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Who posted a topic called: "JOHN WAYNE made me Cry?"


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(*-OSCAR victory) When I was kinda' just logging-onto here-(NOTE: I had been on TCM forums couple yrs. back, but it's been awhile) When I re-visited, happened to see a topic: *"JOHN WAYNE made me Cry?" On here! Whom submitted-it & where is that one? I've done the search jazz,etc. no to avail. Anyway, cool-subject. of quite possibly the most famous movie star of all-time-*CHAPLIN, would probably be just a bit ahead!? & I've told several on one of my topics, about: "Grauman Chinese Theatre," in Hollywood of course & the bizarre thing with: *"THE DUKE'S," tiny foot size??? I thought he must have been wearing his boots. I later read & remembered one of the docu's. I have. About him & get this, at: 6'4 & 1/2 inches tall. His boot/shoe size: 5 & 1/2???

Well below is a list of my personal pix for the finest movies *JOHN WAYNE-(1907-79) ever appeared in! (NOTE: Don't have to be starring roles; that is why the likes of: "How West was Won," is cited) (0ut of approx: 154!):

1. "The Searchers" (l956)-(NOTE: Also one of my picks as all-around 10 best films ever. Almost tied with: "Shane" here, however-very close as greatest western)

2. "The Quiet Man" (l952)-(NOTE: Director *JOHN FORD'S 4th & likely never to be equaled record OSCAR & also the longest/greatest fight-scene in movie history)-(TRIVIA: *VICTOR McLAGLEN-(1886-l959) actually was a pro-boxer & fought Heavyweight Champ: Jack Johnson in 1912! But lost)

3. "Red River" (1948)-(NOTE: I know this is TCM'S own Mr. Osborne's fav. *WAYNE & Western film)

4. "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" (1962)

5. "The Long Voyage Home" (1940)-(NOTE: *WAYNE, should some versatility here? & writer Eugene 0'Neil, loved *FORD'S adaptation so-much. It was his fav. film of all)

6. "Stagecoach" (1939)-(NOTE: *JOHN FORD'S only OSCAR

that he lost? (4 for 5 for BEST DIRECTOR!)

7. "How the West Was Won" (1963)-(NOTE: Of course *"DUKE," has just 1 sequence. & of course the civil-war one's were helmed by *FORD)(A TREMENDOUS HISTORY LESSON!)

8. "The Longest Day" (1962)

9. "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (1949)-(NOTE: *WAYNE thought he deserved his 1st OSCAR shot, of only 2? For this instead of: "Sands of Iwo Jima." I agree/close call)

10. "They Were Expendable" (1945)-(*JOHN FORD, was obviously in a very-somber mood/after covering the real thing in WW11)

(NOTE: I've always felt & always will. Though I like his OSCAR winning 1969 "True Grit" (***) His final picture: "The Shootist" in '76. Far more subtle, poetic, sad & outright deserving of the GOLD!?)

(Worst Motion Picture):

Well, one could pick any of the "oaters," as they were known. He squeezed out lots of, before hitting it big

around time of "Stagecoach!?" But I'll pick his mess/also because all-the-blame was his: "The Green Berets" (1968) Where he was still fighting WW2 style???

Many may not be aware & speaking of *CHARLIE CHAPLIN & after his death in 1977. The "disgusting crime" that happened/stealing his remains,etc.???? Is the main reason: *JOHN WAYNE is laid to rest, kinda' similiar to '72's "The Cowboys," in a way. In an un-marked grave. Down the California coast. (Newport Beach/where he kept his yacht as well)




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Thanks to mongo! It's almost a tie between those (2) awful pix. In my book anyway? Reckon' I picked: "Green Berets," over-it, is that he was at the helm. Taking for full responsibility! Where is actor: Dick Powell as you know did: "The Conquerer." Ironically-(Art again, imitating life & vice-versa) "DUKE's" final public appearance he must have wd. in at about: 175lbs??? As everyone knows, he was presenting BEST PICTURE OSCAR for 1978 OSCARS & to one of the best war-films ever: *"THE DEER HUNTER?" Complete opposite, then his debacle. But "Green Berets," made a ton of dough? That telecast was in 1979 of course & he died (2) months later-(NOTE: That is the only time I have ever seen all-tv networks interrupt programming & announce he went!? For a movie star anyway.) Thank You

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