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saw this on tcm 10 years ago at a hotel in london or amsterdam


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well only 5 minutes start or middle i had  too go too bed early all i can remeber is a guy setting  at a chirch where in the balcony there is a sharp shooter who kills the man nexet secene s some who i guess

knew the murdeerd getting out of preason or  coming in the city or town where the story takes place.

70s movie meybe with young gene heckman robert duvall or lee marviin.

please hep if u can  driving me crazy lol

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Let me see if I get this straight.  There was a scene with a man in the balcony of a church, and he shoots and kills a man down below.  The next scene shows someone who knew the murdered man being released from prison and traveling to the place where the murder took place.


Do you think it was to find out who killed the man he knew?  

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I vaguely recall something like this. The film's main character goes to a clandestine meeting in a church. He's kneeling in mock prayer in the church pews, next to his contact. They have a whispered conversation before a gunman up above them shoots the contact. Our hero chases the gunman...and that's all I recall. The names the OP mentioned sound right, but looking over their filmographies didn't ring any bells. Time period was very late 60's to mid 70's, I think.

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