you can't deny that they have contributed to the development of their genre and of film as a medium. To name a few, take for example the work of:


-John Malkovich

-Glenn Close

-Quentin Tarantino

-David Lynch

-Meryl Streep


These folks got started during the late 70s at the earliest, their careers peaked mostly around the 80s-90s (give or take a few years), but their presence is still going strong today. Their films have not quite aged yet to be considered classics, but they are certainly today's standards. You probably already know all of this, so I'll stop insulting your intelligence.


There are also quite a few promising actors that, IMHO, are in the process of establishing their abilities:


-Uma Thurman

-Rachel Weisz

-Philip Seymore Hoffman

-Denzel Washington


I'm not saying everything they ever did was brilliant, but what actor has had a perfect career? All films, of whatever period they may be, are criticized differently by different people, and thus are hated or loved for a variety of reasons--taste is as relevant as it ever was. Not EVERY single film done in the 40s is considered a classic by the entire world. I also think that it's only fair to acknowledge that certain films are made to please certain audiences. I didn't go see Mission Impossible 3 last week because I expected to be moved to tears by its dostoevskian showcase of human empathy. I went to see Tom Cruise do crazy stunts and get the girl at the end. Does that have to be a guilty pleasure?


So Jennifer Aniston's next movie--or entire filmography--is a waste of human life. So? It's not like there weren't any B-movies or throwaway films before her time (ex: Lucille "Queen of the B-movies" Ball or the terrible film adaptation of "On The Town"). And it is certainly NOT the first time that the lack of acting abilities has been overlooked for a nice body and a pretty face. I think most people will agree with me on that.


Finally, one of my personal favorite genres is comedy, and there are plenty of modern contributors that have changed and expanded their field. I find that some of these are:


-Will Ferrell

-Jack Black

-Dave Chappelle

-Jason Bateman


Many may find their movies unappealing, crass, offensive, and anything but funny. Some people felt this way about Mel Brooks' work 30 years ago, and yet if you know anything about movies (not just comedy) you most likely have heard the name Mel Brooks. Same thing with Monty Python. Some people hate "The Meaning of Life", others--myself being one of them--think it's pure genius. Again, what the public thinks is funny--or moving, exciting, or any emotional response really--changes with time, and I think it is wise to keep an open mind about these changes and try to appreciate them as they are.


Lastly, let's not discard special effects altogether; new technology can be pretty exciting sometimes. Let's not forget that many people thought talkies were a flash in the pan.


I guess what I'm trying to say is: Not all movies my generation enjoys are bad! We are not as shallow as you think we are....really. Most of us anyway.There always will be good movies and bad movies, we just tend to remember only the good ones after a while.

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I am also a lover of classic movies(obviously, since I'm here) and I'm 26 years old. I just recently got into them, probably about 6 months ago, and I would much rather watch a classic than most of what is coming out these days. I'm also new to this message board. It's such a bummer being this young and loving the classics because none of my friends like the movies that I like and there is no one to discuss them with. Anyone else have this problem? I mean, there's nothing like watching a good old Mae West picture and laughing at those lines WITH someone. It's too bad really. If anyone ever wants to chat, please email me!





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I'm 52, and few of my friends are interested in this stuff either. Like you, I started young. One of our great directors was an Irishman named John Ford; real name Feeney. You might enjoy his pean to your homeland, THE QUIET MAN. Or, if you want something more traditional, THE GRAPES OF WRATH or THE SEARCHERS. It's great that you've discovered the classics and the message board. You're in for a lifetime of fine movies!

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I know what you mean, I've been watching classic movies for years now (I'm 44) and i love them more than the crap that comes out now, but i do go to the movies at least once a week. Most of my friends don't watch the old flickers, they want to be mesmorized (sp) by the big special effects and bad movies. I take classes at college and most young students wont know who most of these great actors are, what a shame. It's good to see younger people enjoy the oldies.



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Ah, to be 13 (soon to be 14) again! Welcome, Black and White Charm! I am 49, born February 7, I share the same natal day as Eddie Bracken (not year, just day!) My interest in the classic films goes back as far as I can remember when my local UHF TV station in Philly (those days way before cable) used to show the Warner Bros. library. I just preferred the movies from the 20's to the 50's to any other, still do. You will gain a wealth of information from these boards, keep posting! Cead mille faite!

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hey there! It's great that you are already a big fan of classic films. I'm 21 and have loved classics for a long time as well. My Fair Lady is what got me started actually. My boyfriend makes fun of me and says I'm an old lady inside, and I guess that I really am.

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Hi! As a child I liked classic movies. Mine started with The Wizard of Oz. I'm not very much into modern day movies as there is too much in them that I don't like. What I really wanted to say is: Don't let your boyfriend make fun of you because you watch Turner Classic Movies. I am a new viewer and I have learned things about movie stars that I didn't know before. Classic movies are fun to watch, whether you like dramas, gangster films, musicals, silent movies, biographies of famous people, and many more categories of films. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Do you share a TV? If your boyfriend has a TV, and you have one, you can watch all the classic movies you want to see, and he can watch what he wants to see. That way both of you will be satisfied. Only, don't let the movies take up time that you can be with your boyfriend. If you want to see a real good drama, watch the movie, "A Farewell To Arms", with Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper (made in 1931). It's a romance between a soldier and a nurse during World War 1. I will give the movie away if I share any more of what it's about. You may be able to order it from Amazon.com. Classical music is used during the war scenes. This is a movie that you will never forget.

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> I'm 52, and few of my friends are interested in this

> stuff either. Like you, I started young. One of our

> great directors was an Irishman named John Ford; real

> name Feeney. You might enjoy his pean to your

> homeland, THE QUIET MAN. Or, if you want something

> more traditional, THE GRAPES OF WRATH or THE

> SEARCHERS. It's great that you've discovered the

> classics and the message board. You're in for a

> lifetime of fine movies!


To me John Ford was Hollywood's greatest director ! My Darling Clementine is also great, and Two Rode Together with Stewart and Widmark is vastly underrated. Being 58 and retied, you can't beat that !

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I'm 49 and have been a fan of classic b/w movies since I was a child. I first began enjoying monster movies,(King Kong,Dracula,Wolfman,Frankenstein,Creature of the Black Lagoon),but then began enjoying tough guy movies.My favourite tough guy was Jimmy Cagney,but I also enjoy Humphrey Bogart,Ralph Bellamy,and George Raft.My lovely wife turned me into a huge Thin Man fan,and I actually have a crush on Myrna Loy (yeah,I know she's passed on,but that lady was simply gorgeous......and she also had a great sense of humour).

I love the older movies,and I'm very glad that we have this excellent venue in which to enjoy the glory of earlier film.It's sort of like a museum of cinematic masterworks....the Lourve of Hollywood

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